Create Separate Page for Blog Posts – 4 POWERFUL Ways

By default, WordPress makes your homepage your blog feed, which is not usually desired. Many websites prefer to have a static home page and have a different page just to display the blog feed. In this video I show you exactly that, but also share a few different ways to do it for maximum control.

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00:00 – Default WordPress Behavior
01:05 – Create Essential Pages
01:39 – Method 1 – Create a separate blog feed
04:00 – Method 2 – Creating Pages only for a single category blog feed
07:24 – Method 3 – Creating a Custom Feed
12:53 – Method 4 – Doing it with Page Builders

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When you first set up a WordPress Website this is typically what happens On your WordPress website see it on Screen right here the home page of the Website becomes a Blog feed what that Means is that all the blog posts that You publish are just started to list Down on the home page of the website now Depending on what you're trying to do With your website you might like this or You might not like this and if you don't Like this you've learned in the Right Video because in this video I'm going to Show you exactly how to change this Behavior in WordPress how to set up a Different blog post or a page typically To have all the blog posts listed on the Site or you can create a blog feed Separately on a different page on a site And this will also result in having or You having a static homepage of your Website now there are few different ways To achieve this so I would suggest that You watch the video till the end because I'm going to start with the basic and The most easiest method and then going Into a little more I say not the complex Method but a method that gives you more Control over what blog post you want to Show on your website and how you want to Show them so even if you don't just want To set up a simple blog post it's There's a lot of value in watching the Video till the end all right let's get

Started with method number one the Easiest way to to set up a different Blog post or page where it lists all the Blog posts on your site let's go so I'm Logged into the admin area of my website Let me show you show you the quickest Way how you can create a different page Which just shows off your blog post on Your website the first step you need to Do is to create a separate page which Will just act as the blog page or block Feed for your site if I go to my pages Right now you'll see I already have Created a page which is just blog and It's the empty page right now there's no Content there and you can just name it Anything you can say you can call it a Blog feed or a blog post or anything Like that the not the name or the Nomenclature of the post or nomenclature Of the page doesn't really matter all as Important is you have to have a page Which will serve as the blog for your Site once you've done that go to WordPress settings right here go to Reading settings right here and once You're in the reading setting this is The most importance that you should be Focusing on your home page displays and This is letting you changing with the Most important setting right now set to Your latest post that means all the Posts on my site are being listed which I showed you off in the demonstration as

Well what we'll do is change this Behavior by clicking this option right Here which will open up these two Options as well and this will give us is An option or selecting a different page For just the home page of site and Selecting a different page for all the Posts on your site so right now the home Page of the site I'll select the home Page this will create the home page as a Static page on a spy on my website which I can design using the any of the Editors the block editor or any Page Builder and this is the most important Step posts page which is the page on the Site which you want to assign as the Blog post right now or just showing off All the blog posts and of course as I Demonstrated as I mentioned I have Created the blog page specifically for This purpose so I'll select it right now Then you have a couple of simpler Options blog posts show at least or how Many posts so I've set it to 20 you can Configure to anything you like Syndication fee 20 is like for each Post In the feed include accept or full text I would recommend if you are using this Page for marketing or this page is Important and accept is usually fine Because the entire or blog post is not Shown which might take a lot of space And it makes it difficult for you to Scroll or the visitors to scroll through

All the content on your site and once You've done and just save your changes Right now and I'll go back to this page Which is still the home page I haven't Refresh the page let's change this and Right now you'll see the home page is Completely blank because now I haven't Designed the home page at all and this Just becomes a new page on my site which Is just a static home page and if I go Back to my settings right here let's go To the pages once again You'll see something interesting now WordPress is highlighting that what page Is the home page and what page is the Blog post page so home is now the front Page of the of my website and the blog Page is the post page on my site and if I open this up in a new tab right here You'll notice now the blog post page is The or the blog page is showing off all The different posts on my website while The home page is just completely blank So now you've separated both of these Pages the home page can be designed Completely so you can completely design The page for any kind of marketing Purpose or showing off what you do and The blog page can be just a combination Of all the blog posts that you published On the site so this was the first method The easiest way to set up a different Page on your site which will list all The blog posts on your site easy peasy

Works really well but what about a Scenario where you want to show off the Blog post from a certain category on Your website right only a select number Of posts on your site how do you achieve That let's also talk about that so once Again I'm going to go to the admin area Of my website and of course the Prerequisite for this method is that you Should have already assigned a different Categories to your blog post already for Example if I go to the Post right here You'll see all my posts are in different Categories I've just named them very Innovatively cat one cat two cat three And Cat four and different posts the Random post on my website have been Assigned to different categories my Phone want to create a different uh page Just to highlight the post from just one Of those categories it's actually very Simple go to the category section right Here and of course your categories will Already be created right here right so Just hover over the category just click The view button and open in a new tab And you'll see a link right here Automatically being created by WordPress And in this case it's which is A dummy URL slash category slash cat Hyphen one which is the name of the Category itself and this is all the Posts in that specific category and you Already uh done what you were trying to

