Here is How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress for FREE

Do you want to create a custom landing page on your WordPress site?

If you are running a marketing or advertising campaign, then a landing page can help you achieve your goals and get more conversions. And with WordPress, you can create a Landing Page for FREE!

In this video, we will show you how to easily create a landing page in WordPress.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Introducing SeedProd
2:30 Creating a landing page
2:58 Using a landing page template
3:58 Selecting and customizing your page
5:12 Customizing your CTA
7:26 Embedding a video
9:20 The Layout Navigator
13:26 Using stock images
15:30 Global fonts and colors
18:20 Integrations

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to create a beautiful and high Converting landing page inside WordPress Now landing pages are great when you're Trying to get your users to perform a Specific action for example signing up To your email list uh getting them to Purchase an ebook or a lead Magnet or Getting their sign up for a specific Workshop a webinar a coaching call or Anything like that and all of that can Be done right inside WordPress now Traditionally creating landing pages has Always been difficult complicated and You need some coding skills or design Skills but in today's video I'm going to Show you how to exactly create beautiful High converting landing pages without Having any of those skills we're going To be using a beautiful fantastic Product which is a page builder plugin For WordPress which is called seed Rod You see it right here I'm going to use This product to create some amazing Landing pages on your website directly Now this is a premium or a freemium Product that means there is a free Version of the product and the landing Pages capability that you want to build Is everything available in the free Version if you want just build landing Pages you can go to the WordPress Repository this is the plugin I'm going To show you how to install all that but

There's a premium version which gives You even more functionality so if you Think apart from landing pages you'll Use any of these functionalities you can Go to the website check out The features pricing and then use the Pro version I'm going to be using the Pro version so I can demonstrate some of The other capabilities this plugin has Apart from the landing page capabilities And once you let's say decide to make a Purchase it'll automatically be creating An account while making a payment and Then you'll go into your account or Download section inside your account and Then download the latest version of the Plugin which will be a zip file and also Copy your license key both of which will Be required to activate the pro version But if you're just using the free Version you don't need to do any of that I already have the plugin file Downloaded so let's say I'm inside my Website already if you're using the free Version you can go into plugins go into Add new and inside the add new search Options right here you can search for Seed plot and then the once the seed Plot plugin don't just make sure it Looks like this once it appears you can Install the plugin and activate it and The rest of the video will be similar to You or similar for you you can just Follow along and if you just have

Purchased the pro version like me you Can just upload the zip file that you Just downloaded from the website so I Click upload plugin and I already have The zip file here so I'll just drag and Drop it here and click install now And the plugin is now installed let's Also activate it and since I already Have the license key for the pro version I'll just enter my license key and it'll Be activated let's verify the key as Well and now the pro version is Activated now you'll see the seed plot Menu appear here and there's tons of Functionality inside the plugin as I Said you have the theme Builder Capabilities we have subscribers pop-ups And a lot of different options but in This particular video I'm just going to Focus on the landing page functionality And everything is available in the free Version as I already said so I'll click The landing pages section here and you Can create uh coming soon Pages you can Create maintenance mode Pages login Pages and 404 Pages as well but I'm just Trying to create a standalone landing Page so this particular case what I'm Going to do is scroll down and click This add new landing page button here And this will give me a option to import An existing pre-designed landing page Now sheet plot comes with a bunch of Landing pages already designed to you

Which you can filter you can search for In favorite all that good stuff now There are some filters already present Here so let's say if I'm trying to get a Sales page going so I'll just click on Sales and only the sales pages will show Up now some of these might not be Available in the free version but you Will get a preview of the page itself For example if I'm trying to sell a Webinar I can click the webinar and then I'll have all these options here to Understand hey this is how I can promote My webinar same thing for the lead base Quiz page and if you're trying to create A thank you page as well that is also Available so just looking at all these Landing pages if I if you want to just Check out some details of the page what You can do is just click the magnifying Icon here and this will open up a full Screen preview of how the page is going To look like so let's say I'm looking at This It does look interesting but let's say I Want a more longer more detail page so I Can go to some other page let's say I Just choose this one I'll click the Magnifying icon once again and this will Give me a preview of how the page looks Like and let's say I want to choose this Specific template I'm going to choose This template it'll give me option of Naming the page so I'm going to name the

