How to Add Sub Headings In WordPress

Learn how to add headings to your WordPress posts for better readability.
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In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to add headings to your WordPress posts.

Headings are crucial for creating organized and readable content. They also help search engines understand your post structure.
This video covers:
Creating a new post
Adding different heading levels (H1 to H6)
Using headings to improve readability and SEO

In this quick tutorial we'll be adding Headings to a WordPress post headings Are crucial for creating organized and Readable content and they also help Search engines understand your post Structure let's get started first log Into your WordPress dashboard now let's Create a new post to do this hover over Posts in the left sidebar and click add New here we are in the post editor you Can see the title field at the top where You can add your post title below the Title field is the main content area Right now it's prompting you to type the Forward slash to choose a block blocks Are the individual elements that make up Your post content go ahead and type Forward slash to bring up a menu of Available blocks you'll see a variety of Blocks here including paragraphs images Galleries and more for our headings We'll select the heading block notice That WordPress offers multiple heading Levels these range from H1 to H6 with H1 Being the largest and most important and H six being the smallest go ahead and Experiment with different heading levels To see how they affect the look of your Content and if you're struggling to Manage your WordPress sites we'll handle Everything behind the scenes so you can Focus on running your business and have Peace of mind click here to get started

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