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Hetzner Price Increase
I am a big fan of Hetzner for cheap but good quality and fast hosting.

They have a selection of very reasonably priced server.

As of 1st September 2022, the monthly price will increase by 10% due to the current energy cost situation.

If you sign up before September 1st you can lock in the current pricing until the end of 2022.

Sign up here https://swiy.co/hetzner and lock in the current pricing.

Look out for my future review.

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In this field i want to tell you about a Little price increase from one of my Current favorite vps providers called Hetzner That’s how you pronounce it Henson is a german mainly german based Provider but they provide really good Quality servers around the world And the prices are very good I actually switched some of my vulture Vps servers to Hedzler And some of my main sites are with Hetzner But the reason for this video i haven’t Done a review yet i’ll do a review Shortly But the reason for this video is that They’re going to increase their prices By about 10 percent And that is before the 1st of september 2022 So i thought i’d just make this quick Video and if you want to get the the Current prices and keep it for a few Months You can click on the link down below It’s an affiliate link so if you click It thank you Uh so let me quickly talk about this Price adjustment they’re calling it Now this is expected probably all the Providers will be doing this Um because it’s understandable because

The current situation what’s going on in The world and all these Energy prices and so on Um their increase is 10 percent Across the range And the price will be Will be introduced on the 1st of September as i said So if you buy anything before first of September you’ll stay it will be the Same price until the 31st of december so You get a little three months same price Obviously depending on what you buy it’s Not a massive massive Increase So they give you a small rundown of the Uh Of the pricing and stuff just an example So let me show you Um these server prices now i go for Let me see Uh since i’ve done a review i just Quickly run over the service so they’ve Got locations all around the world And it’s very good speeds i need to Update my little spreadsheet and put Their services in there But it’s similar to the volt high Frequency speeds And it’s uh Half the price maybe less Uh which to have this time here okay so Okay so germany finland and usa it’s not Completely around the world okay i

Stretched it a bit but I’ve got mine in germany Um i think i’ve tried the usa but i Wanted to keep these sites inside europe And okay so for the standard pr standard Servers Um i’ve got I believe i’ve got two of these ones Here so it’s two amd cpus Two gig of ram 40 gig of space 27x Traffic And you can choose from germany they’ve Got two centers folkstein and nuremberg They’ve got finland and they’ve got usa Ash where that i don’t know what that is And that’s the price and it’s four four Euros 79 a month plus the v80 so my size Is 2080 And i’ve actually had another one it was Four cpu eight gig So this was equivalent to one of the Vultures that i had And they get its amd eight gig of ram 160 gig space 22 bytes traffic and i had It in germany again in falconstein i Believe And so on they’ve got a lot of variety And prices are very good compared to Other service providers Even this top spec one here 16 Uh virtual cpus amd 32gb ram 360 gig Space You make that nice windows machine And also they’ve got add-ons like uh

Storage and so on and i don’t really get Into all that But if you want to do like uh if you Want them to do backups for you you can Buy a storage volume and just do backups On there Or you can do other things with it Seo things but anyway that’s another Video I’ve done the location on prices Now i i me i mainly just go for the Standard vps i don’t do dedicated i Don’t know anything else let me see Dedicated cpu priced quickly The dedicated cpu cheapest is two intel Cpus eight gig 80 gig space 23 euros not bad The amd’s same price before It’s not it’s not too expensive compared To other providers And it’s actually a very good service Now one annoying thing you have to make Sure I had an issue with my payment i think i Didn’t set it to auto take my paypal i Think And then i think i think i thought it Would auto Take the payment did us so they they Suspended the service straight away on On the day after the payment was due That’s one percent my fault but their System is a bit confusing so now i made Sure to set up recurring paypal payments

And i have no problems But like i said i think i’ve got two Maybe three servers with them They’re very reliable 100 uptime very Fast Um i’ll do review shortly i’ll post a Video down below in the description Somewhere Um it just it takes time to set these up And do the reviews so i had something Around you doing it But yes if you want to look in your Price for at least a couple of months Save your money try the service for Yourself I 100 recommend head snap because They’re really good if not heads now i’d Go with vulture i’ll put both links down Below And i’ll link to my vulture video They’re both currently my favorite uh Very reliable and cheap vpn providers Okay and i’ll see you next time bye

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