How Redirect Users After Form Submission – SO EASY!

Forms in WordPress are a necessity, but the default forms in WordPress are quite limited in terms of their functionality.

For example, what if you want to redirect users after they submit on a form? It’s not possible in the default WordPress form.

So, in this video, I’ve demonstrated exactly that.. how to redirect users after they submit a form on your WordPress website. Watch the video and learn the easiest method.
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In today's video I'm going to show you How to redirect your users to any page You like whether it's on your website or Any external website as well after they Submit a form on your website now just To clarify there can be different kinds Of forms that you can implement this Functionality with a regular contact Form that you just create on your Website a comment is technically also a Form and also a user registration or a Login form is also a form and most of The time what I say almost guaranteed That for different scenarios you'll need Different methodologies so I've covered A couple of those in this video so I Would suggest that you watch the video Till the end because you might learn Something new that you might not know is Possible with WordPress with that let's Discuss the first use case which most of You guys have probably clicked for which Is how to redirect users after they fill In or submit a regular contact form on Your WordPress website let's go so if You want to redirect users after they Fill a form on your website you also Need to have a form on your website Right so let's start with that first as You can see on the screen right here I'm In the plugin section add new section of My WordPress website and I've just Searched for the most popular form Plugin out there which is called WP

Forms I've searched for it this is the Plugin that you see on the screen and You should install this plugin if you Already haven't done so it's very very Popular it's used by over 5 million Websites and it's full of functionality That you'll utilize on your website now I'm not going to install this one right Now because I already have the pro Version installed on my site but if You're just starting out you can install The free version the functionality I'm Going to discuss will work with both the Free version and the paid version as Well so there's no difference there so Once you've done this you should start Seeing the W performs menu entry right Here and what you'll do is create a new Form so I'll just go right here click Add new Which brings up the form Builder screen Let's start with a simple contact form Which is a pre-built template so we Don't have to do anything just click use Template and the form will be imported To your website as well So this is a simple contact form Instantly created for us it's already Built in or it already has the regular Fields that you'll need it has a name Email and a comment but definitely you Have the options of customizing this However you like for example if you want To include multiple choices yeah you can

Actually do this right here so you can Drag and drop all these elements and Depending on the plan you have with WP Forms you might see all these fields Available or you might see just some of These fields available rest might be Grayed out so make your choice customize The form or however you want to design It and all the fields you like and just Remove it customize it all the Functionality is right here and so you Want to customize the properties of Individual fields for example let's say You don't want the name to be mandatory Just click right here go to field Options and just make all the changes Right here once you've done this once You're happy with the form then we're Going to make the customization changes Where we'll redirect users to a Particular page or post so what I'm Going to do is go to the settings page Right here And you have multiple options you have General notifications and confirmations To redirect users to a particular page Of post we'll go to confirmations and This is the confirmation page and new Confirmations very simple what happens After the form is submitted we have a Couple of options that we can use so Default confirmation is a message that Means once the form is submitted it says Thank you for contacting us we will be

In touch with you shortly but we can Change this Behavior by using this drop Down menu right here let's click it show Page and go to URL which is the redirect Option this is the one we will be using So once we click this we have a simple Option confirmation redirect URL that Means what is the page you want users to Go to so let's say if I say go to WP beginner .com and add new confirmation And I can name this confirmation because Every form can have multiple Confirmations and I can create Conditional logic using the form fields To redirect users to different pages on Uh depending on different different Conditions that they fulfill so I'll say The basic confirmation all right so I'll Just name this basic and this is done And you also have some other Customization options right here we can We can use this and we can also enable Conditional Logic for example as I was Talking uh a few seconds earlier if you Enable this then you can say oh if the Form field says this redirect this or if The form field says this do something Else so just for example use this Confirmation or don't use this so you Can have a positive uh as a condition or A negative condition if the field let's Say the multiple choice is First choice

And you can also have nest and or on Conditions then based on this what you Can do is if the user chooses multiple Choice first then redirect users to a Different page and if the choice is Something else you can redirect them to A different page now just to clarify This conditional logic is available in The pro version but the basic Redirection is available in the free Version just want to highlight a cool Little feature that you'll find here in WP forms so let me delete this let me Disable condition logic so that you are On the same page as I am if you're using The free version let's save the post or Let's save the form And what we'll do is just add this form To a post and then I'll show you how it Works all right so just let me pause the Video for a second I'll just open up a New post on the site add the form and We'll be talking again So I've created a simple post on the Side just naming it redirect test and This is the form we'll be using or this Is the page we'll be using to add the Redirection or add the form first and Then the form will redirect users once They submit it all right so what do you Need to do to add the form on any Particular page just use the wp forms Block so I'll type in forward slash and I said WP forms and the form block will