Page webinar Because that's what I'm trying to do Here and I'll click save and start Adding the page now this will open up The interface where you'll be able to Edit the page completely now the Interface is very simple but let me just Explain some of the things here this is Where the live preview of the page is And this is where all the elements that You can add to the page now if you have No experience with page Builders page Builders think of them as working Lively Legos you can take individual blocks Widgets elements just place them on the Page anywhere and then customize them Just to give you an example without Actually adding some elements let me Just push this to the side by clicking This Arrow here this is what your page Looks like everything that you see Everything you can hover on is editable When you see a border here for example I If I want to change the headline all I Have to do is click here and since I Have this uh stuck to the side let me Open this up once again so once I click And element the properties of that Element will open up right here now if I Want to go back to the widget area or The block section I'll just click here It'll take me back to the blocks but Let's say if I want to change the uh This headline Jonas for upcoming 1R free

Amazon business training so instead of Making this headline this big I'll just Make it shorter I'll click here and Inside the text option here I'll just Type in Join us for our upcoming webinar Simple now this is not a great headline But I'm just giving an example of what You can do simply by just clicking and Changing things similarly if I want to Change the headline here I could click It and just change it here I can do this And change here if I want to change the Text on the button similarly I just Click on the button and I'll say Register now limited seat so I'll just Change this to So this is how you change the text Anywhere on the screen just click on the Element and then you just change it if You want to also change the typography You also have actually complete control Over that so let's say I want to change The typography of the text on the button I can go to the advanced section and Usually the first option is typography So right now you see there's tons of Options open but if I want to just Change the font size and the font use Which is typography I'll click the edit Button here and open up what font is Being used on the button I can click Here and choose any of these fonts so Many different fonts to choose from so

Let's say I choose the Forum font Instantly you see this is a font Actually replaced in real time this Doesn't look great on the button so I'm Going to find something else let's say This one this also does not look good so I'll just choose a different font let's Say this one let's say this one looks Good but I I want to make the font a Little bigger so I can just go here and Make the font a little bigger and now I Can also make it bold I can also make it Underline and I can also left line it or Right line it of course the center Alignment looks best on a button and now The button has a different look let me Just disable the underline here and this Is how easy everything is when you're Editing with seed plot just click on a Specific element you'll have all the Properties here this is where you'll Change what appears or the text and this Is where you go and change the Styles And this goes for images and all the Other elements as well for example you See this this is actually an image so I Click on this image the properties for The image will open up right now this Image which says hey watch video Actually links out to another YouTube Link so this is right here so let's say I don't want to have this as a image Which links out to your YouTube video I Want to actually embed a video here so

What I can do is just delete this Element it's also easy just hover over The element and just go here and click The delete block button and you can Delete this entirely now this is the Empty space which I want to fill with a Video so I'll go here I'll search for video and this will give Me a video block that can add to the Page and adding blocks to our videos to A page is actually very easy just drag And drop it so I'll just click and hold My mouse I'll drag it to this section And let me just okay yeah got it so you Have to pick the right position where You want to add the block otherwise you Might be by mistake adding the block to Some other element or some other Position on the page so once I've let go Now I have this demo video already added Here so once again I want to change what Video is embedded I'll click here and This will give me all the details of What kind of video I can embed so then Since this is a YouTube video you can Also choose a custom video let's say if You have a custom video player but let's Say your video that you're trying to Embed is on YouTube you can choose a YouTube option and then you can change The width alignment all the other Options and you can also change the url Of the video which will be embedded so You have a video URL go to YouTube copy

It and paste it and that will be the Video that will be embedded here so this Is how easy it is to make these changes Apart from this let's say you're making Changes adding elements you make a Mistake there's undo and redo options so You can make last change for example if I click here you'll see the video Actually goes away I'll click redo the Video will actually come back so if you Make any mistakes that's completely all Right you can always go back and make Those changes you also have a revision History so anytime changes are saved you Can go here and see all this revisions That happen for example if I click save Here you'll see probably a revision show Up very soon apart from that if you have Understanding or you have trouble Understanding the structure of the page How the page is structured you also have A beautiful layout Navigator here so you See this button if you click on this Button this is what will open up let me Go back here And I'll just click that and go here so This is the layout Navigator what this Shows is how the page is actually Structured in a hierarchical way so page Is actually made up of multiple sections I'll just collapse them so that you can Understand how the page structured this Page is entirely made of five sections And if you hover over the section here

