How to Add Multiple Locations Schema for Local Business in WordPress

Are you managing a local business website that have multiple physical locations?

In that case, you would need to add local business schema markup for multiple locations on your site, so Google and other search engines can display detailed information about your various business locations.

In this video, we’ll show you how to properly add local business schema markup for multiple locations in WordPress to improve your SEO.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Downloading All in One SEO and copying license key
0:51 Installing and activating All in One SEO
1:28 Local SEO
2:43 Customizing hours and other info
5:16 Adding Schema blocks

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How to install and configure All in One SEO:

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Today I'll walk you through how you can Add multiple locations to your WordPress Website this is perfect if you have a Local business and you have multiple Locations for the business and you want To showcase them on your website to do This we're going to install a plugin Called all-in-one SEO if you're in the Local SEO Arena or if you need to Improve your search engine rankings for Your website then all-in-one SEO will Work perfectly for you to get started You want to head over to all in one SEO Go ahead and create an account you want To log in because the local SEO pack is What we're looking for While we're here let's also go ahead and Copy our license key And now we can head back over to our Dashboard so we can install it we're Going to go to plugins add new And instead of searching for the plugin We're going to upload You can choose file I have mine down Here so I'm going to left click drag This up Install now And activate the plugin as well From here you'll need to enter your License key you can either enter it and Activate it here or if you ever need to Come back to working on one SEO you can Come over to the left all in one SEO add License key

I'm going to scroll down and paste the License key that we copied before And go ahead and click connect Once it's connected a wizard will show Up the wizard makes it really easy to Set alarm on SEO up but for this I'm Just going to walk you through the Process of adding the local SEO I'll Have a whole Link in the description Below if you want to walk through the Whole process of installing and Configuring all-in-one SEO for your Website over on the left we're looking For local SEO so let's click on this And you see it's all kind of grayed out And you need to activate or enable it Let's go ahead and activate local SEO This is where the power of being able to Add multiple locations to your website Comes in so from here right out of the Box we are doing multiple locations so We want to click the toggle to yes once We say yes to this we can scroll down Let's go to Advanced locations and You'll see a little bit of information Here by default it'll add a location Slug to your permalinks or to your url Structure you can also use a custom one If you don't like that you can use Something else same thing with the Category if you have different Categories you can use that here for This we're just going to leave it like It is because I like those you can also

Do enhanced search and what this will do Is it'll allow you to have your multiple Locations show up in the WordPress site Search area once we're finished with This area let's go ahead and click save Changes now I want to go to the opening Hours tab so we can set those up we can Show opening hours and this will be by Default don't worry in a second if you Have different hours for the different Locations then I'll show you how you can Change that but for now we're just doing The opening hours and we're going to Scroll down to Showcase what the Different labels are so if you're open 24 hours that'll say that here and if You want to change that you can do that Here if you're closed on certain times It'll show closed so you can change that Here you can also choose the settings if You're open 24 7 then it automatically Just defaults that to 24 7. or you can Also use the 24 hour format if you want Now we can set our hours and by default It goes through like a typical nine to Five for most businesses and you can Choose what days are closed and so it Will close those items you can also Toggle to change these on different days As well Once you set up all of our hours let's Go ahead and click save changes again Okay that has set up our default hours For our business in itself we want to

Add multiple locations now so over on The left we're looking for something Called locations and it's up here you Can click on all locations but you won't Have any right now but this is where we Can add new locations and this is where You can add all of your information for Each location And just say that we have a bike store Once you've had all the information you Want to scroll all the way down we're Looking for the local business area and This is where you can add the Information from here you want to give It the name of your business The type and you can choose from here From here you can upload or select an Image I'll drop one in make sure to add your Alt text From here you want to put in the address For this particular one Once you have the address you can also Go to opening hours and like I spoke About earlier if you don't want to use The default hours that you set up Because they know here because maybe This one has specific hours so you can Do that here we want to show the opening Hours and you can change this up so Maybe Monday we're closed but Tuesday Through Friday we're open and so that's A little bit different Once you add all of this information

Down here in we can scroll all the way Back up and we can actually add some of This information up here cool thing About bringing in these blogs by All-in-one SEO is we can just update the Information one location and then we'll Update everywhere where we have it so From here we're going to choose to add a Block I'm going to type in a i o SEO and There are a few ones that we want to Bring in we want to bring in the local Business information And then I'm going to do it again I'm Going to click on the add block to AO SEO and I'm looking for local open Hours so we'll add that in as well And we can click on this and you see Over on the display we can show if we Want to showcase the ones that are Missing so the ones that were closed Let's go ahead and close those and then We can update that And now we can open this and see this in Action Great so now that's our South Side we Want to do this again for our North Side Location or however many locations you Have and then you'll have this Information for search engine rankings And if you want to see the full Breakdown of how to install and set up Element SEO for your website to improve Search engine rankings then watch this Video next as I walk you through step by

Step on how to install and configure all In one SEO for your site and I'll see You over there

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