Google Business Profile Websites Shutting Down! – Create a Simple Business Website Quickly

You might or might not have know that Google Business Profile Websites are shutting down at the end of February. These were single page websites that were created automatically for millions of businesses registered with Google my Business.

With a website being a critical part of any business today, it’s not wise to not have a website, so we propose an alternative. You can quickly and easily create a business website on WordPress by simply following this video. It’s aimed at beginners, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve built a website before, you can still do it by just following this video.

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00:00:00 – Google Business Profile Website Shutting Down
00:17:33 – What’s the alternative?
00:44:40 – Pre-requisites to building a website
02:18:56 – Purchasing a domain name and hosting
03:37:43 – Adding a domain name to your account
04:42:19 – Billing
05:58:24 – Bluehost Backend – Create a Website
07:45:14 – Connecting Your Domain Name
08:16:30 – 1-click WordPress Install
08:57:47 – Site Ready – Let’s Log In
10:29:25 – Adding our email and changing the password
13:12:11 – See Your Website Live!
14:10:09 – How to Login Logout of your Website
15:51:22 – Website Live – Let’s Design It
18:19:35 – Create a new Page
30:57:17 – Save and Preview Your Page
31:23:10 – Adding a Contact Form
37:34:56 – Make Your New Page the Homepage
39:22:24 – Adding Link to Your Google Business Profile

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If you're watching this video then Chances are you're one of the 31 million Website owners whose website will be Turned off by Google because Google is Shutting down the websites created with Google business profile by the end of February and by June they'll be just Redirected to a page not found error uh That means the entire website will be Completely gone from the internet so if You're one of those people then this is The perfect video for you because in This video I'm going to show you and Teach you step by step how to create Your own website just like you had with Google business profile and it's Absolutely easy you don't have to have Any Technic skills it's very very visual So you can design your website right Here with me while watching this video And I'm going to share every single step It's not a 3our tutorial just a 20 Minutes video where you can just do it Step by step all right so if you're Ready then just grab a cup of Cofe and We can get started so now that you're on Board let me talk about how we'll be Building a website we'll be building a Website with WordPress now there are Other Solutions out there to build Websites but WordPress is the world's Most popular website building software Technically 44% of the entire internet Websites the entire internet websites

Are built with WordPress and WordPress The software is completely free to use And it's very easy it's open source There are tons of advantages of using WordPress so if you're considering other Solutions just watch this small video And then decide for yourself if this is Something that you can use to build your Website all right with that let's get Into the technical Parts a little bit And it's definitely easy so to build a Website you need two things you need a Domain name and you need hosting what's A domain name a domain name is something That people can type into the computer Inside the browser to actually reach the Site so uh is a domain name is the domain name and W Beginner which is our website is also a Domain name and the hosting is with what Powers the website so the easiest Example I can give you is having a phone Number right a phone number is a domain Name because that's what people can use To call you but the Sal service which is The back end or how these numbers are Connected together is the hosting for uh The cell cell towers so the having the Phone number and sell sell service is Are both important for you to actually Make calls so similarly you need the Domain name so that people people can Find your website but to actually host Your website you also need the hosting

In the back end so I'm going to uh tell You the easiest way to get both at a Ridiculously low price which is Something you cannot I say Miss so go to Your computer and type this URL in on The browser which will take you to a Special offer just for you guys so that You can get domain name and hosting both At a combined ridiculous price so the URL is uh https SL Slre slbl host so this is a referal link To blue host if you enter this also Place the URL on the screen and I'll Just place it there so you can actually Copy this and go to the website right Now this will bring you to this page This is blue host which is one of the Most I say popular and well-recognized Hosting providers on the internet this Can help you host your website and They'll also give you a domain name for Free with this special offer so us Usually domain name can anywhere be Between $10 to $20 a year so you'll save That money and just get a single plan Which will offer you both and the entire Pricing starts at just1 199 month it's Ridiculous right so you get hosting and Domain name for this if you want to go And see the specifics you can go here And see the different kinds of plans They have you can see all the features Here and if you let's say want to build More than one website you can go with