Show up right here I'll click on it and Then we can select the form that we have Created from the interface so just since I just named it or the name of the firm Was default which is simple contact form I'll click on it And you can see it's the same form that We just created let's publish the post And after the post is published let's Open it up a new tab and check the Redirection and how it works So this is the form this is the page on The website redirect test you have the All the options right here name email Multiple choice options comments and Then the submit field since couple of Them are mandatory let me just fill all This information in very quickly so I Filled in the form completely as you can See let's submit the form and let's see If the redirection works submit And in just a second I was redirected to as we intended it's very Simple feature now you don't have to Redirect users to other Pages or just Completely different websites you can Redirect them to any page on your Website as well it can be a thank you Page it can be okay just any page that You like maybe just the home page of Your website with whatever you want so The redirection functionality completely Works whether it's a page on your Website or a third party website don't

Worry about that all right so that's the Way you redirect users after they fill Out a form on your website but what About comments I want redirect users to A specific page when they comment on my Website well let's talk about that right Now So once again I'm in the plugin Installation area of my website I'm Inside plugins add new and I've searched For a plugin called yoast comment hacks And this is the plugin we'll be using to Redirect users after they comment on our Website let's install the plugin Let's also activate it So now you see the plugin is installed But what about the settings you don't See the settings right here now there's A menu entry well the settings are Inside well you guessed it settings so Settings common tags And there are a bunch of options inside This plugin you can limit users to leave A comment of a certain length and do all Sorts of email cleaning and Customization but the functionality I am Trying to demonstrate here is the Comment redirection feature which is Just right here and this works with only First time commenter so keep that in Mind not every person or a repeat Commenter will not be redirected but People leaving a comment for the first Time will definitely be redirected and

You can utilize this functionality to Ask people to get get on your email list Or like push a lead Magnet or something Like that it's a great way to engage Your already engaged users while leaving A comment on your site so how do you Customize this redirect to don't Redirect first time commenters is the Default settings but if you click the Drop down option it says sample page so If you have any Pages created on your Website all the pages will show up here So let's say if I go to my pages I click Add new and let me just quickly create a Page just for demonstration so that you Know that okay it's not limited to just The sample page let's say thank you I'll just publish this We'll go back right here I'll refresh This And now you'll see the thank you page Also appear here so let's say if you Want to redirect users to the thank you Page and all you have to do is just save This And once this is saved let me just open Up a post in an incognito window and Then I'll try this if this works all Right So I've opened up the default WordPress Post hello world in a incognito window You can see that there's no admin bar Right here because this is an ignore Incognito window I'm not logged in and

We can scroll down here and see the Comment section so this is the sample Post of course there's no content and There's just one comment which is again The default comment in WordPress but Let's say if I wanted to leave a comment I'll say Redirect me is the comment name is Raj let's let's say a random email right Here Website is blah blah blah at something Something Dot com Say my name name Let's ignore that let's Post the comment so as you can see as Soon as I left the comment I'm getting An error that the comment is too short Because I forgot to change the settings In the comment hacks plugin and it has a Setting where you can limit the limit or I'd say you can set a limit that how Long or how short a comment should be to Qualify it as a valid comment so this is The setting right here it says 15. so 15 Words I believe you have to write in so What I'll do is just go back I'll go back And I'll type in a longer comment so I'll just hack my way out of this And I'll just paste it a few different Times And let's now try the same thing Hopefully we don't get another this time And as you can see the comment was

Accepted and I'm redirected to the thank You page which we just created so Another functionality inside the yoast Comment hacks plugin was demonstrated That you can limit users for leaving a Comment which is a certain length so you Can set at a minimum length and also a Maximum length so you can spam out or Let's say you can uh Filter out the spam comments using this Controls as well and that's how you Redirect users who leave comments on Your website it is the first time Commenters but what about users who are Trying to register on your website or Trying to log into your website how do You redirect those users well for that You need to watch this video right here It does say how to enable registrations But I show off how to customize Registrations as well and how to also Redirect users after they log into your Website so good go check that video out And if you're interested in easy to Follow along WordPress tutorials just Like this one also spend some more time With me face to face then just subscribe To this Channel and if you like this Video a like would be appreciated and if You have any questions about this video Then the comment section is open Go free I'll answer all the comments as quickly As I can you're watching wpbeginner and I'll catch you in the next video

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