How Can You Get Quality Backlinks, & What Are They?

Backlinks are absolutely crucial tools for your website’s SEO. They can build trust with an audience but they also build trust with search engines, they can give you greater exposure, but at the same time a quality backlink is able to boost your SEO in the background.

So, backlinks are important, but what are they? We will dive into that today and put you in a position where you know exactly what a backlink is, how to get the good ones and maybe more importantly, how to avoid the bad ones.

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When was the last time you clicked to go To page two on Google it just doesn't Happen so you need to make sure that you Are search engine optimized you've got Good SEO now there's a whole Myriad of Ways that you can do this but one of the Absolute best and simplest is with Backlinks so let's talk about it in Simple terms what are backlinks how do You get them and how are they useful now If you find this useful then please get Subscribed to the channel we're doing This over a whole number of videos to Break down the terms that you may come Across on WordPress and give you a Better understanding of the platform That you're using so let's make Backlinks simple how do they work let's Imagine you are at a party there are Hundreds of other people there thousands Of other people there and you are Talking to one friend having a Conversation and this one friend you're Chatting to goes hey see that guy over There that guy Fred he's cool you're Like oh okay Fred's cool maybe I should Talk to him and that's kind of how Backlinks work you've just got a vote of Confidence in Fred and that is how Google or search engines also see that They see your friend a reputable Source Saying hey Fred's call so therefore They're more likely to promote Fred to Be like hey Fred's cool you want to be

Fred let's narrow it down a little bit Make it more specific to websites so Let's say You've Got a Friend Andrew This time picking names out of the air Andrew has a really popular website and I have written a really great blog Article Andrew with his super popular Website sees my blog article and goes Huh this is great I'm going to link it On my website so you've got thousands And thousands of people seeing Andrew's Website and they've seen my link so That's thousands and thousands of Referrals now obviously this is good for Me because it's driving traffic to my Website but it's also good for my SEO Because all of that builds the Confidence and builds the authority of My article of my website and this all Helps the SEO so that is the exact type Of backlink that we want a lovely shiny Backlink from a trusted Source it's a Little gold nugget and we want to Collect as many of them as we possibly Can however not all backlinks are Created equal and some could even Potentially do damage so what are the Different types of backlinks there are Two types of backlinks no follow and do Follow backlinks let's go back to our Party metaphor from earlier no follow Back links are like somebody across the Other side of the room trying to tell You that Fred is cool it's not going to

Get to you it again gets losted in the Noise it's like a little whisper doesn't Really make a lot of difference to you Then there's do follow back links that's Exactly what we were talking about Earlier it's those gold shiny nuggets It's you talking directly to a friend And it is a reputable Source Recommending your website and then we Have a third type of backlinks and these Are the ones we absolutely want to avoid They are toxic backlinks again in our Party these are kind of shady characters Either out in the corner or just trying To crash the party we don't want to let Them in we definitely don't want to be Associated with them and if we are what That can end up meaning is you being Potentially de-indexed from a search Engine which is an absolute disaster but At minimum they're going to do some Damage to your site's reputation these Are untrustworthy websites maybe Websites that have been flagged by other Users that are giving links to your Content this is a toxic backlink at the End I'm going to run through some Fantastic techniques on how you can get These really strong do follow Golden Nugget backlinks but first let's talk About how we're going to track your back Links potentially avoid those toxic ones And see what backlinks you are getting Top pick to help you uncover the secrets

Of these back links is semrush semrush Is going to allow you to run a backlink Audit check and what that means is that You're going to get the back links that You've got and semrush is going to allow You to purge those toxic back links it's Really powerful and it can be really Beneficial to you if you are looking to Climb your search rankings you can go Full mission impossible and disavow Backlinks before or Google penalizes you In any way for being associated with These Shady characters and finally how Are we going to be Fred how are we going To have every single person at the party Talking about you how are we going to Generate tons of Golden Nugget backlinks Well there's some really great Strategies and going put them all up on Screen and here we go the first one the Easiest one and the one you might have Already done is to add add back links or Add links to your social media Pages You've more than likely got social media Twitter X Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Put the link to your website on social Media you've immediately created a Backlink for yourself you want to Encourage people to actually use your Articles as backlinks now what kind of Articles are we going to be able to Create that might encourage that things Like howto articles why posts Infographics or posts with embedded

Videos they're all really great at Encouraging people to use them as back Links on their own sites so maybe look Into those and a good way to look into Those is to do a Google search see What's ranking and see what things you Can take and you can expand on and Improve this is all things they're going To help you get more backlinks one that I really like personally if you're in a Really close Community within your Niche Whatever you talk about or write about Write guest posts on other people's Websites on other people's blogs they People you already interact with you've Already got a relationship with maybe They can write a post for you as a guest Writer and you can do the same for them You've each generated a backlink and Helped each other out and in a similar Vein to that why not interview some of These people actually get them on on to Your website that way they're getting Exposure from your site but they're Obviously going to link back to maybe Their social media to their own page Things like that you're generating Backlinks all the time and building your Own Community with the people who do the Same thing as you can be really Rewarding and also just from a pure data And numbers point of view really helpful And the last one this one's very Powerful but it's going to take some

Time Sit down and write some ultimate guides I'm talking thousands of words get into Every single element of a particular Topic don't leave any stone unturned and Write a huge blog covering all of it This means that it's more likely that You're going to show up in search Results anyway Google loves this kind of Article for SEO but also you've got so Much information there that if people Are searching for information they can Backlink to this massive really Informative post it's a win-win all Around especially if you've got the time I would advise finding the time it's Very powerful if you want more Information or maybe that was too Focused on backlinks for you and you Want some broader SEO information then Check out our video on what is SEO and Why does it work right here that's all From me I've been James hope you've Enjoyed it have a good one I'll see you Soon

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