How do SEO competitor analysis for FREE!

Do you want to know how to do an SEO competitor analysis the easy way?

Yes, you read it right! There’s an easy way to do this without needing to pay for expensive software to analyze your competition.

In this video, you’ll learn how to analyze your competitors’ SEO with just a simple click. But first, let’s explain what SEO competitor analysis really means and how to first identify your competitors.

0:00 What you’ll learn today
0:33 What keywords does your competition rank for?
1:11 The Google Keyword Planner
4:06 What kind of traffic is your competition generating?
4:30 Using Semrush
7:22 Optimization
8:32 Using AIOSEO for your research

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One of the easiest ways to gain traffic To your website is by figuring out What's already working for your Competition that means doing competitive Research now only three things you need To find out about your competition to Understand how are they getting the Traffic the first thing you need to find Out is what keywords are the ranking for The second thing you need to find out is How much traffic are they getting and The third thing you need to figure out Is how are they optimizing their Individual pages to rank higher in these Search results and I'm going to show you Exactly how to do this exact things or How to find out these all these steps About your competition in this video so Keep watching all right let's do step Number one first which is figuring out What keywords is your competition Ranking for and we'll do that with this Google ads now you're wondering uh hey Why Google ads how does it work don't Worry about it I'll explain how we use Google ads interface so one of the tools Inside Google ads to do our work now you Reach this page by using the link in the Description which is and If you have Google account you can Quickly sign in I'm already signed in And this is what my account looks like Don't worry what is all this you might Not see any of this if you don't or

Don't run any Google ads so all you have To do is just go to tools and settings Right here click on this and you'll see A bunch of options what you have to do Is find the Google Keyword Planner which Is right here go to Google Keyword Planner and this is the interface you Will see let me let it load up for a Second and it'll figure out all right so This is the interface you'll see and You'll have two options here get search Volume and forecast and discover new Keywords you have to choose the discover New keywords section and once this open Up you will start with a website this is The important step if you go here you'll See this option enter a website or page To find keywords that match your site This is where we'll find out what Keywords Google Associates and Especially what keywords does a Particular website rank for in the Google search does and how Google is Associating a set of keywords with a Particular page and a URL for example I'll just type in WP forms here so I'll Just type in the URL And you have two options here use the Entire site or use only this page in the Beginning I'd recommend that you use the Second option so you can figure out how Or what keywords a particular page is Ranking for and instead of if you use The entire website you might get a lot

Of jumbled up keywords and it might be Difficult to figure out what specific Pages have what specific keywords so by Using this option I'll click get results And I'll see a bunch of keywords that Google actually Associates with the home Page of this website or WP forms you'll See WP forms WordPress forms I'll just Expand this column WordPress forms WP Form gravity form so many different Keywords I'm finding out that all these Keywords and their monthly searches as Well and this is a great way to figure Out what kind of keywords I can go after If I have a competing website and what I Can also do to find even more keywords Is find out exactly specific pages that Are created for highlighting certain Features so I'll pause the video for a Second I'll find out a couple of URLs on The site and I'll explain this strategy Once again so I just went to WP forms And figured out a blog post that I've Recently so let me use only this page And I'll use this URL and you can see The URL here chat GPD plugins for WordPress that's a blog post on the site So even if let's say a website is just Writing content and you want to compete With them on specific set of keywords For a particular post you can use this Strategy click get results and figure Out what specific keywords that page is Ranking for or what keywords is Google

Associating with that page as well and Also finding a search volume for those Certain set of keywords so WordPress Create website WordPress website and see Bunch of keywords that Google is Actually ranking this page and also Associating with this set of pages or I'd say this particular page and this Gives you a lot of insight about what Other keywords users might be searching For in your Niche what keywords is this Page ranking for I'll give you insights About customer research and you'll Understand more what kind of keywords Will users search for when they search Or associate with the entire website so This is Step number one make note of This you can download or say export this Keyword list easily using the interface Right here If you select this you'll have an option If you have your copy export links you Can get a Google spreadsheet and collect All this and organize all this data There so this is Step number one now You've figured out what keywords to go After when you're writing content or Even creating your website So let's work on step number two which Is figuring out how much traffic is the Competing website actually generating There are several tools on the market Which can help you identify and analyze This data but my recommendation goes to

This tool which is ACM Rush it's a Fantastic tool if you haven't tried it There's a link down in the description Where you can use to sign up for a free Account and do some of the things that I'm going to show you now there are Several things inside sem Rush that you Can use you can see there's so many Different tools but I don't want to get Overwhelmed and let's start with a Simple I'd say competitive research Which is right here inside competitive Research you have a domain overview Traffic analytics organic research Keyword Gap and backlink app I'm going To start with the domain overview which Is something like this it's the same Page I had opened up and what I'm going To do is just add the specific website Or WP forms that I just showed you Before so I'll list this entire URL I'll Just trim it down to the main URL right Here and go go for a worldwide search so I want to identify where uh the traffic Is coming from throughout the world not Just non-justice specific country so I'll click the search button and sem Rich will go to work it'll give you all The data I need to understand what kind Of traffic they're generating where the Traffic is coming from what are the most Important Pages what are the most Important keywords on the website so Just to give you an idea of what is

