[HOTTEST TREND] How To Add An Amazon Prime Like Membership To WooCommerce Website

As an eCommerce business owner, you might be wondering how you can create a membership program that rivals Amazon Prime. After all, Amazon’s Prime membership program is incredibly popular and successful.

Luckily, with WooCommerce, it’s easier than you think to create a similar membership program for your own store! In this WooCommerce tutorial, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about creating a successful membership program using WooCommerce.

So if you’re ready to learn more about how to create an Amazon Prime-like membership program with WooCommerce, keep reading!

For this tutorial you will need a copy of SureMembers here https://www.wpcrafter.com/suremembers

Table Of Contents
00:00 – WooCommerce Amazon Prime
01:29 – Whats Needed
03:00 – Create Access Group
04:14 – Members Only Products
05:02 – Setup Membership Product
06:01 – Create Members Only Discounts
08:23 – Experience When Not a Member
09:16 – Buying Membership
10:21 – Experience When a Member
10:55 – You Can Do Much More
12:20 – Just So We Are Clear

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When it comes to your Ecommerce store You don't have to reinvent the wheel you Could just look at the titans of E-commerce and what they're doing and do Something very similar now when I think Of Amazon I always think of Amazon Prime Who isn't an Amazon Prime member as a Matter of fact there's over 200 million People paying annually to be an Amazon Prime member and what is the main perk For me it's getting faster shipping for Free that's exactly why I pay for Amazon Prime sure they give me some other Things but that's all that I'm really After and to me it's worth paying an Annual fee and if you look right here You can see what Amazon's making off of Amazon Prime in 2020 it came in at about 25 billion dollars only I'm sure it's Much more today but Amazon's not the Only business that has this sort of a Business model where there's a perk for Some membership fee here's another one That I'm a part of it's called Costco And they have an online store as well as Physical locations that you can go to And check this out they're made in 2021 3.9 billion dollars on their annual Membership fee but here's the kicker it Makes up 80 percent of its profit that Year so the benefit that Costco gives You is you're typically paying a lower Price for the items you're buying there Versus buying them someplace else so

There's a discount it's not the free Shipping like with Amazon it's an actual Discount if you have an e-commerce store And you don't have some form of a Membership like this you're leaving Money on the table but the good news is It's very easy to add to your Woocommerce store and in this video I'm Going to show you how to do it now You're going to need a product called Shore members sure members is a plug-in For every website where you have people Log in and it has some special features Available for woocommerce so you're Gonna need to pick up a copy of assure Members now I already have share members Installed on this website right here Along with woocommerce and there's some Products and all that kind of stuff now You can do a ton of things with sure Members you can style login Pages you Could protect content on your site you There's just you can have secure digital Downloads there's a ton of things you Could do but what we're going to do We're not going to do none of that in This video we're just going to use it For facilitating discounts such as a Percentage discount or pretty much Anything you can do with a coupon in Woocommerce we're going to be able to Protect and give out to members so let Me show you how this works so sure Members is installed I'll click on it

Right here and the way it works is Everything is done by access group so we Create an access group and then we Create the discounts for people in that Access group and then in woocommerce we Can create a product if someone buys it They get access automatically to the Access group it's very simple so let's Set this whole thing up I'll click on Add new and I'm not super creative today So for the name of this access group Let's just call it Prime Membership that Sounds good to me now here's where I can Protect content so if I wanted to Protect the product pages for only Members I could do that I can protect my Whole site there's like so many options Here it's so easy to choose what you Want Um you can protect downloads there's a Ton of things but we're not going to do That in this video but what we do need To do before we can save the access Group is we need to configure an Unauthorized access so if we were Protecting a product page this is where Someone lands if they don't have access To it it's super easy to set up so I'm Going to choose message right here let Me put a message in all right I've Configured this I put a little message It says this product is for members only Become a member today button will show That says join now and then it um when

They click that button they're going to Go to this URL and they'll also be a Login button there if they're a member And they want to log in but they're not Logged in but login will just be right There on that page actually let me show You what this looks like so let's go Ahead and add a product so I'm going to Protect the product so I need to choose A single page and I'm going to choose I Know I have this product for organic Honey so now let's save the access group So now you have to be a member to Purchase this organic honey and here's What that delicious honey page looks Like so let's go and see what this looks Like if someone's not logged in or not a Member so I just need to go into an Incognito window okay so I'll go ahead And paste in the URL and you can see This is what shows instead this product Is for members only become a member Today and then here's that login button It just inherits The Styling for your Website so this was one option in but That's not what we're doing in this Video let me save this access group what We're going to do is we're going to Create special discounts just for Members but how do people become members Well that's very simple we just need to Create a woocommerce product and Link it To the membership so when people buy That product they will be automatically