You'll see that section being Highlighted on the page itself with a Purple outline that's how you know it's A section so this is the first section If I click on this section you'll see This section section section section and Within These sections we have variety of Or various elements that are added so if I click and open just this section You'll see it's actually a row which Contains columns and a headline and then Again there's a row which contains Columns and a divider and then zero and Then columns so you see every single Element that's been added on the page And if you want to change things around You want to move things around there are Actually two ways to do so it's very Simple so let's say for example I'm here And let's say I want to change couple of These order of these images or let's say I want to change this headline and I Want to make this headline go below the Testimonials so how do I do it so I can Click here and just once I hover over The element there's you see this move Icon so you can drag or click and hold This and you can drag this just anywhere You like on the page so if I want to Make uh this hour go to this inside this Section I can just click it here if I Want to make it uh come back to the Previous section that I've had I can Just click and drag it around and now it

Will be added here if I want to add more Sections then you can just click the Button here And if you want to have multiple columns You can choose the columns that you want To have let's say I want to start with a Single column and now you have a single Column here and you can start adding Blocks right here from here or you can Move existing blocks for example if I Want to just take this block move it Around and take it just below oops let Me just pause this and let me undo I Think I made I made a mistake here let Me just drag that once again so apart From this let's say I want to move stuff From I can also keep adding more Elements for example I have tons of Different blocks that I can use to Create this landing page there are Variety of categories of blocks here now Some of them might not be available in The free version but you can have most Of the most important blocks in the free Version as well you have all these Categories of blocks that you can add to The page you have the standard blocks Which is the headline text list button Image video divider space and columns so You have already seen buttons images Video which I already demonstrated and You also have the advanced blocks you Have payment buttons you have giveaway You have alerts you have contact forms

So you can add tons of different things On the page to make it more or say Improve your conversion rate one of the Most key elements that I see on most of The landing pages is a countdown timer So let's add this countdown timer here On the page I'll just drag it here and Now you have a beautiful countdown timer Also added now if you're trying to Create a specific kind of element I'm Just going to give you a demonstration Of let's say there's a something you Want to add with a progress bar so just Drag and drop the progress bar anyway And now you have progress bar click on It you can make changes right here You'll see everything happen in real Time you can also make changes to the Color and everything that's how easy Seed plot makes it for adding elements Also customizing them and as you see There's so many different elements to Choose from you can add testimonials you Can have pricing Tables star ratings let Me show you one of the key elements of Landing page like testimonials how to Add them simply I'm going to just search For the blog Testimonials and you see testimonials Right here I'm going to drag it and add It to the page here and now this is a Testimonial block block already added Instantly let's customize it and add Some real testimonials here I'm going to

Click on it and I want to add three Testimons in total let's say for example I'll click on it and I'll just make sure It's collapsed and I'll just click click One more and you see automatically as I Add testimonials they are being added in A carousel where users can actually Quickly use them or view them so let's Say the first testimon is by John Smith And let's say the second one is by Jane Smith so I'm going to just change it and How to add the details to a testimonial So I can just go here and let's say the First testimonial is this is the Greatest thing since like sliced red Let's say that's the testimonial we have But you can always change this text Let's also add an image here so if I Want to add an image I can use or upload An image if I have or most definitely You will have the image of the person Who's giving a testimony but just for This example I'm going to use a stock Image so I'm going to go here and I'm Going to say I type man And I'm gonna search for a man or images Of a man and this is one of the Interesting features inside seed plot This is a pro feature where you can just Search all the free stock websites right Here inside save plot you don't have to Go to the websites and download those Images so let's say this is the image I Want to pick I'll just click here and

Now this is a testimony automatically Created let's say John Smith CEO is the One I'm going for and if I want to Change the second testimony I'm going to Click on it and I'm going to change my Name to Jane Smith and let's say I say CMO And testimonial can be something else Decimal two let's keep the text uh the Same I'm gonna click use document I'm Gonna search for woman and I'm gonna Make the search And once I have a beautiful uh image That I think I can use for example let's Use this image And I have this testimonial and I can Just scroll through and see these images Right here in action that's how easy it Is to add testimonials and of course all The different blocks that you have can Be used in a similar manner just drag And drop make some changes and you have Everything that you need I'm gonna Delete some of these elements so that I Don't clutter the page but again you can Have all these different things added to Page you can also add forms right here You can have call to action buttons Which you already have and if you want To change let's say if you want to click This and take them to a registration Page or let's say a payment page just Click on the button and you will have All the details so you can add a link

