How to Add Category to Posts in WordPress (Step by Step)

Want to update your post category in WordPress?
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Our quick video shows you how to update your WordPress Post Category easily.

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or just starting, this video simplifies the process, showing you how to seamlessly navigate your dashboard and make your posts more organized and accessible.

✔️ In this tutorial, you’ll learn to:
– Navigate to your WordPress dashboard with ease
– Find and select the post you wish to edit
– Update the post’s category through the editor’s side panel
– Finalize the changes to improve your site’s organization

🔍 Key Takeaways:
– Easy to use steps for quick updates
– Cost-effective solutions to improve performance and speed
– Make your WordPress site EVEN BETTER and build trust with great looking, well-organized content

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Remember, keeping your WordPress site organized and user-friendly plays a crucial role in building trust with your audience.

Tired of clunky contact forms WP forms Makes them easy trusted by over 5 Million websites Welcome to our quick Guide on managing posts in WordPress Today we'll edit an existing post and Update its category let's begin first Navigate to the dashboard of your WordPress site on the left hand side You'll find the post menu click on it to View all your articles here's the list Of your posts hover over the post you Want to edit in this case your first Post click edit to proceed you're now in The post editor to change the category Look to the right hand side panel under Document settings click on categories a Drop-down menu appears with different Category options select the desired Category for your post for demonstration We'll choose Uncategorized once selected the category Is assigned to the post to finalize the Changes click the update button on the Top right corner your post is now Updated with the new category and that's It you've successfully edited a post and Updated its category in WordPress thank You for following along

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