How to Add an HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress

Do you want to add an HTML sitemap page in WordPress?

Unlike XML sitemaps that are submitted to search engines for better crawling, HTML sitemaps present an organized list of your pages and posts for your website visitors.

In this video, we’ll show you how to add an HTML sitemap page in WordPress.

0:00 Intro and explainer
0:37 Method 1: Using All in One SEO
0:50 Downloading All in One SEO
1:10 Installing All in One SEO
1:44 Setting up
2:04 Enabling and customizing sitemaps
3:43 Method 2: Using Simple Sitemap
4:00 Downloading Simple Sitemap
4:21 Customizing your sitemap

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Today I'll walk you through how to add An HTML sitemap page in WordPress and We'll show you a couple of different Ways that you can do it so you can pick The one that works best for you so let's Dive In So real quick you hear a lot about Sitemaps and a lot of times when you're Talking about sitemaps for search Engines that is the XML sitemap that Lets search engines know what all is on Your site and how to use your site and Crawl your pages but then we also are Talking about the HTML sitemap and this Is specifically for users when they come In and they want to see everything That's available for them to read on Your site this is the one we'll be Adding to the site so the first way you Want to do it you can add the HTML Sitemap page in WordPress using a plugin Called all-in-one SEO with all in one SEO you can do a lot of search engine Optimization for your website using the Plugin and there is a free version that You can do so you can go to plugins add New You can search for AIO SEO and this is The light version that you can use I'll Be showing you the full pro version so You can see all the features that are Available to you if you want to install It I'm going to go to element SEO

You can create an account once you log In you can go to downloads over here we Also want to copy our license key now When we head back over to our WordPress Dashboard if you've already installed This then I'll catch up with you in just A second we're going to click add new And we're going to upload the plugin I'm going to left click and drag this You don't see it down here then you can Choose file and find where you Downloaded it We'll install it And let's go ahead and activate the Plugin as well Once activated you'll see a setup wizard Then we'll can just say let's get Started you can also if you want to go Through here and just tell it everything About your site as a few other items We're going to close that out because I'll just show you a couple of ways that You can do the HTML sitemap now looking Over on the left we have all of these Items that we can choose from for this We want to go to sitemaps under All-in-one SEO And let's go to HTML sitemap Let's go ahead and enable it and this is Where you can decide how you want all of The pages to show up if you want a Dedicated page you want to be able to Put it on the Gutenberg block editor do You want to use shortcode or a widget

Area you can do any of those that you Want Since we want to do a dedicated page we Need to go ahead and set one up I'm Going to scroll up I'm going to go to my pages area and I'm Going to right click open in a new tab So I keep this open And then I come to all my pages and I Just want to create a new page And we're just going to publish this And I'm going to copy that And scrolling down since we have Dedicated page here I want to right Click and paste the dedicated page where I want it to go And then scrolling down further this is Where we can choose what all do we want On this page So we can choose all taxonomies meaning All categories and tags that we have all Post types we unselect that then maybe We don't want the pages maybe we just Want our posts to show you can choose That if you want just specific Categories here then you can choose that As well from here you can choose your Short order we'll keep it for publish Date sort Direction and then you can Also choose to do compact Archives this Lets you toggle between regular sitemap And a compact area Once you do everything you can click Save changes and then you can come up

Here and open the sitemap area and now It will show all your posts and pages Now method number two is by using a Different plugin and this plugin is Specifically for just doing sitemap the Beauty of element SEO is there's so much More that you can do with it you can use Element SEO to help you improve your Search engine rankings but if you just Want to set something up for the sitemap Then you can go to plugins add new And we're looking for simple sitemap This is the one we want so let's go Ahead and click install now And let's go ahead and activate the Plugin as well Once it's activated you need to decide What page you want this to go in so We're going to go to Pages add new And I'll create a new page And under the blocks we want to click on The little plus icon And we're looking for simple sitemap And I'll bring that in for us You can see also on the right hand side These are the items that you can choose From what all do you want to include we Want to include both pages and posts Or do you just want the posts You can choose how to order And what all to show It'll show in real time as you're doing It Once we're happy with everything we can

Click publish And then we can view the page And now we have a simple HTML sitemap For our website If you want to get a little bit more Into seeing how all I want SEO works for Your site then you'll want to watch this Video as I show you how to install and Configure all the one SEO for your Website and I'll see you over there

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