Free WordPress Test Sites In Seconds – 8 Options Compared

You may want to test WordPress to see if you want to use it for your website.

Or maybe you want to test a new theme or plugin to see if it is the right fit for your website, but you don’t want to disrupt your live website.

Whatever the reason is, it’s very helpful to quickly build test sites, and there are many ways to do it.

But some you may want to avoid, and there are some newer options available that you might have never heard of.

The good part is, there are so many free options; you just need to pick the one that best meets your needs.

Table Of Contents
00:00 – Why Make WordPress Test Sites
00:51 – Installable Programs
01:03 – Option 1
01:24 – Option 2
01:40 – Option 3
02:00 – Option 4
02:27 – Problems With Them
04:01 – Host Based
04:50 – Negatives
05:31 – Modern Options
05:50 – Option 1
08:31 – Last Best Option
15:05 – Which Should You Choose

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May just be wanting to see if WordPress Is the right fit for you so you want to Test it out or maybe you have a WordPress site and you want to test a New theme or test some new plugins Without disrupting your live website Whatever the case may be having the Ability to quickly spin up new WordPress Sites for testing things is extremely Useful and helpful and nowadays there's So many different ways to do it but let Me tell you there's some ways that that You want to avoid that will cause you Heartache and pain and we're not in the Heartache and pain business around here We're trying to make this stuff easy for Non- techies so in this video we're Going to go over the different tools That are available to you so that you Can choose the one that works best for You and since there's so many options The best part is is these don't cost you Anything it's just knowing the right one To pick so let's go over them now this First batch of tools are ones that you Would install on your local computer and So it's going to use your local Computer's resources there's some pros And cons to that that I'll go over now The one that is the OG of them all is Right here it's X PP I do not PP I do Not recommend this one uh it's super Technical you can easily get yourself Into trouble with it and um it'll just

Cause you a headache and maybe make your Hair turn a little gray now there's Another one called laragon right here I've used this it only works on PCs I've Used it it's also Technical and it's not Especially suited specifically for WordPress although you can use it to Have a WordPress site this is also free Another one of the apps and this one Will work on your PC or your Mac is Called Dev kinsta kinsta is a web Hosting company so they provide this and They've built this for you it's also a Bit technical but you can get around Really easy with this it uses a Technology called Docker on your Computer now out of all of the apps in This category where you install Something on your computer the best of Them all is going to be local and it's Local I'll have the link down Below for it this as well is free and This one's owned by WP engine I used to Use this a lot now all of these have Their pros and their cons and I've Experienced all of them so the main Issue with all of these is the speed of Your site is going to be dependent upon The speed of your computer now if you Don't have a modern computer maybe Something in the last 3 years you might Run into issues and all of these Problems used to be super problematic Just a few years ago but now they've

Worked out lots of The Kinks but you're Still going to have that bottleneck of The speed related to the computer that You have it installed on another problem And I've experienced this a lot myself Is they can be unstable and problematic I've had that problem with all of them Them even more recently with local and This is because they do some kind of Hacky stuff techy stuff to make it so You can visit it on your web browser on Your local computer and sometimes that Can break and so uh for example with me In local I have a lot lot of sites on Local and I can't access any of them so It's just a problematic it's not working When I need it to and that's not to say That that will happen to you um uh but Another problem with that though is Since it's on your local computer if you Wanted to share it with a team worker uh Or teammate on where you work or a Client or something like that it's not Great for that now they do some hacky Things uh in local to try to make it so It could be publicly accessible but it's A horrible experience it's brutally slow And unstable it's not something that is Reliable that you'd want to use but all Of these tools are free so there's no Cost to installing them on your computer And giving them a shot now this next Batch of tools is really more the web Hosting service that you might already

Have and be paying for but they're not All equal I'll give you two examples That are pretty good uh one is cloudways If you have a cloudway account and a Cloudways server you can create a new Test site and what's nice about it is They'll also give you a temporary URL so You don't have to go and get a new Domain name or have a domain or Something like that they're going to Give you this temporary domain name that You can use for this temporary site Another host that also offers this is Site ground so if you have a site ground Plan that lets you have more than one Website you can go and create a brand New website it gives you a temporary URL You can test things and you can delete It when you're done with it now there's Some negatives with going this route First of all not all web hosts actually Offer this they may offer like staging But not this temporary URL another Negative is it's going to use your web Hostings resources and storage space to Build this out and I think the biggest Negative and drawback is just the time It takes so in cloudways specifically if You go and try to do that you have to Sit there and you have to wait like Three you have to fill out a form uh and Then you have to wait a few minutes and Then you finally have your site and uh Most of us are working in a very

Fast-paced environment we don't want to Stop what we're doing for a couple Minutes to wait for this website to be Created now this last batch of options Are really exciting because it's Leveraging new technologies and modern Technologies to solve all of the Negatives that I listed out on the Having it on your local computer or Having it in your hosting it solves all Of those problems you can have the test Site just instantaneously now the first Option is made by WordPress itself and This is very new it's very cool and soon You're going to actually see this inside Of the plug-in directory when you're Looking at a plugin and you want to try It out there'll be a button there if the Person that makes the plugin wants to Allow it and you'll be able to test that Plugin instantaneously and what this is Doing and I'm going to show you in a Moment is it installs WordPress in your Browser it's kind of crazy so when I Scroll down here's the option try WordPress playground it opens up in a New tab and watch I've got a brand new Website and you saw that was very quick Right we only waited maybe 5 seconds or Less and you could go in here and you Could try it out and this is all loading Inside of my web browser so I can go Over here to the left I can go into the Dashboard it's just WordPress now even

