How to Add a PayPal Payment Form in WordPress

Are you looking to add a PayPal payment form to your WordPress site?

PayPal makes it super-easy to accept payments on your website. It is convenient, cost-effective, secure, and already used by millions of users around the world.

In this video, we’ll show you how to easily add a PayPal payment form in WordPress.

0:54 Downloading and installing WPForms
2:09 The Paypal Standard Addon
3:00 Customizing your form

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Today I'm going to show you how you can Add Paypal payment button on your WordPress site and this is a perfect Setup if you don't really want a Full-blown e-commerce site like Woocommerce or adding EDD to your Website but you're wanting to accept Payments here and there it's very super Convenient and I'll walk you through it Step by step so the easiest way that you Can add the payment is by creating a Form adding the payment form with that There are a lot of WordPress PayPal Plugins out there but if you want a lot Of flexibility in building out the order Form and customizing it and sending off Emails to people depending on what is Put in on the form what kind of payment It is then WP forms is your best option You can get started as a contact form With their free version the light form But to do the Paypal payment button then We recommend you getting the pro version Or higher because that has the PayPal Plan a part of it so what you can do is Go to You'll set up an Account once you do that you'll want to Head over to your account section go to Downloads to download the form Once you're here you also want to copy Your license key now that we have Everything downloaded we can come back Over to our WordPress dashboard so we Can install WP forms so from here we

Want to go to plugins add new And instead of searching for the plugin We want to actually upload and we can do Choose file I have it down here so I'm Just going to left click drag it if you Don't have that you can find it where You just downloaded it let's go ahead And install the plugin Once it's installed you can activate the Plugin as well Now it's active it's asking you to Activate your key if you ever need to Come back to work on it let's go to WP Forms over on the left and from here I'm Going to go to settings so I can install My license key That in that we copied let's go ahead And verify and you should get a green Message saying everything is good to go Great now we can set everything up The next area we want to go to is let's Go to add-ons so this is where we're Going to add the Paypal payment add-on What's cool about this as well is if you Have any other Integrations with payment Services such as stripe square and a few others then you Can find them in here as well but Because I'm showing you how to add PayPal we're just going to stick with Adding the PayPal standard add-on Let's go ahead and install it and WP Forms will go out and install it and Activate it so then we can use it great

Now we can come over to the left and Let's go ahead and click add new and What we want to do here is we want to go Ahead and name it And the cool thing is they have a ton of Templates to choose from so you don't Have to create it from scratch so the One we wanted to start with is the Building order form because that's going To use a lot of the fields and Notifications that we'll already use You see right here we have name email Phone address The items that we're wanting to sell the Total amount and comment or message so We can go in and change that if you Click on any of these items then over on The left you see the area on the left Where you can change it if you want to Give this a different label name you can Do that if you want to change the type Of email or the type of name for a lot Of times I just like to use Simple for Whatever reason if we don't need the Phone we can just come over here and Delete that So you can go through and do all the Adjustments that you want with this it's A perfect way to drag and drop and make It however you need The one area we probably want to do is Available items so what are we selling Let's go ahead and name that something a Little bit better for them

Now we have this available items and It's a multi item checklist or you know Where they can just pick whichever one That they want if you're offering Multiple items then you can do that and You can change the name here As well as the price if you're only Offering one item then we can remove This And go back to fields and we can scroll Down And maybe we're just doing one single Item so let's just put the single item Here what are we selling What is the price And then the total amount because we Don't have multiples we can actually Remove that since we're just doing a Single Okay this all looks good And we actually don't need the address Because it's all online So it's really simple So I think the form is good it's exactly What we want now we want to come over to Payments so we can set up the PayPal Standard Now you see these are all the others That we could integrate as well but like I said we're just doing PayPal standards Let's just go ahead and enable this And you need to give it the email of Your business or PayPal that you accept PayPal so this is your PayPal email

Address if you're going through and Practicing and doing things like that You can turn on Sandbox so you can test It before you're actually charging and You can also say if it's products and Services or donation so we have that Right you want to add your cancellation URL or cancel URL you should get that Through your payment there's some Documentation that you can look at as Well so this is where you will send them If you click on this this is where you Will send them if they don't complete The checkout Shipping we're not going to ask for an Address because we don't need to and Then if you wanted to enable conditional Logic so this is if we have other fields You could process or don't process Depending on a field that's a little bit More advanced for this but you can do That which is cool So for all this we want to click save Just to save our settings so far Now one more section that we want to Make sure that we're doing is let's go To settings because we want to make sure Our notifications are set up properly so Under notifications this is the email That we'll go through and it gets sent To admin email of the website so if That's still your email address then Perfect if not you'll want to go in and Change that you can put in your actual

Email right here and you can change the Subject line what I like about this is I'm actually going to change this Because if I just kept it like this it Would and I got all these emails that Would all be the same and there's Nothing to change it so I'd get a little Lost so you can do something like show Smart tags and you can add their name or Their email address so we'll add the Name of whenever they put their name in There so we'll know the different emails That are coming through And from you can change that You also notice that there is an Indicator here that's saying that it Might not go through properly just Because of some detailed technical Details of how WordPress sets up we have A whole video on how to set up WP mail SMTP and that just makes sure that You're getting these emails and that Anybody who's purchasing or getting the Emails so you'll want to go through that I'll have a link in the description Below on how to set up wpmail SMTP but For this we'll just show you how all of This is working And then scrolling down just a little Bit more you could also do conditional Logic this is perfect again if say you Have accounting or maybe you have Different sales departments you could do A conditional Logic for one of the

Fields we don't have many more Fields Here so like if it's in one Department Uh one email will get it if it's a Different department a different email We'll get it we're not going to do Conditional Logic for this but that's Another really cool thing but what you Can also do is enable if the PayPal has Gone through if the standard completed Payment so all you only will get an Email once it actually completes and Then you'll see that so you want to Decide on whether you want to do that or Not I'm going to leave that off because I'd Like to get them that way if something Doesn't go through at least I can reach Out to them and say hey what can I do to Help you but we have all of our Notifications set up and the final thing We want to do is confirmation so when They do send the information we want Them to have some kind of confirmation On the page and what's cool about this Is you could redirect them to a Particular URL maybe a thank you page on What to expect next or you can show a Particular page you can even just say Hey thanks for your order which is we're Just going to keep it simple like that But it's very cool that you can see that Here and then we're going to leave this Check that automatically scroll to the Confirmation so that they don't miss it

If they're further down on the page then When this shows up So all this is cool let's go ahead and Click save and now we need to add it to Our website so we can come up here and Click embed And it's going to say do you have an Existing page that you want this to go On maybe a thank you page or an order Page or do you want to create that and Since we haven't created one yet let's Go ahead and click create new page We're going to name it I called it consultation is what they're Paying for so let's go ahead and create Consultation let's go And then it'll actually create that page And it takes us here and it drops that In so very cool so we can go in here we Can create a little bit more around the Page if we want to make it a little bit More enticing for somebody to purchase a Consultation with us for this I think It's fine so we can go ahead and click Publish And then we can see the page And now this is ready for Now when somebody goes through and Submits this it'll go to PayPal and take Their money for you So quick setup for you to start getting Money now if you want to make sure that You're getting the emails and that the Users are getting the emails watch this

Video next as we walk you through step By step on how to make sure that your Website is using wpmail SMTP to take Care of all the technical aspects of Sending and receiving emails from your WordPress website and I'll see you over There

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