The some of the other plans as well they Are not very expensive too so in this Case what I'm going to do is select the Basic plan and click the select button And we'll skip because I'm not creating An online store let's skip it and we'll Reach the pricing or the billing page Now all you have to do is just add some Information here so this is a new thing Which I'm also discovering what you can Do is again uh as I said uh you get a Domain name for completely free so what You can do is just click here and Register a new domain name which is Available for free uh with the your with Your plan so let's say if you have a Landscaping business you can just type In uh your name Something like that and choose Appropriate business name or choose Choose appropriate domain name that'll Go well with how your you want to Represent your brand so for example if You are in the Texas region so I say you You can say Texas uh Roofing or Something similar that can easily Identify your brand with just the domain Name so all you have to do is register a Domain name here and then you can just Add it to your account and proceed now I'm going not going to be making a Purchase because I'm just building this Website for you guys so in this case What you can do is just add it here

Search for domain name find an available Domain name add it to your account and Proceed I'll just click choose domain Later because I just proceed to The Next Step which is probably billing so let's Open that up and see so yeah this is the Billing page all you have to do is just Check everything which is added here and What you can do is you can also remove The optional U features that Bluehost Adds to your account so example you can Uh see the site lock is here you can Just take it off and you also have the Code guard you can also take it off and This will bring down your price to the Actual appropriate number and you get a Professional email for free as well with The domain name so that's completely Something that you can utilize so once You happy with the pricing check Everything that is completely fine just Click continue to check out and this Will bring you to the pricing page where You can actually just finish and make The purchase now I already have a blue Host account I was just giving you a Demonstration so the pricing plan will Open up just have to add your card Details payment info and finish the Purchase once you finish the purchase You'll have an account created on Blu Host and a couple of things will have Happen more importantly you'll get an Email from Bluehost which will just give

You a link to access your admin or Access your account on Bluehost and once You've done that you'll get access to The back end of blue host so where You'll be able to access your account so Once you're there I'll pause the video For a second make sure to check your Email make sure to finish the purchase Then check your email and then click and Go inside uh the blue host account and Actually just log in and once you're There you can then follow along this Video so I'll pause this video here and We'll resume inside blue host admin area All right this is blue host admin area Which you can see now since I already Had an account I have a lot of websites Created in my account when you start With this you might uh land on the Homepage here or you might land on some Other areas what I want you to do is Just go to the website section and You'll see a similar interface now I Have tons of sites here you might not Have uh many sites or technically you Will not have any website so you'll see This area completely blank that's Completely all right we'll start Creating or start the process of Creating a site now so find the ad site Button for me it's in here it might be Here somewhere here for you so click This to start the process of actually Creating a website and we'll choose the

Default option which is install WordPress because that's what we've been Using to create a website and we'll Click continue and now you'll get a site A title now think of the title as the Title of a book which is what people Will find your as a website with and It's also Ed utilized by Google to Understand what your business about so You can change this later so don't worry If you if not uh don't have the right Answer right now but I would want you to Have uh the site title as something That's a combination of your brand and Also something that describes your Business so let's say if you have a Great brand name say uh in a landscaping Business so you can say uh how do I Phrase this let's say Patrick's Landscaping services now Patrick's is Just a name that I've just made up enter Your brand name there so describe your Or include your brand name but also Describe your business here so that uh Google and other search engines can also Recognize what this website is about and Don't worry I'll also show you once this Is done how to change it so later let's Say if you just enter something as a Dummy information here you'll be able to Change it later once this is done click The continue button which will take you The next step now here what you'll do is

The add the domain name that was added To your account this is important choose The right domain name so whatever you Chose XY Landscaping Roofing or HX Services or whatever service business You have enter the right domain name or Select it from from the drop down and Add it here since I did not purchase a Domain name just for this demonstration I'll be going with a temporary domain Name you should be adding your domain Name here and then proceed to next step All right so I'll just use the temporary Domain again make sure to add your Domain here because this is a part where Your domain name and your website will Be connected together so let's click Continue and now WordPress is now being Installed and you don't have to do Anything once this process is done which Will take a couple of minutes your Website will technically already be live On the internet that's how easy it is so Once this is done your website will be Live I'll show you how to log into the Back end and actually start designing Your website because once WordPress is Installed it'll give you just a basic I Say uh a templated version of how your Website will look like I'll also teach You how to customize it in the simplest Way possible so once this is done I'll Resume the video and I show you what Next steps you should take to configure

A site and also create a login and Username for your account and set up Everything all right so I'll resume the Video once this is done all right the Installation process is complete and What you can do is just go into the Website section and I've just searched For website because I have multiple Websites but you'll just see the one and Once WordPress or when WordPress is Being installed you'll see WordPress Being installed somewhere here but once WordPress is installed it's completely Done you'll see something like this so All you have to do uh to get started With is click on the title of the Website here and this will bring you to The settings page now there are a lot of Settings here we don't need to Understand everything we don't need to Do anything we don't need need to look At this you have to just do a couple of Things to get started using your website Now you might be tempted to just click This button and then start editing your Site don't do it because this will take You to Blu host website Creator which is Not what we're doing because it's Suitable mostly for uh multi-page Websites and like complex websites we're Going to just keep it simple here so There one thing or I said two things you Need to do to get started just go to Settings first and inside the settings