Though this is really cool there are a Couple negatives for this so I can't go And go to plugins and click on add a new Plugin and just just add a plug-in you Can't do that same goes for a theme if I Go to add a new theme I can't do that Either so even though it's fast to get The playground set up it's not so easy To just start testing away now if you're A little bit technical you can Manipulate the URL and there are some Instructions here on how to do that to Have a theme installed or a plugin Installed it's not rocket science but But you really want to slow down and Spend the time on it but what you can do When you go here it says uh try a block A theme or a plug-in and then when you Click on this it takes you to Instructions on how you can load a Plug-in into that site but you still Have the negative you can't then say Oh I want to add an additional plug-in to That site in order to test both of them So for me I like to test a particular Theme with a particular plug-in and then There's other problems say if you're Using a plug-in that requires another Plug-in so maybe you need Elementor and You need a Elementor add-on because you Want to test the Elementor add-on or you Need to have woocommerce there because You want to test a woocommerce extension So these types of scenarios it starts to

Become a little problematic that said I'm pretty excited about this and what The future will hold for it I think it's Going to be a great advancement I think A lot of these drawbacks it's just kind Of early days uh in what they've built Here and I'm excited to see it grow now This last one is the most exciting of Them all all of the negatives of the Other ways are all solved in this one Service and you can get a free account So once you have a free account and You're logged in and I'll show you how To do all of that all you have to do is Open a new web browser Tab and enter in The following Zwp doite like that see I just typed it In I hit enter and watch what happens It's going to immediately make a brand New website for oh you see that took Less time than it took to do the Playground we saw just a moment ago and It's faster than all of the other Options you didn't have to make any Decisions you just had to enter in that URL and then boom here you have a brand New WordPress site and if you would have An account a free account with the Service you would have also just been Emailed the login to this and in case You wanted to take that and share it With a colleague or or collaborate on The site and it solves all the problems You can go to plugins click on add new

Add new plugin and you have all of the Plugins available to you and the same Goes for themes you can go here add a New theme all the themes are available To you there's nothing Auto installed It's a brand new fresh clean WordPress Site but that's not all there's also a Way to be looking at a plugin in in the Plug-in directory and instantly have a Site created for you with that plug-in Installed so let me show you how that's Done so first you would go and visit the Page for the plug-in and you can see the URL right here it's Whatever so what you do is you take Where it says WordPress and you just Change that and type zip WP hit enter And then what happens is a brand new Website is going to get created for you And it's also going to install that Plugin for you and here it goes so this Takes an extra second because it's Making that uh it's it's making the site And adding the plugin for you but you Can see this is real time I'm not Speeding every anything up and okay so What happened is it kicked me into the Onboarding for the plug-in uh so I can Go through the steps but I'm in WordPress I can click on the little X Here on the top right I'm in WordPress The plug-in just got installed for me And I am off to the races to test this Out without installing it on my own

Website now the name of the service is Zwp domcom you can go there it's for Creating these test sites collaborating On these test sites and it even has one Up better Advantage is that it's also an AI site Builder so instead of testing a Plug-in in an environment that is not Like a real practical environment you Can go in here create a brand new site Using Ai and then put the plug-in in and See what it will be like using that in a Real world environment now when you come To the website and go to the pricing Plan don't worry about it there's a free Plan right here that you could see it is Zero and this is going to include what I Showed the instant WordPress websites so If you're logged in and you just visit Zip and these sites what I like about It as well is they'll expire Automatically in 24 hours so if you're Just testing something you can in 24 Hours the site will self-destruct you Don't have to worry about going in there And deleting it and all of that stuff It'll just self expire in 24 hours now If you need more time than that there Are some paid plans uh but this is Amazing for real world testing so once You create a a free account if you're Logged into that account then when you Visit zwp doite it's going to spin up The site for you instantaneously so when

I go here to all Sites you can see up Here at the top are the two sites that I Just created in while making this video And when you go off to the right over Here you're going to see there's three Dots and when you click on it there's This option here for login credentials I Like this this is like one of my Favorite aspects of zip WP it's going to Give you the URL the login and the Password and I can click this one button And I can send this to a colleague if We're testing something out I can say oh Hey here's the login it's so convenient And it's so fast to spin up these new Websites and like I said you can create Three AI websites so these would be real World websites per month so this is the Process you go here you choose the Business type you give the business a Name right here you put in some details About the business it could be Fictitious but then what you want to do Is click this option here that says Improve with AI and that's going to Improve what you put in there and take Those details then you click on continue And when you're here you're able to Choose the images that are going to go On that website and then you go to the Next step right here which is going to Give you the option to put in contact Information as well as social media Profiles if you don't want any of this

You can just go ahead and click on Continue then it's going to give you Some designs that you can choose uh for Your new website and there's a variety Here to choose from uh and then you can Hover over one of these images here Previews and these are actually previews With The text and the images that you just Chose um and then choose the one that You want click on next and then click Right here to start building your Website and you'll have it in 60 seconds And then you can go and install that Plug-in that you wanted to test but in a Real website practical working Environment and it's so much nicer to Test plugins inside of a real website That is for the niche that you want to Test it in it's filled out with real Text and real images that you chose it Just makes testing it that much better Really the option you choose is up to You what works best for your situation Each one can have its pros and cons I Think zip WP really solves all of the Cons of local so you don't have speed Issues you don't have to install plugins On your computer things like that it's Uh you can share the website very Quickly and easily with colleagues or Teammates uh it doesn't have the Problems that the hosting based solution Has cuz not all hosts even allow you to

Have a temporary URL uh where was it it Allows you to have a temporary URL I'm Really bullish on the wp playground I Think that can continue on and become Something great uh but I think all of The problems from all of these methods Get solved with zip WP so uh anyways That's it for this video let me know What you think in the comments down Below thanks for watching and I'll see You in the next one

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