How to Add Tables in WordPress (Step by Step)

Struggling to present data in your WordPress posts?
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Tables are a fantastic way to organize and display information clearly. This beginner-friendly video tutorial will guide you through adding and customizing tables in your WordPress posts using the block editor.

In under 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

Insert a table block into your post.
Configure the number of rows and columns.
Add headers and format your table for readability.
Apply stylish touches with various color and font options.
By the end of this video, you’ll be effortlessly creating informative and visually appealing tables to enhance your WordPress content!

Log into your WordPress dashboard and Navigate to posts click on add new to Create a new Post in the post editor You'll see a blank page with ADD title At the top click on the plus sign within The editor and type table in the search Bar select the table block to add it to Your post you can now configure your Table specify the desired number of Columns and rows in the column count and Row count fields and then click create Table the table block will will appear In your post editor with the specified Number of rows and columns the block Settings are located on the right hand Side under settings you can toggle the Fixed width table cells option on or off Depending on your preference you can Also add header and footer sections to Your table by toggling the header Section and footer section options let's Enable the header section for this Example now enter your header labels in The first row of your table I'll add Month subscribers and total subscribers As my header labels fill in the Remaining cells with your data to make Our table more visually appealing let's Add some styling in the block settings Panel on the right you'll find the Styles options select Stripes to add Alternating Stripes to the table rows Under the color section you can Customize the text and background colors

Of your table now our table is looking Much better you can further customize The table using the dimensions and Border options in the block settings and If you're struggling to manage your WordPress sites we'll handle everything Behind the scenes so you can focus on Running your business and have peace of Mind click here to get started

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