Google Just Changed the Game (With AI Content)

Generating AI content for your blog or website sounds like a nice shortcut, but does it affect your search rankings? Watch this video to learn more about how recent changes to Google and how you can still use AI to help generate headlines, outlines, and content ideas.

0:00 Intro
1:02 What Google is Looking for With AI Content
1:43 AIOSEO OpenAI Integration
2:33 In Summary

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Google has made a subtle change to the Helpful content guidelines which Basically changes everything let me tell You about the differences first and then We can discuss what it means for your Website and generating content here's What the old guidelines said it said Google searches helpful content system Generates a signal used by our automated Ranking systems to better ensure people See original helpful content written by People for People in search results Notice the key here being written by People now here's what the new Guidelines say it says Google search's Helpful content system generates a Signal used by our automated ranking Systems to ensure people see original Helpful content created for people in These search results so Google has Basically removed the sentence where it Says original content written by people So kind of signaling where it's saying AI content is okay to use on your Website but that does not mean that you Can start using AI content completely on Your website that does not mean anything Like that so here's how you should Interpret these changes to Google's Helpful content guidelines Google is Saying that AI content is okay to use on Your website as long as it is original Content it is helpful content it is Technically correct content and also

Reviewed by experts so it's not saying That hey just go and find the most Generic content you can create with any AI tool and just paste it on your Website Google is kind of saying that It's okay to use some of the AI Generated modules of content or some of The content can be AI generated as long As fulfills all of these guidelines so It doesn't mean you have to completely Replace all your content with AI content But you can start using some modules or Some of the AI tools to supplement your Content strategy now here's how to put It in action at WB beginner we've been Integrating AI into our tools way before Google actually made this change one Example of it is all-in-one SEO we have An integration with open AI in all Unown SEO where you can generate AI generated Titles or AI optimized titles for your Blog post all you have to do is connect Allinone SEO with openai using the API Key and then Allin one SEO will connect With open a use their neural networks Use their language models and generate Helpful titles that you can use for the Most optimized performance on your blog Post we have a lot of other products Also integrated with AI for example we Have uncanny automator which can help You even create images right inside WordPress you can check out both of These products Linked In the description

If you want to check out the AI features And if you want us to create specific Videos around these AI features let me Know in the comments as well and of Course as time passes on we'll integrate More and more AI related features into The rest of the product line where it Makes sense if you have any specific Requests you can let us know in the Comments as well so the summary of all These changes is that AI is here to stay Google is making peace with AI content But it's still saying don't completely Replace your content strategy or your Content writer with AI supplement your Content strategy with AI make it helpful Make it uh completely reviewed by Experts make it original content and Also make sure it's technically correct As long as you are fulfilling those Guidelines you can start using AI Content on your website I'm personally Very very excited by this change and at WB beginner we are running a lot of Experiments on seeing how we can Integrate AI into our products to make Your life easier this is Yash from wner If you have any questions suggestions Make sure to leave in the comments Otherwise you can like share and Subscribe and I'll see you in the next Video take Care

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