Scroll down here and you'll find this Page this section this is a coming soon Page this is just uh just a feature Which says hey your website is not Completely live and you can make it live Later so we're just forcing it to make Our website live so let's do this once The setting is updated or disabled then I'll tell you the next step so coming Soon page has been disabled this is good Now we'll go back to users and users is Where we'll have multiple users or you Can set up credentials to actually log Into your site so you see one username Is already created here so what I'll do Is just click the login button and this Will take us to the back end of the Website and I'll show you how to just Update your email address and also reset Your password because of course you Would want your own email address to be Connected with your website so in case You want to reset your password or do Something other things you want your Email to be connected so I'm going to Show you how to do that and also how to Reset your password so that you actually Can make changes to your site all right So this is the back end of the site Let's first fix the email and also Change the password then I'll explain to You what the interface is and don't Don't worry what it looks like when You're on this page uh just scroll to

The bottom of the page where you'll find The email and what you have to do is Just do This delete this existing email what you See here and enter your own email which Can be a Gmail Yahoo whatever and enter This and we'll save the settings right So I'll add my personal email Here and we'll scroll down And we also see an option for setting a Password all right so what I'll do is Just click set new password and WordPress also will generate a new Password for me so make sure to copy This or just add your own password for Example you can just uh delete this and Add your own password this is what You'll use to log to your site to make Sure that's it's secure and follows some Good password guidelines right so what I'll do is just stick with this password I'll copy and just paste it in my Notepad somewhere here so I can use it And just make sure it's done so two Things on this page we changed I just Added my own email here and then I also Updated a password and I'll just click Update Profile and this should be done so once I see a success message now what you Should do is go and check your email You'll get an email from this website Saying hey your new administrator email Has been done and include a link to

Click to verify your email so I'll just Open up my personal email let me just See where it is right so I'll just show It to you on the screen when the email Has Arrived Right so this is how it looks like you Can see it here this is how it looks Like so if I come Here this is how it's going to look like You'll see uh you'll see something like This how they uh you recently requested To have the email address your account Changed and all you have to do is click This link to confirm that this is your Email now I'm using two different Browsers so I'll just click this and Open this up here so that my email Address is now confirmed all right so my Email address is updated and also my Password has been updated so website is Live let's also see how the website Looks like and then I'm going to clarify A couple of Concepts how do you see your Website well of course you can go and Type your domain name in the browser and The easier way is just go to here this This section here and this will bring up A drop down here called visit site I Usually just right click and and click Open in new tab and this is your website Right so this is the front end of the Website which is what users will see Visitors will see and don't worry they

Won't see this black bar this is just For you because you're logged into your Site this is the default template that WordPress provides it still looks or Already looks great but I'm show you how To customize it as well and this is the Back end of your site where you can make Changes where you want to add new Content or make some changes so this is The back end and this is the front end And I'll also show you how to actually Log into your site when required and log Out of your site when required well of Course what you can do is just log into Blue host and then just go here and then Click login it's a TDS process you can Go into your admin area directly as well So all you have to do is just copy and Paste first the URL of your website in The address bar so I'm going to copy it Here from here I'll copy it Here and then I'll append a small i' say String at the end to go to my admin area It's WP which stands for WordPress Hyphen a d m i n admin so once this is Done I'll click enter and this will take Us to the admin area of the site now Since I'm already logged in I already Automatically reached here but if you're Logged out you'll have to enter your Username and password so how do you log Out on the top right you see this is a Profile section you can see this this my My photograph here username edit profile

And log out so I'll log out Here and once I'm logged out this uh Will redirect me to the landing page or I say the login page of WordPress and I Can do the same thing if I go back here And I copy my URL address my website Address and again type in WP Admin this will again bring me to the Login page so now what we do is we enter The email address that we just added to Our account and also the new password That we created and this is how you'll Be able to log to your site right so These are precious credentials of yours Don't share it with anybody else so I'll Copy the user password here and I'll Enter my Email and let's log to the Site boom so now you have technically Created your website technically it's Live already I've shown you how to add Your own email address to your account And also reset your password from the Backend perspective or the setting up Perspective everything has been done now All we have to figure out is the design Part of the equation or how you would Design a page that is appropriate for How you want to design your website Right so what I'm going to show you is How to visually design your website Because the designing part is where most People get confused and they of course We are not Bor designers so we on some a

