How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

One of the questions we often get asked is: how much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

While the core WordPress software is free, the cost of a website depends entirely on your budget and goals.

In this video, we will break it all down to answer the ultimate question: How much does it really cost to build a WordPress website? We’ll also show you how to avoid overspending and minimize costs when building a website.

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5:41 What Does it Cost to Build Custom WP Site?

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In this video I'm going to answer the Age old question that you've been asking Yourself how much does it cost to build A WordPress website before I answer the Question we have to set some context Because a website can mean anything it's Like asking the question how much does It cost to build a home well the answer Is going to be absolutely different if It's a farmhouse if it's a single family Home a condo or a mansion because a House can mean anything similarly a Website can mean anything technically Amazon Facebook and other big Services that you have uh used in the Past are also websites but obviously They cost millions of dollars to make And maintain so in this video we have to Set some context before we understand How much does it cost to build a WordPress website and in the context of This video we'll be talking about what Does it cost to build a simple WordPress Website a little more complex WordPress Website an e-commerce website and even a Custom WordPress website all of these Questions will be answered in this video So all you have to do is subscribe Follow and watch this video till the end So let's start by by discussing what Does it cost to build a simple WordPress Website and we'll do that by breaking Down the components required to build a Simple WordPress website essentially you

Just need a handful of components so the First thing you'll need is a software to Run the website which is WordPress and It's absolutely free so no cost there on Top of that you'll need hosting a domain Name a theme to have a design on your Website and also some essential plugins Let's break down the cost of each of These components to estimate what does It cost to build a simple website and Operate it for an entire year as I Already mentioned WordPress the software Required to run your website is Completely free so there are no costs There then comes the hosting which can Typically cost between $7 to $15 a month Then comes the domain name which costs Around $15 a month for a typical domain Name next comes the themes and plugins And thankfully WordPress has a large Repository of plugins and themes that You can utilize for free there are Literally thousands of themes available Which you can pick from and install on Your website with no cost Associated Last I check there are 59,000 plugins Available in the WordPress depository Obviously this a huge number so here are Top recommendations of the plugins you Should have on a typical WordPress Website you should install WP forms for Adding contact forms on your website Monster insights to get analytics about What users are consuming data what users

Are doing on your website seat brought For Designing beautiful looking landing Pages and pages in general WP code for Adding code snippets on your website and Duplicator for backing up your website Obviously the choice of plugins you want To add on your website will depend on The kind of functionality you want to Have on your website but this is a Typical list for details about different Kinds of plugins you can and you should Have on your website I recommend Watching this video which are Link in The description of this video and also As an end card so watch it for the end So to conclude a simple WordPress Website can cost anywhere between $100 And $200 per year to build and operate But if you want to save some extra money On top you can sign up with blue host Which is our recommended partner for Hosting they'll give you hosting for up To 60% off on the regular pricing and Also you'll get one year domain name for Absolutely free so save some money go in The link in the description and figure Out this deal so now that you know what It costs to build a simple WordPress Website let's also talk about what it Takes to build a little more complex Website with a little more features Essentially only two things will change The first can be the hosting if you want To build a more complex website it might

Require a little more resources for that We recommend you up for sideg ground Again we have a partnership deal with Sideg ground and they'll give you 60% Off for the first year so go to the link In description if you want to build a Little more complex website if you're Not planning on adding a lot of Functionality to your website then new Host might be just fine it's your call The second thing you might need to take A look at and also update is the list of Plugins that you install and also Upgrading to some premium versions of Existing plugins as I mentioned you Might be using plugins like wpforms all Inone SEO monster insights duplicator And depending on the complexity of your Platform depending on what you're trying To build you might decide to upgrade to Premium versions of these platforms so Depending on the complexity depending on The features you plan to add on your Website a complex website for WordPress Can cost anywhere between $200 to $50 a Year to up to $11,000 a year depending On these plugins and what choices you Make by adding these plugins on your Website similarly the cost of building And operating a small business websites Are quite similar somewhere between $300 A year to up to $1,000 a year the only Difference between a Business website And a simple website is the choice of

Plugins you'll have a Business website Might require different features unique Features or sometimes even more features So the only extra cost you'll accumulate Over the regular cost that I already Mentioned are just some premium features Or premium plugins that you need to Purchase so again the pricing budget Will fall somewhere between $300 to $11,000 for a small Business website as Well so now that you know what it costs To build a simple website a complex Website and even a small Business Website let's talk about what does it Cost to build an e-commerce website well Theoretically an e-commerce website is Very much like a simple website or a Complex website with a little more Features on top so that's the only cost You'll have apart from some business Compliance needs that you'll need for Example you'll need an SSL certificate You'll need a payment processor and you Need additional functionality on your Website to process payments to Understand customer list also provide Some automations send invoices and all The regular e-commerce things and most Of these things will be achieved by Either installing specific plugins or Upgrading to premium versions of the Plugins that we've already discussed you Don't need to start paying lots of money For hosting the essential hosting that

I've mentioned from sround or Bluehost Will Survive so don't need to have Additional cost just for hosting to give You an educated guest and an e-commerce Website can cost anywhere from $11,000 To $3,000 per year to operate and run Depending on the plugins and other Functionality you want to have on your E-commerce website so now that you know The relative cost of building all these Different websites let's also talk about The last thing here which is what does It cost to build a custom WordPress Website there's a little twist so make Sure to watch the entire section when we Talk about custom websites we usually Think about large Enterprises Established businesses because they have Specific requirements which cannot be Fulfilled by off-the-shelf plugins and They might have security requirements or They have very specific design Requirements that they might need so in That case they'll go for managed hosting Which can cost hundreds of dollars a Month and also hire developers to build This design and also the functionality On the site now since we cannot Define What's the design requirements and What's the functionality requirements it Can cost anywhere between $5,000 to up To $50,000 to build a custom website but There's a silver lining if your Definition of custom website is just a

Custom theme depending on your brand Depending on your style or something you Already had in mind that can be achieved For less than 90% of the cost that I Just mentioned because if you just want To customize the design elements of WordPress then there's a fantastic Plug-in called seed prod that you can Install on your website it's a fantastic Drag and drop Builder and what it allows You to do is design the custom website Or perfect website based on exactly how You want to do it without even touching A line of code even if you're not a Designer yourself you can hire someone At a fraction of the price that I just Mentioned to design the dream website That youve always wanted so it doesn't Cost $50,000 or more to build a custom Website if you just want a custom design On your website if you're a large Business or Enterprise yes it can cost That much money so that's the end of the Video if you want to learn how to build A website watch this video right here And if you want the list of essential Plugins that you should have on your Website you can watch this video right Here don't forget you can go to link in The description and sign up for blue Host or side ground and start building Your website today this is Yash from W Beginner and I'll catch you in the next Video

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