Added so let's go ahead and go to Products click on add new and let's just Give this the same name there we go Prime Membership I'll choose virtual Product let's just sell this thing for 49 bucks and here's where the magic Happens there's this option here that Says add access groups so this is where You basically link this up with the Access group we just created so I can Click right here and I can start typing In the name of the access group there it Is I'll select it and click on publish So now what happens is if someone Purchases this product they're Automatically going to be added to the This access group and now's where the Fun happens let's start creating some Discounts just for members so we need to Go to the coupons area of woocommerce so I'm going to go here to coupons And I don't have any created I'll click On add a coupon So essentially you can configure this Coupon any way you want if you want it To be a 10 discount you can do that if You just wanted to be for specific Products you can do that as well if you Wanted it to be for free shipping that's Very simple you just need to check this Box you have to make sure you have a Free shipping method set up That will make the free shipping work With this coupon you can configure this

However you want the magic happens right Here in this tab that says sure members So let's start configuring the coupon And then I'll show you how we link this So this coupon will only work for Members of the access group so let's Give the coupon a code I just named it Prime and let's give it a percentage Discount and let's make it 10 percent That's good to me I'm going to click on Sure members and it's the same as with The product who gets to use this coupon And we just want it to be members of That Prime Membership so if you're not a Member and you're not in this membership This coupon is not going to work if it Ends up on 50 million coupon sites it is Not going to work it's secured by this Membership now the coupon will be Automatically applied as well and you Can just change or customize those Notices so the discount label what this Is is when someone's looking at the Order summary this is what's going to Show there you can make this say Whatever you want so why don't I just Say instead of membership discount let's Just say Prime discount and with Woocommerce when a discount's applied it Usually shows a notice and so this is What would show in the notice so let's Go ahead and change this as well and Let's just make it say Prime discount Applied oops gotta have an exclamation

Mark because it's a big deal all right And then I'll click on publish so we Literally just created a secure discount Code that will only work if someone is Inside of the membership so check this Out I'm going to copy that coupon code Let's go shopping first you're going to See how it's not going to work for me if I go to the users on this site here's The user me I scroll down down I'm not a Member of any access groups so let's go Try the coupon and you'll see it's not Going to work and then we'll come and We'll add me as a member of that access Group right here and then you'll see the Coupon will work here's that fresh honey Again I'll go ahead and click on add to Cart you can see it's been added to the Cart let's view the card wonderful so What we want to do here is I'm going to Click on have a coupon because I found This coupon on some coupon site I'm Going to click right here I'm going to Paste it in and I'm gonna click on apply Thinking I'm getting 10 off but it says Invalid coupon code it's because I'm not A member let's go and fix that here's That product page I created obviously You'd want to make this pretty you can Use the free cart flows too if you Wanted to create a beautiful sales page Around it I'm just going to buy it this Way I'm going to click add to cart and Then let's go ahead and view the cart

And I'm gonna buy this right now so I'm Going to click on proceed to checkout And this is is cart flows the new Multi-step checkout so let me just go Ahead and buy this and continue to the Payment I'll do cash on delivery that's Okay I'm going to buy this now and this Is a one-click upsell let's end up here And I've purchased this membership and Here I am back on my user record I Clicked on refresh and you can see this Person me is in the Prime membership and You can see when 21 seconds ago and you Can see right here the integration was Woocommerce and I can remove myself if I Wanted to so now let's go ahead and Place an order again but now I'm a Member and let's take advantage of that Discount since I'm going to save let's Add a bunch of things to the cart I'm Going to buy some assorted coffee and Some cashew butter and some cookies Perfect and you can see here's my three Products I'm gonna go to view the cart And oh my gosh look at that Prime Discount account applied all Automatically for me and you can see Right here it says Prime discount Remember the order total the order Summary was going to show this And we have that right here and I just Saved myself eight dollars and fifty Cents who's not going to take you up on That offer now of course there's so much

More you can do with share members that I'm not showing in this video you can Customize the login form to match your Brand password reset the registration Form secure digital downloads there's a Bunch of things you can do with user Roles in WordPress for advanced users of Course you can protect content Um there's just so much you can do with This but this is a real easy way to tap Into the same stuff that Amazon's Following and Costco's following and It's not just them many online E-commerce stores are adding memberships With just something simple as a Membership discount or free shipping as A way to generate more revenue and also Get some loyalty right if I'm in Amazon Prime member if I'm going to buy Something I'm probably going to go to Amazon first mainly because I want it Into days but I'm going to go to Amazon First I almost feel this obligation Because I'm paying them for this annual Membership I almost feel an obligation To go to them and and take advantage of It as much as I can so there's lots of Reasons psychologically why it works so Anyways uh this is the easiest way to do This uh with sure members it's very Affordable plug-in that you can add to Your site you saw how easy it was to add To your site doesn't slow it down one Bit and it's very easy plug-in to work

With now if you didn't notice I'm Actually one of the co-creators of sure Members that's probably why it's such a Great plug-in but you can see right here So this is like my little disclosure That a lot of what is in share members Was my own ideas of what could go in Here to bring maximum benefit to users So anyways if you want to check out your Members you can visit wpcrafter.com Slash sure members go pick up a license Up there it's on sale right now I Believe for 30 percent off it's already Really cheap it's one of the least Expensive membership style plug-ins and It does so much more uh anyways give This video a thumbs up thanks for Watching and we'll see in the next one

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