Tool or utility or a software that can Help design websites for you right so That's what I'm show you in this uh next Part of this video how to visually Design your website now WordPress is a Fantastic functionality in itself which Is called plugins similar to how you can Install apps on your phone to add new Functionality WordPress also supports Plugins and there are hundreds of Plugins thousands of plugins out there We're going to install a couple of Plugins uh on our site to help us speed Up the process and also uh make it easy For us to design a beautiful looking Website so what I I'm going to recommend You to is go to do is uh go to plug-in Section here here and you'll see add a New plugin here just click on it and This will bring you to the WordPress Repository and don't worry uh whatever I'm going to show you you don't have to Pay anything whatever you've paid for Hosting and domain name is all you have To pay for so I'm going to go to the Search option here I'm going to type a Specific word which you should also type In it's called seed prod s dou e d seed Prod let's wait for the search to happen Here and you'll find website builder by Seed plot now this is a fantastic plugin It'll create help you to create uh Visually websites visually so install The plugin and once this installed

You'll see an activate button we'll also Activate the plugin we'll also activate It so once it's activated seed broad Will be installed on your website and Then what we'll do is use seat PL to Design a beautiful looking landing page On our site now once you activate the Plugin it'll prompt you to use the setup Process to set up your website you can Do that but it's the easiest way to just Exit the setup here and just click exit And we'll go here and once you're here Seat BR is actually installed you can See you're already in seat in landing Pages so if you let's say if you want to Click around you click the dashboard of Your WordPress account don't worry you Can always just go to seat and go to Landing pages and this will bring you to The landing pages section now once you In the landing page section we'll create A new landing page and we'll design it Visually so click this button called Create new landing page And once this page loads you'll see this Is the beauty of seat plot it gives you Lot of templates to utilize on your site Now some of these are pro but a lot of Plugins are actually or a lot of Templates are actually free if you just Subscribe to their email list so what I'm going to recommend is you see this Notice already here which will already Be filled with your email address that

You've added to your site so just click The get free templates button and like Maybe it will prompt you to just Subscribe or just confirm your email and Once this is done now we have access to These templates you just might need to Add your email and confirm and once this Is done you can just uh okay this go Opens in a new tab all right so once This is done you can just uh close this Tab go back to this template or go back To your website and now 10 or I say Multiple templates are now available for You to actually utilize completely for Free so you'll see there are lot of Different uh templates here there's a Thank you page there's a maintenance Page there's a fitness page so what I'm Going to do is pick one of these Pages Which I think we can customize easily to Create a beautiful landing page on our Site so this dinner sales page looks Good to me it's colorful it's bright so What I do is just click the uh hover Over it and there's a check mark on it I'll click the check mark and this will Prompt me to enter a name so you can Name it anything I would just name it Something like landscape service I'm Just assuming Landscape services in Texas like Example once you're done or added a page Name just click save and start editing The page and this will open up the seed

Prod Builder now this is something very Very exciting because this will make Your job so much easier when you're Designing a website so first of all let Me describe how the process works on the Right hand side of the screen is where You see the final output of your page on The left side is uh let say elements and Blocks and widgets that you can add Think of them as stacking or adding Lego Lego blocks or like fitting pieces of a Puzzle to create a page together if I Just want to show you the actual page I Can just click on this Arrow here to Hide the menu and this is a visual idea Of how the page will look like and the Best part is whatever you see on the Screen is completely customizable so we Can change the text we can change the Image we can change the logo we can Change the buttons everything is Customizable so I'm going to show you How to create a page with this uh Entirely from scratch once again I'll go To the left corner of the screen click This Arrow to bring this back and I'm Going to start customizing the page so First thing what we'll need to do is we We're going to need to replace this Image of cost because we're not in the Business of serving food right for Example I'm just creating website for Landscaping services so what we can do Is whenever you want to customize