Going on here we have an authority score Of 53 which is an Intel metric by sem Rush organic search traffic so 100 Almost 100 000 visitors per month coming Page traffic search number of backlinks Organic and paid distribution by country One year traffic six month traffic One-year traffic and one month traffic Sorry two years all-time traffic you can Have surf features what kind of Rich Results is this website ranking for Organic keywords organic research all This here so much data you can look for You can also go into specifically Traffic analytics organic research Keyword Gap and backlink GAP and if you Have your own website already live you Can plug in your website as well and sem Rush will detect or compare how your Website is in terms of content compared To your competing website let me show You also how traffic analytics looks Like and there's a lot of data you can Work here so again you see number of Visits number of unique visitors what Pages average visit duration all those Things that you will find or I say Important understand what pages are the Most important on this website you will See all of this here you'll see an Overview an audience overview traffic Journey top pages subfolders there's a Lot of data again you can spend a lot of Time dissecting data but I'll figure the

Most important thing that I'd recommend You figure out is what keywords are the Ranking for which was step number one Also what how much traffic are they Getting and how much money are they Spending on specific kind of keywords Man because that are the keywords that Are making the most money probably for Them so maybe that is something you need To figure out if you can outrank them Organically uh or let's say you can rank Organically for those set of keywords Again there's a lot of data you can work With but the first important step to Figure out what's the basic strategy That you need to implement based on all This data all right so without going Into a lot more detail this is all sem Rush can provide you let's also talk About the third step which is again more Important or I'd say it's also very Important how are individual Pages Optimize on those websites all right Let's talk about that method now so Let's talk about the third step now Which is figuring out how the individual Pages on the website are optimized from A Content standpoint and the easiest way For you to do this would be just go on The website right now I am on and I can make note of all The different optimizations that have Been done on the website so I can go Here and look at the title of the page

So the title of the page is W performs The world's best Drag and Drop WordPress Forms plugin I can make note of that I Can see all the links that they've done Or the headline is like and I can go Into the code as well so if I just press This button I can go to the metadata and Figure out what kind of metadata is Being added what's the meta description Like all those different things that Optimize or is utilized for optimizing The page I can actually figure out now This can be done again this is not Something that's impossible to do but It's not practical to do for a lot of Different pages and it's a lot of manual Work and if you're a beginner you Probably are overwhelmed by looking at This you don't understand anything so I'll give you another alternate way of Figuring out or I'd say generating a Sophisticated report about individual Pages and that everything about Pages Can be done on your website correctly or On your website directly so right now I'm inside my WordPress website and this Is a plugin that already installed I Would recommend that you install this Plugin on your site as well and this Product plugin provides tons of Functionality in terms of SEO but also Competitive research the plug is called All in One SEO you can search for AIO SEO inside the plugin section and this

Is the plugin I already have it active On my website and you can test out this Plugin as well on your site once this is Done there's several tools inside this Plugin so you see the dashboard the General settings search appearance you Can optimize your entire website's SEO Or completely let's say create a SEO Strategy using this plugin but what I'm Interested in specifically for this Video is the SEO analysis feature and What this feature lets you do is figure Out if your pages are correctly Optimized on your entire website is Correctly optimized on meta terms or I Say everything that needs to be Optimized but you can also do it for Competing websites so right now you see Here you see SEO order checklist this is Just showing my web website on how it's Optimized but if I go to analyze Computer's website I can do this as well You see I already tried it out I'll just Delete it and do it once again I'll just Click here paste the URL I'll just Delete this and search for just I'll click this button and This will generate a complete report of How this individual page has been Optimized there's a lot of data which is Very very important so I'll just dissect The data for you So the first thing you see here is an Overall score which is 88 for the

Website which is great you see an Overview of what are the important Issues what are recommended improvements And what are good results you also see a Mobile snapshot so you can understand How optimized this page is for mobile Phones you'll see a complete Recommendations and I say complete Analysis of the page so you see what the Search preview is going to look like how It's going to appear in the search Results very important basic SEO you see The length of the title you can also go Here and understand what's the title Like you can go to The Meta description It is set and how long it is you can go Here and figure out what the meta Description is what H1 tag which is also Important was added so this will give You an complete I'd say overview of all The data that has been optimized already On the page and also specifics of that Page so what you can do is also look at The data itself instead of all just Seeing that something has been added or Optimized so you see how many H2S what Images have been added and if images Have all tags you see here some Optimizations are remaining you'll see Images come up here as well and for Advanced SEO you also see this page is Using the canonical tag page does not Have any no index tag both the WWE and Non-wp versions are redirected so you

See understand what I say you can get Complete understanding of how this page Is optimized in terms of content in Terms of I said meta information and in Terms of the content you can just go to The page and figure out how much or what Kind of content they have written so This gives you a complete picture of how A specific page is optimized and you Could do this for individual Pages as Well not just for a home page but as I Explained before you can do this same Thing for a specific page and figure out What kind of optimization have been done On the place so using these three steps That I just explained you'll figure out The number of keywords that your Particular website ranks for you can Make a note of that and Export that and You can figure out how much traffic does A website uh get from Google search and From Paid channels and do a complete Analysis from what the links are coming From and all the other information and Using this tool all in SEO inside all Inacio you can also figure out how the Individual pages are optimized from a Metadata endpoint and you can just Generate this for every single page and This is completely free to use fantastic Right so using these three steps you'll Have a complete idea of what the Competition is doing to rank higher in Google search results and then you can

Replicate the same strategies for your Website as well I hope you found this Video helpful if you still have Questions about how to do more detailed Competitive research let me know in the Comments don't forget that all the tools I mentioned are linked down in the Description of this video you can go Check them out if you want more videos Like this or if you have any specific Ideas or videos we should make mention Those in the comments like this video Subscribe to this channel for more Education just like this and of course You're watching yuvraj from the wp Beginner team I'll catch you in the next Video take care

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