How to Add Passwordless Login in WordPress with Magic Link

Are you looking to add a passwordless login system to your website, such as magic links?

This will allow your users to log in to your WordPress website without needing to remember a password. They will simply click on a link that is sent to their email inbox to gain access to the site and their account.

In this video, we’ll show you how to add a passwordless login in WordPress with magic links.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Installing Magic Login
1:16 Additional settings

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Today I'll show you how you can add Passwordless login system to your WordPress website that means that people Can log into your WordPress website Without needing to remember a password So if you're ready let's Dive In To get this going we're going to install What is called a magic link plugin this Is the most common method for Passwordless logins so from your WordPress dashboard we're going to head Over to plugins add new And we're searching for magic login This is the one we want so let's go Ahead and click install now And stick around to activate the plugin As well Note that in this tutorial we're using The free plugin but if you want it to Get a little bit fancier there's also a Magic login Pro Plan that had support For additional features like Brute Force Protection login redirection and the Ability to customize emails that are Being sent once that's installed you Automatically will see send me a login Link and if there's a valid account with That username or email address then They'll get the email with the login Link then we can also customize it a Little bit further so let's go ahead and Customize it we'll close this out we'll Head back over to our dashboard You want to go to settings

Magic login to configure Now the first thing that you can Configure is you can force to use the Magic login by default this won't allow Them to even try to put in a password And you could also use the shortcode to Add the login page to any page or widget If you want as well Now scrolling down there's token Lifespan by default only five minutes This will be available for them to click On it so they have five minutes to be Able to log in with that and then how Many times that it can be used you can Choose that here from here you can also Choose if you want to add the magic Login links to outgoing emails if you Enable this then the magic link will be Added to any email sent out by WordPress Even including woocommerce order Confirmations or automated coupons Comment notifications and things like That and then as you see down here are The pro features that you can enable as Well Once we've finished everything we can Scroll all the way down and update Settings And now since we turn it on the only Availability is to use a username or Email address and if the email address Is in your WordPress dashboard then They'll get the magic link for you Now if the email Isn't sent to this

Probably a problem with the WordPress Not sending emails you can watch this Video next as we walk you through step By step on what to do if your WordPress Website is not sending emails and I'll See you over there

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