Anything inside seet brush you just have To click on it and the settings for that Relevant uh widget or block will appear Here so if I click here now you see the Image block is open it has some settings You have some design settings the Easiest thing I would recommend is uh You can do is just click how over it and You click the orange button which will Open up the media library inside WordPress and you'll be able to uh Add new elements or add new images which You can have on the screen so I'll just Move this around a little bit just to Make it simple and what I'm going to do Is I already have a couple of images I Say downloaded on my computer but what You can do is you can go to a website Called I'll place the URL On the screen and search for whatever Images uh suit your business the best And this is a website where most of the Images are completely free to download Which commercial licenses you can do Anything so don't worry about any Licensing fee so so for example if I do Landscape and search for it you'll see a Lot of landscape images will come up I Can also search for landscaping so I'll Just go Here and you can find tons of images Here I already have a couple of images So what you can do is you can also Change the orientation because this

Image what we are dealing with here here Is uh a vertical image so I would prefer To find a landscape image so let's say This is image that looks good you can Download it or you can just change the Orientation to Portrait here sorry I I Mentioned landscape we dealing with Portrait images so you can just download These images use them on your site I Already have an image so what I'm going To do is just drag and drop the image From my computer here to this website Here and you can see I'm hovering over It I'll let it go and automatically Start uploading the image to my site Once this is done I'll click Select and now image has been uploaded It's that easy this is why I Recommending seed prod it makes your Life easier so now I want to change the Title to something else right we solve Your dinner problems is in a landscaping Title so we'll say uh we solve your Landscaping problem so I'll just click Here and this let let it load up so what We can do is we can just click and Actually just edit things here right on The page or you can just go here and Edit as well so we solve your uh Landcaping problems all right so now What you see here is that even though uh We have set this up correctly a couple Of orientation things you might want to Space things around and that's

Completely possible with seat Pro as Well so if I just keep hovering you'll See different borders appearing on the Section so the two column layout I want To just make the columns a little more Separated so what I'll do is just hover Over this and when I find this blue area I'll just click this button here which Is called resize columns because I want To space them part a little bit so once I click this option you'll see the width Option come up here I'll just make sure That it is something that I can use now You don't have to do this if your title Fits completely on the screen I'm just Showing that hey uh even though um the Visual elements can be added you can Still customize and fine-tune the look Of your website if you need to or have To to make sure everything fits on the Screen now this part is completely done Right so we have added the title here we Have added an image and of course you Can do the same thing for this text here And you can just delete it and say we Are The Best Landscaping service Business you'll Ever work with now I'm not the best Copyright in the world so you figure out What's the best way to write this and Same thing for buttons so if I click This button here I can just change let's

Talk instead of let's cook so I've just Created or made changes to the upper Part of the section of the website and The lower part we'll just deal with uh It uh once we done with the upper part So on the top I want to have my logo Appear so what I'll do is I'll click This button and this is an image that's Been added to the site so what I'm going To do is click this and once again I'll Have the option of adding my own logo so I'll just do is drag and drop a dummy Logo that I've just downloaded for a Landscaping business just for this Demonstration and it's here let's select It and now we have this now it's a Little too big here so I can do is Change the size to let's say 100 pixels And that looks fine to me we can also Maybe just take it a notch down to let's Say around 75 pixels and that looks Better so again I was able to not only Upload images also resize them here so I'm building the website live with you In front of you it's instead of just What I'm doing you can just add your own Logo add your own headlines add your own Images and you'll create this entire Website with me that's how easy it is to Use seat plot now for this button I Don't think this button is very useful I'm going to show you how to do some Exciting things on the page as well so What I can do is I I I don't think I

Need this I'll just click this delete Button here which will just delete this Button off here so I'll have the option Of adding something here but I don't Think I need to now going back here or Going down here there are three Different sections here which we can Utilize to highlight some Services right So um what I'll do is I'll start with This one this green section and and I'll Replace this image with a nice Green Landscape just to fit with the theme and Then we'll change the title here and the Headline here so once again I'll click This section this will bring up me or Bring me to the image section I'll click Images and then what I'll do is I have Another image that I downloaded just for This purpose again from Everything I downloaded from is from Unsplash uh I'll just drag and drop it Here and let it upload on the site and Once it's done I'll click select and This image is now uploaded of course It's a little too big so I'll just Change the size to something like maybe 400 pixels by 400 pixels so it fits and I'll change the fit type to cover and Maybe I'll need to change the width to 450 to make sure it fits now 450 is Little too thin maybe 500 yep so 500 by 400 pixels is fine it Covers the entire image and it looks Beautiful with the section here so what

