How to Add Internal Links in WordPress (Step by Step)

Want to learn how to create internal links for your WordPress site? Internal links offer multiple benefits to your WordPress site, including improved SEO.

But adding these links manually can involve a lot of time and effort.

In this video, we’ll show you how easy it is to add internal links in WordPress, so you can optimize your site immediately.

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The secret to long-term and consistent Traffic for any website is SEO or search Engine optimization optimization refers To optimization of your website's Content your internal links the content Itself the architecture and tens of all The things that make up your website now If you're already operating a website That publishes content are you planning To start a website and publish content On it then a problem that you'll run Soon into is the tedious task of Managing optimizing adding internal Links on your site now you might be Scratching ahead and thinking managing Internal links is that such a really Huge task so let me clarify that it is And the worst part about this problem is That the bigger your website becomes the More exponentially tough this problem Becomes over time so in this video I'm Going to demonstrate an easy effective Time sensitive or I say time saving way For you to add optimize and I say add Internal links to your WordPress website Let's go so let me quickly demonstrate The problem once again I have built a Website just for this demonstration and I've added just 12 pieces of content on It so recipe website so if all sorts of Recipe blog posts on the site you have Cranberry sauce or recipe of a cranberry Sauce kilam pie mousse homemade whipped Cream some Marana filling and a lot

Different uh said delicious recipes Added on here now none of these websites Or none of these posts have internal Links added by Design just because I Want to demonstrate so let's say for Example if I open this blog post up or If I open this blog post up Just as an example you'll see that there Are opportunities inside this blog post To link out to the other blog posts that I created and what I've done Purposefully just for this demonstration Is add a section at the end of every Blog post which purposefully is a Non-linked version of what I would call It an internal link for example check Out some related recipes I've Purposefully written on the keywords Giant fruit Danish and Kila Empire Mousse so that there's easy to Understand and easy to follow and I've Done that for every blog post but just Make note that these are not actually Linked out yet right there's no links Here similar to the chocolate cake Recipe there's a completely big recipe And this again I have added those bit of Specific keywords where it would be Obvious to link out but I have not added Those links here now just imagine this I Just have 12 blog posts on the site how Much time would it take for me to go to Every single blog post figure out every Keyword that has the potential to be

Linked to any of these blog posts and Then keep that up to date over time in Let's say I had all the time in the World and I sat down and optimized all These blog posts one day right took an Entire day off and just did that and my Website is perfectly optimized now every Time I published two or three pieces of Content all of that work is now outdated Because I have to do it again and as I Said The more pieces of content you add The more difficult it becomes for you to Realize okay where can I add those Internal links and that's the problem Because well you can just see what the Problem is Right exponentially Increasing time consuming task of Managing finding and adding internal Links so how do we solve this problem Well we solve this problem with a genius Product called All in One SEO what is All in one SEO alternate SEO is a SEO Plugin for WordPress and it's one of the OG's best plugin for WordPress it has Tons of features if I just give you a Brief overview it gives you on page Analysis it has schema support built in Local SEO schema built in as well XML Sitemaps video sitemaps social media Optimization link assistant feature Which we're going to talk about that's The a true amazing feature that we're Going to talk about it's suppose Woocommerce SEO complete audit audio

First Site manage redirects that means Figure out 404 errors everything Google New site maps and even robot.txt now This is just a I say brief overview of The features of alternate SEO suit for Your website but the feature that we are Focused on is the link assistant feature Now let me clarify there's a free Version of the plugin is available in The repository as well but the link Assistant feature is available in not in The free version but I think the Pro Plan and above so make sure to check out The pricing options figure out if it's For you after watching this video and Looking at this demonstration so what I'm going to do is go to my website once Again and install all known as here First and I'm going to talk about what The link assistant does so let's go to Plugins let's go to add new And what I'm going to do is just open up Uh add new upload plugin and I have the Plugin file downloaded already from my Account so I'll just drag and drop it Here And install the plugin Let's wait for it to install So the plugin is now installed let's Also activate the plugin And the plugin is also activated and Just to clarify you'll also need to Activate the plugin the pro version with Your license key probably because I was

Testing it out so it the license key has Already been activated on this side but If you decide to purchase the pro plugin And you download it you'll need to Activate with your license key first now Going into All N1 SEO let's go to all These features so just to clarify as I Mentioned all of an SEO has tons of Features so you can optimize your entire Website the permalinks the content Itself all the different features or Everything on the website can be Optimized using all in one SEO but right Now I'm just focused on one feature Which is the internal linking feature Which is inside link assistant so I'll Go to link assistant I click this button Which will open up the link assistant Feature okay so the pro plugin is Already installed but I need to still Activate the link assistant and this is Similar what you will see on the screen Or on your website when you started out Just click activate and the Plugin or I Say the add-on to the plugin will be Downloaded and activated on the site now This is the link assistant feature what It does is it analyzes your complete Website understands all the links that You have already created identifies Posts that have no links that means Often posts and tracks and optimizes and Gives you recommendations on every link That you can optimize so overall you

Have 19 posts including all the pages And all the content I have you have 19 Often posts it's already detected that Your external links you have internal Links you have affiliate links so it Also detects affiliate links so it's Easy for you to manage affiliate links And also let's say you had a really good Affiliate program growing and uh going With what was website and suddenly they Decide to shut down their affiliate Program within just a couple of minutes You can delete all the affiliate links Going to that site with all lunar SEO Otherwise that would uh this single Process would have been a nightmare so Let's go to the links report and domains Report so links report gives you all the Details about Whatever links you already have and the Best part it also gives you suggestions On what kind of links you should have on The site so you see all those posts Ignore the uh shop page in the cart page Those are coming from woocommerce those Are not necessary but look at all these Posts and this is the or this is the Column that I want to focus on this is Your all in one seo's link assistant Telling me that this post has Opportunities for me to link out at Least four different times either to This post or going out from this post to Another post just in the inside my

