How to Bulk Convert Classic Blocks to Gutenberg in WordPress

Do you want to bulk convert your old content using classic blocks into the Gutenberg (block) format in WordPress?

After updating to any version above WordPress 5.0, your older post and page content will show up inside a Classic block in the new WordPress content editor. If you have dozens or hundreds of posts, then converting that Classic block content into individual blocks can take a lot of time. Thankfully, there is a bulk convert option.

In this video, we will show how to easily bulk convert classic blocks into Gutenberg blocks in WordPress.

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0:27 Method 1: Convert Classic to Gutenberg in a post
1:30 Method 2: Bulk convert Classic to Gutenberg

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Today I'll show you how you can bulk Convert classic blocks to Gutenberg in WordPress A lot of people have held off on moving Away from the classic block Editor to The new Gutenberg block editor simply Because the conversion of all the old Blocks has been a headache and I'll show You two different methods one is if you Only have a couple of classic block Editors that you need to update and the Other is if your whole site is still Using the classic To show you what I'm talking about we Can go to posts all posts and we can see One in action when we click on the edit For this one I know that I've created This in a classic block editor you can See the classic and when I hover over it It showcases and outlines the whole area So I know this is a classic block and When I click into it I can still use all This area that I want but if you come up Here you either see it up here you might See it around here but you should see Something that says convert to blocks so This one whole classic block If I click on convert to blocks now each Of them is set up in their own paragraph For this you can see what it is up here And if I scroll up to the image when I Click on that it is turn that into an Image as well so now it's all converted Into blocks so then now I'm I'm good to

Go but what if you have multiple posts On your website then that would take a Really long time for you to handle That's where method two will come in for You so in method two we're going to bulk Convert classic blocks into the Gutenberg block editor we're going to Use a plug-in anytime that we use any Kind of plugins to make any changes for Our site we always recommend that you Make a backup first and then once you're Ready you can head over to plugins add New And we're going to search for convert to Blocks plugin This is the one we're looking for so Let's go ahead and click install now And activate And the cool thing about the plugin is That it works out of the box and Automatically bulk converts everything To Gutenberg blocks as soon as it's Activated all you need to do is edit any Post or page that you have and you'll See that they've all been already Converted and if you want to learn a Little bit more about how to get around And get the best out of the Gutenberg Block editor you can watch this video Next as we walk you through step by step On how to use the block editor in WordPress and I'll see you over there

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