I'll do is just change this To um what what can I say uh let's do The Best service or best Not so once again I just added a dummy Headline don't don't look at the how the Headlines I'm creating it's just Something that I'm not very skilled at So once this is done now I don't like The left alignment of the headline I Want to be justified so again once the Images or once the text is highlighted The automatic options appear here I can Just click this Center Line button and Now the headline is centered it looks Much better in my opinion and again I Can change this text to uh something we Provide the best Landscaping services in the world Something like that so once again again This is done and I can change this again To be central line this also looks fine Let's work with this headline now and Again once again I'll replace this image With something else so I'll click here And I have another image that I Downloaded from unsplash I'll just drag And drop it Here and let it Load once it's done I'll just go here And click the select button and now the Image should upload here yep once again I'll change the image size to around 450 Pixels on the

Width and around let's say 400 pixels on The height of 450 yeah and I'll just change the object Fit to fill or cover and this looks Better what I'll do is change the width To 500 and height to maybe 400 now 450 or 500 looked better all Right so okay this a mismatch so I'll Just change the height to 450 so that The height of both the elements are the Same so once again I'm just giving a Demonstration of everything that you see It's not just like drag and drop you Still have fine grain control that you Can exercise to make sure everything Looks great on the site and of course I'm just using this as a reference you Can actually just go and change the Green color to something else as well so If I click here on the section you see The background color option here I can Just change the color of this green if Let's say green is is not something I Want to highlight right and similar Thing if I just hover over this section You see I just click here so now this is A background color is deep purple or Magenta shade I can actually change this As well I was just trying this out so I Saw this that this is something that the Images will go fine with the colors or Default colors you can change this to Your brand colors as well and the third

One is I think I don't think we need to Use this one uh we already have Demonstrated couple of things here so What we'll do is just delete this Section off here so I'll delete the Entire row I'll make sure the blue color Is highlighted so it it deletes the Entire row I'll just delete this off Here now till this point we've done most Of the things what we'll do is I'll just Change this image here as well I'll go To the image section and change this to My logo and I'll show you a superb thing That you can do with uh with seat BR to Actually make your life easier so I'll Just do this and I'll just make this 40 And yeah this looks good now what I'm Going to do is just click save here so That whatever you've done on the site Whatever you've done is actually saved Otherwise you lose your changes and if You want to see this as a live page on The side you can just click the preview Button and this will open up your page In a new tab where you'll see how this Page will actually look like once we Actually finish editing it so just to Give you an idea this is how it looks Like very simple to do but there's one Critical feature I want you to have on Your site which will change your life For how it works so once again I'll go Back and this we'll just keep this open Here in the section and we'll go back to

The admin area so hopefully you already Have the section um open somewhere in Another tab so once you're here just Ensure one thing uh which should already Be done but make sure you see this on The page WP forms what WP forms is a Form buildup plugin this allows you to Add new forms on your site so contact Form hey get a quote form and we'll Create a new form and we'll add it to That page because it obviously you would Want to get leads with your business Website if you don't see it here if you Don't see WP forms make sure to go into Plugins go to add new plugin once again And just search for it and again it's Completely free you don't have to pay For it WP forms just search for it and Once it's done since I have it installed On my site already I'll see it's active But if you see install just click on the Install button and click activate and Then just go back to your dashboard and That that's all you need to do so once This is done you'll see WP forms appear In the menu here so hover over it and Then go to add new this is where we'll Add a new form with WP forms so I'll Click on it and this will take us to the Form Builder so similar to how I showed You how I just created a page with the Drag and drop features WP forms allows Us to create forms with the drag and Drop interface and I'll create the form

For you I'll show you how to do it and Then I'll add it to the page as well so This is the form Builder let's go done Done done I'll show you how to do this So you don't have to follow the Stepbystep tutorial that's completely Fine so first we'll name the form this Is where you can name the form so you Can just name it contact us all right Cuz we are using a or probably creating A contact form but you can create any Form you like this is just a Demonstration so I use the template here We have the simple contact form already So we can just use this we don't have to Create anything from scratch I'll click Use template button and this will start The process or load the form builder for Us so let's wait for it to finish Loading and I'll talk to you about how We can actually do do this so a basic Form is already created for you you have The name you have the email you have the Comment or message how do we add more Things on the page we can just drag and Drop it here so what I'll do is let's Say for example I don't want to collect The users email I'll prefer a phone Number because I can call them so I'll Just delete this by going here delete The field yep and I'll just drag the Numbers and just add it here and it's Done in a second now I'll just add or Change this to phone number so I'll just

