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Most people on Instagram or Tick Tock Use a link in BIO or a similar service To create a page where they can showcase Their products or services and I'm here To tell you that that is the worst Possible solution and if you don't Believe me here are seven reasons on why Having a website is much better than a Link in BIO link tree or any other Similar service let's talk about that So the first disadvantage of using a Link in bioservice versus a website is That you're building your entire Business on someone else's platform Think about it you don't control LinkedIn bio link tree or any other Service that you're planning to use to Build your business and what can happen Is that their website can go down which Has happened in the past they can go out Of business they can shut down they can Change their terms of service they can Change their pricing models and they can Do anything with their platform which Might not be suitable to your goals and Your business but ultimately you'll have To suck it up because that's what you Have to do because you don't control the Platform but if you build a website Especially using WordPress WordPress is An open source platform that means the Entire source code is available for free For you to download and no one company Actually controls the platform so even

If the parent company behind WordPress Goes out of business for some reason WordPress will still continue to exist Your website will still continue to Exist and some other company will pick Up the pieces and WordPress will Continue to grow and Thrive and your Business and website will completely Remain unaffected by any of these events The second reason why having a website Is much better than linktree or LinkedIn Bio is because of the lack of design Options that these Services offers now Many people sign up for LinkedIn bio or Other services and they find out they Have 20 templates to choose from and They are delighted elated that wow they Have so many design choices but let me Tell you if you build your open website You have literally unlimited options Because let's say for example if you Decide to use seed clot which is a page Builder that we create you have many Many templates to choose from but what You can also do is create a completely Customized page that matches your brand Your personality and the niche you're in You literally have unlimited designs to Choose from sure using a LinkedIn bio is Much more convenient and maybe a little Bit faster if you don't have any design Skills but that also means that your Page looks exactly like thousands of Other pages that already exist and who

Wants that the third reason why Lincoln Bios are an inferior solution is because Of lack of content management features Let me explain when you use a link in BIO technically you get to create one Page with just some links and that's not Enough what if you want to add another Page talking about the details of your Services not possible how about creating Drafts that you can edit later nope how About having a media gallery to store Images nada revision control on pages Nope non-existent you get the idea there Are many limitations when it comes to Optimizing organizing storing managing Content that goes on a LinkedIn bio page But if you build a website with WordPress there are no such limitations First you can create unlimited pages and Link them together so you can have a Main Link in biolike page and then have It link out to other detailed Pages for Your products and services that you Offer through your website you can also Upload and organize hundreds of images And you can easily switch out images From any of the pages that you like you Can also create drafts or multiple Versions of a page and then switch them Out as you like so if you're running a Special promotion or want to implement a Design for a limited time for example Christmas then you can design the page Well in advance and then switch it out

In a few clicks and stuff completely Redesigning the page from scratch every Time you want to make a change on your Website Before disadvantage and a huge one in my Opinion is the lack of lead capture and E-commerce features on any Link in Bioservice let me explain So ultimately if you're using a link in Bioservice you're promoting something Either it's yourself your business your Products or your services but if you Just want to do that then you still have To use external services to accomplish Even just the basic stuff for example if You want to capture any emails using a Link in my page that's not possible You'll have to connect to an external Email service provider or a lead magnet Solution or any other solution that Helps you do that what if you want to Sell an ebook you can't do that you Still have to connect to some other Service that will allow you to do that What if you want people to sign up to Your newsletter well you can't do that Unless you connect to another external Service that will help you do that so Ultimately the point is that if you Still have to use so many other services To just do the basics to run your Business or promote your business then Is using link in BIO worth it when you Can accomplish that and much more if you

Have your own website so let's say you Decide to ditch Link in BIO and created Your own website and now you want to Accomplish all the things that I was Talking about how will you do it let me Explain it let's say you want to capture Email leads you can use a product like Opt-in monster to create leads create Lead magnets promote lead magnets and do A lot more on your website easily what If you want to send out emails from your Website well you can use a product like WP mail SMTP to set up an SMTP service And then start sending out emails Directly from your website what about E-commerce if you want to sell ebooks or Digital products there's Easy Digital Downloads which you can install for free On your website and start selling or Even promoting free lead magnets that You can use to promote your business What about storing your customers Information like a CRM well you can use Funnel kit to have a complete CRM setup On your website you can also use funnel Kit to create sales funnels and business Automations that help you manage your Business much easier I can go on and Give you tens of other examples but the Simple idea is that when you use a link In BIO you still have to use external Services to accomplish even the basic Stuff that you need to run and operate Your business but that's not the case