Here let's say you have payment provider You can add a link here if you have a Disparate form page let's say example Google form just add the link here so Everything you want to do just click and Change the elements that's how easy Everything is inside this landing page Builder sheet plot I'm going to click And close the navigator and there's some Additional I'd say more advanced Functionalities inside seed plot as well Which I want to highlight so that you Should know that okay these features Actually exist one of the things is Actually Global fonts and colors so Let's say you have multiple landing Pages on your site and you don't want to Design them from scratch you have a Usual visual identity for your brand Created already so what you can do is go To the fonts section in the global Settings just remember I'm inside the Global settings and you can Define the Global fonts that you have so anytime You create a new landing page those Fonts will be the fonts that will be Used on the page so you won't have to Change the fonts over time or every Every page that you create same thing Goes for colors as well if you have a Palette of colors defined just Define The colors here anytime you create Elements anytime you create new pages Those colors will be changed

Automatically or those colors will be Used automatically and if you make any Changes to the global colors everything Will be changed on every single page Automatically so let's say you see here I have the colors for the buttons Defined as yellow so let's say if I Create 10 different landing pages Because I have 10 different offers Running and all those pages will have a Yellow colored button so let's say I Decide to change the color of my buttons To something else now all I have to do Is click here and make the change right Here and you see instantly it changes And every color or every button that is Being used or every button on any Landing page will automatically have This change now it does not mean that my Buttons have to be a certain color if I Click on the button I can actually go And change individual colors for the Buttons as well so you still retain Control over individual elements but you Can also use Global colors Global fonts To make your design process a lot easier Going back to the global colors and Fonts you also have other options here You have the background options so What's the background color like and Also custom CSS if you have certain Skills with CSS or you have certain CSS Code that you want to add to the page You can also use this so all those

Functionality already exists just to Give you a couple of additional details On how to change background colors and Images so for example this section is Entirely uh using a red background if You want to change the background of This specific section click on the Section and you'll see the background Color right here so I'll click here and Just change this to something else let's Say instead of changing The Saturation I'll change the U here so Let's say I choose this purple color I'll click close And now instantly I Have a brand new design created so this Is how anything on the page can be Customized I change the background Colors I change the text I change the Typography I change the image I deleted An element added a new element with Video I can move things around I can Change clicks and change button colors Everything also Global options I added Testimonials everything on the page is Completely customizable and that goes For every single landing page apart from This there are additional Advanced Options I want to show you if you want To use them so if you go back here let's Say here and you have these options so All these options are already clear to You that you can add blocks and also the Global options but what about actually

Collecting those emails there's a Connect option which you see right here When you see this option you click on This now this is a pro feature so in the Free version you might not be able to Use it but let's say you are collecting Emails and you want to connect your Email service provider you have this Predefined Integrations which you can Use so let's say you're using Activecampaign all you have to do is Click connect and you'll have option to Connect your account with the webhook or API key and instantly as you collect Emails with any form on your website It'll be automatically sent to Activecampaign or any of the email Providers that you have and you see There's so many different email Providers that seat projects plus you Have activecampaign aweber campaign Monitor convertkit drip and you also Have Integrations for zapier so you can Connect it to virtually any service you Like you also have connections or Features for activecampaign or not Active campaign Google analytics and Also recapture so that you can prevent Spam on your website apart from this you Also have some page settings so you can Watch JSA and zoom settings for your Pages so the title of the page you can Change it right here the URL of the page I already said this you can customize

This and once you want to publish the Page you can actually make it uh live Here or there's also option here I'm Going to demonstrate how to do that and You also have additional SEO options now Many times you might not want to Have the Page indexed by Google but in Some cases you want so in that case you Can go to the SEO settings and you'll Need to connect or install the All-in-one SEO plugin because it Connects with seed plot and this way You'll be able to make any changes to The SEO of this particular page so You'll be able to Define meta tags let's Say you don't want these Pages indexed You want to make sure the pages are Non-index that's all possible you want To change the meta title meta Description of the page all that will be Possible here now since I'm not Installed not installed on SEO so I Can't demonstrate that to you but it is Entirely possible with seed plots and All inertia's perfect integration you Also see analytics here for that you'll Need to have monster insights I'm not Saying this will not go into Google Analytics but if you want to see Analytics and configure specific options Here you need to install monster Insights both of them are free or have Free versions so feel free to install Those plugins as well and also you have

