How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

Do you want to add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress?

Having a YouTube subscribe button on your blog makes it easy for visitors to find your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

In this article, we will show you how you can add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website.

0:00 What we’re going to show you today
0:05 1st Method: YouTube Subscribe Button
2:24 2nd Method: YouTube Subscribe Bar in embedded video

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Today I'll show you how you can add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress so Let's dive in the first method is you Can create a YouTube subscribe button on The Google developer YouTube area this Is perfect for adding your little Subscribe button onto your site and it's Done manually so the first thing you Want to do and we'll have a link in the Description below is you want to go to The YouTube subscribe button developers Area this is what it looks like that by Default they'll have in their channel Name but you want to either put in your Name if you're not sure what your name Is or your ID is no worries you can go To your home page for YouTube and over On the right you can click on the drop Down and from here you want to go to Settings And then go to advanced settings from Here you'll see your channel ID so you Can copy that and we'll use it again Here in a second but for me I know what My channel name is is just wpbeginner And the cool thing is as you're typing It in if it recognizes it it'll bring That information in at this time at the Current time of this video we have over 280 000 subscribers so I know that That's us and then from here you can Change the layout so we can do default Layout you can go full and as you're Making these changes you see a preview

Down here of what the changes will look Like there's the fault you also have Full Dark theme you can also hide your Subscriber number some sometimes people Don't like to show their subscriber Numbers so for all of this I would just Want to do the default just the simple Button and it's showing a little bit Grayed out because I'm actually a Subscriber to the channel otherwise It'll show full on Now that we have all this this is the Code we want so I'm going to copy all of It right click and copy and then we want To head over to our dashboard now you Can put it wherever you want for this I Just want to put it maybe in the bottom Of my footer area so I'm going to go to Appearance widgets and I'm just going to Click on the plus area and we need to do Custom HTML if you don't see the button Here like I do right here you can start Typing in custom HTML and then we can Click on it and now that code that we Copy we can right click and paste it we Can even see preview and then that's What it'll look like so now when I Update it and if I visit my site all the Way down to my area then you see it Right here now the second method is kind Of cool it'll allow you to gather Subscribers even if you embed somebody Else's video let me show you how you can Do that so let's head back over to our

Dashboard we're going to install a Plugin so let's go to plugins add new And we're searching for a plugin and the Plugin we want is the called YouTube Subscriber this is the one we want so Let's go ahead and click install now And we want to activate it as well and It's really cool we can click here to Configure it but if you ever need to Come back and make any changes to it Then I want you to know you can go to Settings YouTube subscribe bar to make The changes now we got the channel ID we Need to paste that channel ID here if You don't remember we were at our YouTube channel advanced settings and we Can copy our Channel ID head back over To our dashboard that's where we'll Paste that ID in And then from here you can make some Button changes here You can also change what you want it to Say across the top and you can do Branding as well I'm cool I'm good with These settings so let's go ahead and Click save changes now to show you what It looks like you need to actually put a YouTube video on here so we can see it In action so I'm going to just add new And I'm going to start a quick post and From YouTube let's say say I want to Showcase an opt-in Monster video I'm going to click on one of opta Monsters videos and I'm going to share

It we can click on it and we want to Click share and from here we can just Copy it or you can also just copy the URL up here Let's head back to the Post And I'm just going to paste that in There as soon as you paste the URL it'll Come in there okay now that it is Embedded we can publish this and now When somebody goes to my site they see Subscribe to my new YouTube channel that You can change and then they'll have a Subscribe button right here for you you Want to take your YouTube social sharing To the next level then watch this video Next as I walk you through step by step On how you can embed your YouTube Playlists on your WordPress website and I'll see you over there

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