Click on this field and this will again Open up the options here and I'll Instead of the numbers label I'll make It phone Number and also make this required Because of course I would want to have Phone numbers so you can go here and Just make this as a required field the Next thing what you can do is change This comment or message to let's say Address because of course you would want To understand which location your U Landscaping uh clients are in so I'll Click this and I'll just leave this and I'll just do address oops I can't Spell now it's your call if you want to Make this a required field or not that's Completely up to you the name is Required the phone number is required The address is required now if I go to The add Fields option you can see I have Plenty of I say uh Widgets or I say Blocks I can add just to add a more Functionality for example let's say if You you had some regulations in the area Where so what you would do is for Example You uh you can just add this as a Checkbox and go here and just delete two Of these and you can just Say uh I Consent For I consent to be Contacted over the phone for this

Service and you can just keep it hey Terms or something like that so now you Can also do or now what you can do is You can add this on the page or which Already on the page and now users will Have to just say hey I consented to this So that you can call them so they don't Feel like hey you you're um causing them Kind of discomfort and what you can do Is just drag it around and make it to The end of the page so this is how WP Forms easy or how easy it is to use WP Forms just add things around change Things and it's just very very easy to Do once you're happy with the form You've created again I just customized a Couple of things you can add tons of Things right if you go to the fields Option you have dropdowns paragraph TR Single line uh emails and number sliders And captures and all that and in the pro Version of WB forms you have even more Fields that you can use so it's Fantastic it's a super plugin so what I'll do is I'll just click save on this And this will just save the form Directly so this form is now saved now We need to add it to a page I'm going to Show you how to do that once again we'll Go back to our seed plod page builder Which was already open what we're going To do is you see this my awesome Headline we're going to change this to a Contact form so first what I'll do is

I'll click here I'll change this uh my Awesome headline to um let's say make an Inquiry right so once this done I don't Want this text to be here so I'll just Select this I'll press the delete button And I'll delete it and I don't need this Button as well so I just click and Delete it of course I can add things Around once again as well and what I'm Going to do is from the Block section Here I'm going to choose this field here Which is or this block here which is Called the Advan or contact form here so From the advanced the contact form field I'll just drag it and drop it here and This will add WP forms on the page now All you have to do is once this is added Just click on it so that you have this Section up here and remember the form we Created what was the name of the form Contact us so I'll just go here drop Down I'll select the contact us form and In a second and the contact form is now Added on the page beautiful right so if I now save my changes I'll also publish This page because we want it to be live Right so I'll just drop use the drop Down or go to the drop down here and Click publish your page has been Published see live page I'll click on This and this will take us to the live Version of the page beautiful right so We have in just 10 minutes of time we Added our logos we created a beautiful

Headline and we created added our own Images and we also added an inquiry form On the page beautiful beautiful there's Only one problem here or not here but in The entire website if you go to your Website right now if you just open a new Tab and just open up your website like This you still will see the old page Right you'll see hey I made all this Effort where's that page don't worry We're going to fix that right now uh by Actually changing some settings so go Back to uh your admin area of your Website so what you can do is once You're happy with this since this form Is saved I'll just click the cross icon Here which will take us take me back to The admin area now what we have to do is Go to the settings inside WordPress We'll go into settings we'll go into I Think reading sections so we'll go into The reading section and inside the Reading section this is the setting We'll need to configure we'll click this Option so the current setting should be Your latest post I'll change this to This a static page and from the homepage Section here I'll just drop down use the Drop down and I'll choose this page Which we jump just created so I'll just Click landscape services in Texas once This is done I'll click save Changes and this is done so now if I Open my website once again in a new tab

Now you'll see that beautiful new Landing page that you just created one Page website is now the main homepage of Your website so that's how you do it Just make one setting change and it is Done so we finally finished building our Website we did everything from scratch We installed the installed WordPress I Showed you how to imported logo change The images and of course if you see my Screen everything that you see in the Screen is something that we customize or We uh added from scratch now there's one More thing I would recommend that you Add on the page which will help you uh Close more customers close more deals And convert more visitors to customers Is link out to your Google business Profile now Google business profile and The website associated with it are Completely different products Google uh Business profile or I say it also called Google my business the profiles on Google business are are still uh Something that will not go away so what You can do is link from this page to Your Google business profile because it Has all the reviews and it has Information about your business there And that will help uh customers get more Trust about your business and then you Can contact or your customers can Actually contact you on the website here So here's how to do it and I'll just