Website so four recommendations this has Three recommendations and this has two Recommendations this has three Recommendations this has one Recommendation this has six Recommendations two four two so instead Of spending hours and hours identifying Keyword linking opportunities link Assistant is doing that for me Automatically and just to clarify it Does it in the background so your system Resources are not being utilized or your Service resource is not spiking up and You see also see this is a dialog box Here or I say the progress bar here this Is a just uh I say a representation of How much content it has already scanned So let's say you have a lot of content This might take a little longer but if You have a very small website just like This website then this will happen in Just a few minutes of your time and By installing the plugin and activate Link assistant instantly it started Giving me recommendations so if you just Uh don't optimize or I say if you don't Open this up for immediately in a minute Then you'll see probably more Recommendations as the process or the I Say the uh as the analysis is going on In the background inside all in this Year's link assistant right so let me Give you a simple view of how you would Start acting on this data right just

Just knowing that there are four Recommendations or four options or Opportunities for internal links is not Enough right you also need to add the Links so here link assistant makes it Even easier what I'll do is open this up And you see they have this is a Comprehensive report of the internal Links and external links or adaptations Inbound internal links and outbound Internet links on the page already Affiliate links and also external links So I have already have all the data I Need first of all to understand how many Links are coming and going from the page But the link suggestions is where it is Uh it gets even better so if you click The link suggestions you have four Outbound internal link suggestions that Mean this post can link out to four Different posts on this website if I go Here I'll see four different options and What is giving me is giving me a detail Or say a complete paragraph of where the Text is is giving me where the link can Go and what the post title that is Linking to I can see uh the post itself If I want to view the post I can edit The post right here I can edit the Anchor text right here as well and if I Just feel like okay this is all great I Just want to add those links I'll just Click add link yes And the link is now added it's that

Simple I'll just click this button click This button Done click this button click this button And done I'll just click this button and Click this button And it's done And in just just 10 seconds of your time You found four different opportunities On a single post that you could link out To another post on your site very simple Similarly if I go to any other post Let's say keyline Powers I open this up Link suggestions outbound internal link Suggestions whipped cream whipped cream Whipped cream so to analyze the complete Content of a website identify three Different opportunities where I could Link to my own website or my own post For whipped cream I'll just add those Links I'll add those links And once again I'll add those links And done it's that simple so instead of Figuring out let's say you had 100 posts On a site imagine how much time it would Take for you to identify even those Single opportunities where all municio's Link assistant is just working in the Background doing its magic and Identifying all sorts of Link Opportunities to you now just uh just to Give you a clarification of what all you Can do it's just not a opportunities Report right it's not just telling you

That okay this is where you can add Links it's also also telling you where You already are linking out so once you Configure all in SEO it will detect all The affiliate links that you have on Your site it'll also tell you what Domains you're linking out to right now There are no much outbound links so There's no data but if you have lots of Your monetized primarily through Affiliate you can get all sorts of Detailed reports here about which Websites you're linking out to so let's Say you have an affiliate program that Pays you much better you can identify if You are linking out to that particular Website in that proportion or that ratio Right because you want to make maximize Your money and also in the link report As I mentioned you can also get data About what links you are already created Just for this example or this particular Domain I purposefully did not add links Just for this example but for most Websites if you've been running a Website for some time you'll already Have some links so instead of trying to Figure out okay what poster linking to What post all that detailed reports Will be visible here and right now the Data that I added or these suggestions I Actually applied will take some time to Reflect because the allmanacios link Assistant does not want to overload your

Server so that's why you're saying the Suggestions that I think add four Suggestions I did add those links but The report is not showing me those links Right now because it takes time to Refresh that data completely but once it Does you'll start seeing the data here That okay this post is linking out to Four posts on my site and this post is Getting links from three other posts on My site and you can also do is what you Can do is refresh this and sometimes it Works instantly sometimes it takes a few Minutes of your time to detect the data But imagine this all this data for all Your entire website what post is linking To what post what post is getting links From what post what post is or has Affiliate links going out to what Domains and what post is uh Missing Opportunities that you can link from Another post to that post from coming From this post to that post all that Mental gymnastics that you would had to Do or you would have to do Is taking care of everything taken care By all of nacio and this saves hundreds Of manners in the long run I say even Thousands of manners in the long run Because it's a full-time job I'd say if You have a lot of content on your Website and that is the power of all International link assistant taking care Of all of that data everything instantly

Easily and it's just a couple of minutes Of time so adding internet links is a Breeze with other link assistant you Have a complete 10 000 feet view of how The links wear the links and whom the Links are coming from or going to you'll Get the idea all in SEO super powered Link assistant feature check it out I'll Leave a link down in the description to All in on SEO the website and also some Detailed description about the link Assistant feature that you can check out If you have any questions for this Particular video leave that in the Comments if you like this if you enjoyed This video and if you found something Learn something new a thumbs up or like Would be appreciated on this video as Well and if you like watching WordPress Tutorials just like this one then why Don't you subscribe to the channel Because we can say and you details about Next videos are deeper publishing right So this is yuvraj from W beginner I'll Catch you in the next video really soon Take care

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