With your website because everything you Want to do in your business can be done And accomplished on website so that's The advantage for you the next advantage That websites offer over LinkedIn Bioservices is analytics and tracking Let me explain when you use a LinkedIn Buy or similar service they don't give You any actionable data about what is Happening on the page the max amount of Data they'll give you is how many people Actually visit the page but that's not Very useful at all so think about this You're creating all that content you're Creating reels you're creating stories You're creating posts all in the hopes That people will discover your content Go to your profile go to your LinkedIn Bio and ultimately will become leads or Customers so you're spending all that Effort bringing people in but you still Don't know anything about those people So all that effort is being put in to Just bring people to the LinkedIn bio Page but not enough effort is being put In to just understand what those people Want or even convert those people into Customers that's where a website gives You tons of advantages let me talk about That when you have a website you can Integrate your website with many Tracking solutions that will help you Understand what's happening on the site Who is visiting website what are they

Trying to accomplish and ultimately what Are they doing on the page so you can Actually close those people or or Convert them into leads and customers For example a leading tracking solution For websites is Google analytics you Cannot use it with LinkedIn bio but if You want to use Google analytics on your WordPress website all you have to do is Use monster insights it's free it'll set Up Google analytics for you instantly And start giving you actionable data About what people are doing what pages Are they visiting and how are they Consuming the content on your LinkedIn Bio or your website page similarly if You want to retarget visitors who visit A certain portion of your website a Certain page of your website with paid Ads you have no such option on a link in BIO page but with your website all you Have to do is install Google tag manager Install some retargeting pixels you can Install the Google AdWords remarketing Pixel the Facebook pixel the Pinterest Pixel all those pixels and using those Pixels you'll be able to retarget the People who visit a certain portion of Your website because you know that They're interested in a certain products Or service and close more business if You are a really Advanced user you can Even use heat maps to understand where People are actually scrolling through on

The page and understand the products and Services that they are most in Interested in and all you have to do is Use all in one SEO as it integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Clarity and You can install Microsoft Clarity on Your website in just a few clicks and Start generating data about what people Are actually doing on the page so you Can understand and serve their needs Better The next big advantage of using websites Over LinkedIn bio is the ability to Perform search engine optimization on Your pages now think about it this way The ultimate goal of creating a LinkedIn Web page is that you can get traffic on It specifically targeted traffic and the Best way to get Target traffic to your Website is actually search engine Optimization which helps you bring Targeted traffic exact people who are Searching for certain things to your Website but none of the LinkedIn bio Services offer any SEO features Completely zero you cannot change the Title of the page you cannot add any Metadata to the page you cannot even Alter or add a lot of content in any Case you cannot add open graph tags Schema data or anything else that makes For a really really optimized post but That all changes when you build a Website when you create a website

Instead of just a link in BIO then you Have the opportunity to create multiple Pages and then you can optimize each of Those pages for SEO or search engine Traffic using a simple tool like all in One SEO you can design Pages come Completely change the titles add Metadata add open graph tags add schema Data that means you can get rich results In these search results it's star Ratings pricing information all that Good stuff that'll help you click Through it and get targeted traffic and Of course you can create all those pages In a way that they are mobile friendly So you can use those individual Pages as A LinkedIn bio in itself or you can Create a link in BIO page specifically And then link out to all those pages for Different services or products that you Offer giving you the best of both worlds Compared to a LinkedIn bio So let's talk about the last Advantage Websites have over LinkedIn bio websites And that's the ability to extend the Features of the website using plugins When you sign up for LinkedIn bioservice You do get a certain set of features and Well that's it you cannot extend those Features or add new features unless the Company behind the service decides to Add them to the website but that's not The case with when you build a website With WordPress because WordPress has a

Massive ecosystem of plugins themes and Other products that you can use to Extend the website in meaningful Effective and Powerful ways just on the WordPress repository you have thousands Literally thousands of plugins that you Can install on your website and of Course you have third-party plugin Developers as well who create powerful Powerful plugins for websites using Which you can extend the functionality Of your website anytime anywhere anyhow You like you can add pop-ups for email Capture live chat social proof Interactive forms animations graphs Charts and a lot more on a website Utilizing the power of plugins a link in BIO doesn't even come close So those were my seven reasons on why I Would prefer a website instead of a link In BIO what is your opinion let me know In the comments now if you're sold on Building a website instead of using a Linked bio here's a video on how to Create your website and here's a video On how to create a LinkedIn bio page in WordPress both are easy to follow so Make sure to catch those videos and of Course subscribe to this channel if You're interested in videos like this my Name is yuvraj you're watching W Hana I'll catch you in the next video take Care

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