Complete option for adding scripts so Let's say you're running ads to a Landing page and you want to have a Conversion tags Google pixel or any kind Of additional pixel code then you have That complete option here you can add That scripts to a header inside the body And also the footer so landing page can Have all the tracking data that it needs For it to be very very effective going Back to the design options uh I Demonstrated all the options here and Always if you don't like it you can go Back import a different landing page or Just use some of the other things and One last feature I want to highlight is That let's say you're designing an Entirely new section and let's say You're not a designer or you're a Designer like me who has no skill how do You find inspiration to create new Elements or new sections well that's Where the sections elements come your Sections section comes into play so Since I have added all these elements Let me just delete those elements and I'm going to show you how you can use The sections to uh jump start the Process of adding new sections to your Landing page so I'll delete all these Elements I'll go to sections and what Sections is predefined sections for your Website and you can use this for Inspiration or use them as placeholders

Or as wireframe and just import them and You can instantly just change stuff Around so you see all these sections Here you have hero section design you Have FAQ sections design you have a Heading section design you have a Landing page section design and you can Just filter through them all right here So let's say if I go to testimonials I'll just find all these different Elements for testimonials and I'll just Choose this one I'll just click the Magnify and I can and look at this Beautiful looking testimonial section That I have added or is already defined With seed plot I'll just click choose This section I'll be added to the page And of course I can customize this Change the image I can change the text Here change the call to action change The button and everything and now I Don't have to design everything from Scratch there's some things I can import And make changes to my page so just for The example I'm going to delete this one Because my page is actually complete but Let's say I want to add last call to Action here I can just go to button And just take the button element here And drag it to the bottom of the page And this is a call to action and I say Hey Register now And do take note that I change the

Button Global color so instantly as I Added new button is using the new Global Colors and I can add the subtext and I Can just add the link here I can add the Size here let's say I make it 2x so now My page is ready so once you're happy With the design once you make any all Sorts of changes to your landing page And you you know for sure that's a great Looking page you can also preview it or You just save it and make it live if you Want to preview it you can click the Preview button which will save it and Also open the landing page in a new tab And you can see it right here looks Great there's a lot of call to actions Which is very very important and also Going back I can just go here and I say Publish and once I publish I can see the Live page or closed the page as well so I'll just open the live page or click The live page and this will this is the Live page in Action a couple of Additional things that you can do let's Go back or I'll just go here yes so this Is the landing page that we were Designing and this is the final landing Page that we have created now couple of Tips for including or a couple of tips For improving conversion rates volume Landing page is add multiple call to Actions but have the same call to action What I mean is uh the call to action on This page is exists here also exists

Here and also exists here but it's the Same call to action that means all I can Do is register for the webinar here That's one of the great ways of Improving your conversion is because you Don't want your customers to be Distracted by giving them multiple ways To actually take action so I have input The same action in the call to action The second is getting rid of Unnecessary links and also unnecessary Distractions you notice on this landing Page I have no header I have no social Media icons I have no uh place where Users can click and actually go to some Other page on my site or any other External page except for the call to Action so the goal of a landing page is For users to perform a certain action And uh in an extreme example I say the Only thing users should be able to do on Your pages either go forward by clicking The call to action or just closing the Page and that's how you make sure that Users uh or your landing pages have high Conversion rates and few of the biggest Brands in the world also use this Strategy uh even Amazon on their Checkout Pages disables the link to Amazon's logo in the header so that Users cannot actually go back so this is A great tip to have that if you have any Irrelevant links for example I've seen So many landing pages with social media

Always plaster of them but that's not The point of the landing page that's a Point for some other page on your Website all right so I I've covered Every single feature in seat plot I hope You understand the value you why this is So important and of course once you've Done this once you've made this live you Can always go back close this and you Can get multiple landing pages you see This landing page right here you can Edit you can notice or see how many Subscribers you're getting your preview It duplicated and you can also always Create new ones by just going here and Repeating the process editing the Changes or edit the landing page using Or showing or using the features that I Just demonstrated all right that's it For this video I hope you understood Everything I hope you learned something New I hope you're creating or you start Creating beautiful and high converting Landing pages if you have any questions Use the comment box below to ask your Questions if you like this video like it And if you learn or want to learn more Things about WordPress then you can Subscribe to this channel you're Watching yuvraj from W beginner and I'll Catch you in the next one take care

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