Give you a step-by-step instructions as I've been giving throughout the video on How to actually do it so first thing you Need to do is uh go and find your Business uh business's Google uh Business or Google Business listing so What I did was I just went to Google and I searched for landing business in San Ant Antonio now you you can also search For your business directly the idea Being that you have to find your Business listing right here in Google Something like this so I'm just using This business as an example Alamo City Tree services and Landscaping so what You have to do is just one thing you Have to click the share button here and Just copy and click and copy this link So what this link does I'll just open it In a new tab just to show you it Directly directly links to your Google Business page so here users can visitors Can see more images about this they can See reviews they can directly call you As well and we can do or add many of These features directly on the site as Well but having this information on Google is much more trustworthy than a New website that a visitor is just Visiting for the first time so that's Why it's important to have this linked Out right so what I'm going to do is Since I already have the link copied I'm Just go back to my seat plot Builder

Here and what we are going to do is um Just add a couple of buttons on the page So that we can just link those buttons To the UR directly so we had this button Here already which I deleted so we can Just add a new button back on the page I Just go to the block section here I'm Going drag a button I'm going to let go Here so this button says call to action I'm going to click here and I'll just Say button's Name uh see this business on Google right it's a little too long Let's try and shorten this if you Can Google Business listing all right so I think That's pretty decent but let's say we Can let's try and see if we can make the Button size a little smaller yeah that Makes a little more sense and what we Have to do is just add the link here Like this and I'll just click the gear Icon here just to add open in a new Window so when users actually click this It opens up a new tab so that they don't Lose your website so I've just done this Already what I can do is uh duplicate This or I can just add it one more again On the page so I'm going to do just do It once again and let's do this after or Just before the inquiry form because Users that's where the trust building Factor is the most important right so

Once again I'm going to click this nine Dotted menu here which will bring me Back to the blocks I'll just take the Button block once again I just drag it And make sure to just leave it and drop It just above the make an inquiry form So that now we have the call to action Button once again I'm going to say uh Check out my Business on Google Now I can make this longer Because the button width is a little Longer so uh based on that this button Makes lot of sense here now if I want to Make this color stand out I can actually Go into the templates and you see Predefined Styles here or you can go Into the advanced Tab and change the Typography button style background color Padding and all kinds of things as well So if I want to make the button arounded I can just do this and technically I can Do the same thing on the top button just Make it a little longer but it might Just be a little too much for you to do Uh from scratch so here's how you Customize uh the basic things going back To the content you'll just paste the Link here once again once again I'm Going to do uh open in new window and Once this is done now we have Successfully added Google listing Business listing button here and here And you can repeat this process any

Number of times right if you want to Have this button here you can just add It here and you can add more information And technically you can actually add More pages to your site as well so if You want to create another page just to Highlight customer dtim mods just Another page for services another page For something else you can just do that And just add a menu here to link out to The different pages or just add the Details here and then users can actually Go out and click other pages and see Those pages as well it's completely up To you how do you want to design this Website my first priority was just to Explain to you how to build the first Onepage website which was a replacement Or is a replacement for the websites Built with Google business profile all Right once this is done once again I'll Just click save and once it's saved Let's see once the saving is done we'll Go back to this page I'll refresh it and Now we see the Google Business listing Button here if I click on it you'll Notice that it opens up in a new tab Directly to that business listing so That's how you do it if I scroll down Here you'll see this button here as well Now one important thing to understand is That the reviews that you saw on this Google Business listing page right here And also the testimonials and even a

Direct map to where your business is Located can directly be embedded on this Page if you use the pro versions of seat PL and some other plugins that I Mentioned so you have that or you will Get that ability to directly embed map Here add the buttons to directions and All that good features right inside your WordPress website if you use the pro Version of SE and of course pro version Of WP forms and other plugins that we Make like Allin one SEO provide tons of Great features to a WordPress website And that's one of the reasons we create This channel so we can educate people About how WordPress can help them uh Build websites which are feature-rich And helping them uh grow their business With the help of a beautiful website all Right so I've covered everything about Building website I showed you how to Install WordPress get WordPress domain Name and hosting create a website from Scratch how to customize it import this Beautiful looking template and how to Create a onepage website and also just Give you a highlight about all the Different features also you can add to Your website if you still have any Questions uh in following this tutorial The comment Box is open leave leave your Questions there and we answer every Single one of course you can also Subscribe to this channel share this

With a friend who also has a Google Business profile or whose website is Shutting down they can help as well and Of course you can watch other videos on Our channel to get started and Understand the beautiful world of WordPress and how it can make your life Easier once again if you have any Questions leave it in the comments Otherwise like share subscribe do all That good stuff spread the Good Karma Out there and I'll see you in the next Video you're watching youaj from WB Beginner take Care

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