Embed Google Form in WordPress – Quick and EASY!

Ever wondered how to embed a Google Form on your WordPress website? Watch the video, and you’ll know.

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How do you embed Google forms on your WordPress website let's find out I've Created a simple Google form it's a Survey that I'm running for my YouTube Channel wpbeginner YouTube survey is the Name of the form and the server is also Directed to you are you subscribed to W Beginner on YouTube the answers are or The questions or the options are yes no And I just did after looking at this Survey you know what to do and what I'm Hinting at so if I want to embed this Let's say on my website what's the Actual process well it's very simple Once you've created the form once Everything is done everything is set up The way you like because you have a lot Of options to create the form just go to The send option And you'll see multiple options here you Have the email option you can send it to People via email you can also have the Link option or you can also go to this Third option which is the embed option So let's click on that and once the Embed options is visible just click here And the entire thing will be selected on Its own just press Ctrl C so I press Ctrl C on my keyboard so that this Entire piece of code is now on my Clipboard I'll go to my WordPress Website and now I have a simple page Setup which is called server form And what I'm going to do is add an HTML

Block on the page so I'll type in Forward slash custom HTML you can Already see the first option but you can Type in HTM ML and that's the block That'll show up custom HTML just click On it and then in the block itself all You do is just press Ctrl V and the HTML Will be pasted right here and if you Want to see the results then you can Switch from HTML to preview let's try it Out preview And you can instantly see that the Previous showing up the exact form that We just created is now showing up but if You also create or look at the preview After saving the post you can also Preview it in a new tab let's see if it Works survey form exactly like this it Definitely works you can submit the form And you can see the results in the or Inside Google forms where the results Actually show up but what if you're Using the classic editor if you're still One of those guys who still love the Classic editor you can still do the same Thing in the classic edit as well the Process is slightly different so let's Say this is the post I've created on my Website website which is using the Classic editor I want to embed that same Form right here I don't or I won't both Paste the entire code when I'm in the Visual editor I'll switch to the text Editor text and what happens or the

Benefit here is that I can type in HTML Which was what the code was so I'll just Type in control V Now the HTML is pasted here I'll switch Back to the visual View and you'll see The form actually shows up right here in The classic editor if I want to preview It I'll just click and the form will be Previewed the server 2 page is now Previewing and you can see it shows up Right here and that's how you embed Google forms on your WordPress website But there's one piece of information you Should know if you're creating forms Like this just to collect information From users or send them newsletters or Doing anything else there's a much Better solution that you should also Known that exists right inside WordPress It's called WP forms WP forms is one of The best let's say form Builders out There with over 5 million users using it There's a free version there is a Premium version you should check it out Because you can do contact forms you can Do payment forms that means actually Collect payments right inside creating Forms which is not possible in Google Forms you can also do survey forms Newsletters you have condition logic so You can say hey if user selects this Field enable all tense fields or let's Say user selects one field redirect them To a particular page or to even replace

Your WordPress login and registration uh I say pages with WP forms there's a lot Of functionality and I've done a few Videos already on this particular topic So you might find WP forms being the Much better solution for your form Creation needs on WordPress because it's Built right for WordPress it integrates Very well with WordPress it also has Advanced features that I was talking About which WP forms has and Google form Does not have because WP forms is built For WordPress Google forms not so much It's a web-based kind of application so You might find those functionality much More useful to you so make sure to check Out this video before you leave also Fill the survey on my form which I'll Place on the screen if you haven't Subscribed make sure to subscribe hit The like button if this video is helpful To you and of course if you have any Questions feedback for this lesson leave That in the comments my name is yuvraj You're watching wpbeginner I'll catch You in the next video take care

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