How to Add Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Do you want to submit your WordPress site to Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing is among the top search engines in the world. Submitting your site to its webmaster tool helps you monitor your site’s performance and keyword rankings and fix indexing issues.

In this video, we’ll show you how to add your websites to Bing Webmaster Tools.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Method 1: Downloading and installing All in One SEO
0:53 Connecting All in One SEO with Bing Webmaster Tools
2:57 Method 2: Downloading and installing WPCode
3:40 Connecting WPCode with Bing Webmaster Tools

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Today I'll show you how you can add your Website to Bing webmaster tools and We'll cover a couple of different Methods so you can pick the one that Works best for you so Stephen The first method we'll be using is by Installing a plugin called all-in-one SEO we'll be using the light version all In one SEO is a great plugin to help you With your search engine optimization on Your website it will optimize your site Search engines without any technical Knowledge and so it's a perfect addition For your website to get started let's Head over to plugins add new and from Here we're looking for All in one SEO This is the one we want so let's go Ahead and install it And make sure you stick around to Activate it as well Great once it's installed you can either Come here to settings or now we have an Area over here that you can go to let's Go to element SEO go to general settings And now we want to go to webmaster tools From here we want to select Microsoft Bing as you notice you can also use all Of these other items to connect your Website with To add our Bing verification code we Need to go to being webmaster tools so We'll open up a new window search for Bing webmaster tools

And this is the one we want to go to Let's go ahead and click get started and From here you can sign in through one of These items And then once you sign in you are shown With two options that you can do you can Either import from Google search console Which I'll show you in just a second or You can add your site manually so we'll Pick this one for this method And click add When you're adding your site manually Make sure that you're using the web Address that WordPress uses for instance If you have https make sure you add Https here If you're not sure what your site uses Then you can go back to your dashboard Go to settings General And this is your web address that you Want to use You have these three methods that you Can choose from we're going to use the HTML tag method because it's the easiest With all-in-one SEO you don't have to Download and upload files so simply copy This item let's head back over to our Dashboard and if you've moved away from Lm1 SEO we can go back to all in one SEO we'll go to general settings Go to webmaster tools Select Bing and now we can paste in that Code that we just copied Let's go ahead and click save changes

Once we do that we can head back over to The Bing area and we can verify And then you'll get a congratulations Site was verified so now you're ready to Go The second method is involving another Plugin called WP code and WP code is Just a really cool plugin that lets you Minimize the number of plugins that you Need in order to make your site work To do that I will remove the Verification code for all-in-one SEO And then we're going to head over to Plugins add new And we're going to search for a plugin WP code all one word And this is the one we're looking for so Let's go ahead and click install now And activate as well Cool once we're activated you can either Go to code Snippets here or what we want To do is go to code Snippets and we're Looking for headers and footer And this is where we can add the code That we need to So go back And you'll enter the address again And from here we also want to copy the Metacode again Head back over to our headers and footer Section and we can just paste that in Here And let's go ahead and click save Changes

Go back to being met webmaster and let's Go ahead and verify The third method that you can use you Can simply import from Google search Console so if you've already done this Process and submitted your website to Google search console then you can Import it from here When you do get started you can say Import it's going to connect you have to Continue and sign in with what you want To connect it with And allow access to your account then it Will go through and if you have multiple Sites then it'll say hey we have these Others do you want all of those Pick the site that you want Most people will only have one and then Click import And it will go out and add it and now You see congratulations site that was Successful Once you say it it'll be a little bit Before you can start to see things but Then you should start to see the data See how many clicks and Impressions Click-through rate you can view the Complete report here and you can also Choose to show like the average position As well as a few others you're going to Scroll down and also see some of the Keywords that your site is ranking for So that you can start to make some Changes to it as well

And if you haven't already connected Your site to Google search console then Watch this video next as I walk you Through step by step on how to add your Site to Google search console and I'll See you over there

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