How to Add a New User in WordPress

Want to know how to add users to your WordPress site?
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Managing your WordPress website often involves granting access to other users. This comprehensive video tutorial will show you exactly how to add new users and assign them the appropriate roles on your site.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover:

How to navigate to the “Add New User” section in your WordPress dashboard.
Creating a unique username and entering the user’s email address.
Setting a secure password and choosing notification preferences.
Understanding the different user roles (Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Administrator) and assigning the most suitable role for your new user.
By the end of this video, you’ll be confident in adding new users and managing user permissions on your WordPress website!

Log into your WordPress dashboard from The le- hand sidebar menu hover over Users and click on add new you'll be on The add new user page here you'll enter The new users information start by Typing a unique username in the username Required field next in the email Required field enter the new user's Email address you can add the user's First name last name and website if you Have that information we'll fill in First name and last name for this Example WordPress will automatically Generate a strong password for the user You can click on generate password to Create a new password you can also Choose to reveal the generated password By clicking on show for send user Notification keep the Box checked if you Want to send an email notification to The new user with their login details Now choose the appropriate role for the New user you can select from subscriber Contributor author editor or Administrator each role has different Permissions and capabilities on your Website we'll choose author for this User finally scroll down and click on Add new user to create the new user Account you'll be redirected to the Users page and you'll see the newly Created user added to the list of users And if you're struggling to manage your WordPress sites we'll handle everything

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