Do right already created a block feed For just the category one and whatever Category you want to have a Blog feed Just click open at a new tab and you Have now have the URL of that specific Category is block feed and now you can Copy this URL and you can just paste it Anywhere you want to create an Elementary footer entry highlighted some Of the blog posts create a button Anything added to the footer or added to The sidebar whatever you want to do the URL will act as the direct path to Reaching that specific blog post which Lists all the blog posts in that Specific category and there's one quick Hack also I want to show you here right Here which might make sense to you if You're just trying to customize Everything so if you go into the Permalink settings of WordPress right Here WordPress settings perm links you Can actually customize the category uh Label right here if you notice the URL Right here I'll put it on the screen as Well the URL is which is the Home page or the actual URL of the Website slash category this is the Category label if you want to customize That you can actually do it right here By or changing this option right here so Let's say install for category I want to Say or call it topic right I'll save my Changes and once the changes have been

Saved I'll go back to the uh my Categories so post categories and right Here I'll just try to open this up once Again this is the post has to open up And I'll post to URL once again on Screen and now the URL will actually Change to W hyphen topic Hyphen cat one or cat hyphen one and now Instantly your website's uh categories Look much more Dynamic and you can you Have complete control so you can do Anything you like right here and the Same thing you can apply to actually Tags as well it's not limited to Categories let's say you use tags as the Primary tax on your website you can not Only create tag URLs by going into tags Right here instead of categories you can Also change the tag labels or just Customize them by going to the permanent Right here similar to how I change the Category base you can change the tag Base as well so that's one of the Easiest ways to not only create a blog Feed but also create a block feed Specifically for a specific taxonomous Site whether it be categories or tax but There's also another exciting scenario That will give you even more control Over how you want to display your blog Post on your site rather than a certain Category or all the blog posts so let's Talk about that method which might be Relatively powerful so stay tuned

All right let's talk about method number Three to create a specific page for just The blog post on your website now this Method is not necessarily complex or Difficult to implement but it's actually Much more customizable than the other Two methods that I just showed you and Not only can you customize what is going To be displayed on the screen that means What blog post but also how they will Show up and you have some sort of Control so even if you're a beginner in WordPress I would highly suggest that Watch this because it's not difficult to Set up and gives you more control all Right so on the screen right here what You can see is just a single page I have Created on the site it's a blank page Nothing done nothing fancy just a page That you'll also create with the blog Editor and what you'll do to add the List of blog posts on your site on this Page specifically is add a special block On this page and the block is called Actually let's type forward slash and I'll type in posts posds and you'll see This posts list block show up right here Will add this right here and this is a Special block that lists all the posts You have on your site now don't just go By its name it actually offers a lot More customization abilities compared to The first two matters so what I'll do is Instead of start blank I'll choose a

Pattern for the query block so what the Pattern offers is to is gives you Multiple ways on how you want to show All the blog posts on your site so right Now two options witness a wider View and The second is a grid View and what you Can do is in the carousel view right Here you can actually choose from Pre-built layouts that you can have or Use to display the post on a site so What you do is click on the arrow and You start seeing different different Ways how the blog post can be shown on Your website and you have a multiple I Say multiple options already pre-built For you and right now the website is not Designed uh there's not much content Here so you might not this this might Not look as beautiful as it might look On a well-designed website but the idea Is still here right you can see this is A beautiful column based display you can Use on a site so let's choose this one And it'll start showing up all the blog Posts right here and of course we can Customize a lot of the options so once You've selected this block right Selected this block you'll see the block Options right here and this is where the Magic happens you have a lot of Different customization abilities that You can start using to customize how the Blog post will look like so inherit Default layout this means it will

Inherit the default layout of the team This you can enable disable this and you Can also specify the content pixels and Content width so you can customize how You want the content to be displayed and You also have some other options right Here this is one of the powerful ones uh Post type is set to post now this is the Method that I uh is not available in any Other methods that I talked about right Now what you can do is just change this To page and install the post on your Website you can also start displaying Pages on your website this is a very Powerful feature not available in the First two matters let's go back to post Just for Simplicity and then you also Have the option to customize the columns So let's say I just like two columns I Can change it to or if I like four Columns I can change it to four all is Options available right here then comes The more powerful options order by Newest to oldest so you can customize This post or this blog feed to show or Change the order from newest to oldest Oldest to newest or alphabetical as well In descending or in ascending order Again this method or this customization Is not available in the first two Methods then also you have the option of Including or excluding sticky posts Which is not available in the first two Methods then comes the best part right

Filters now in the first two methods What we showed first method was all the Blog posts second method was specific Tax enemies but right now in the filters Options right here you get the best most Amount of control that you need to do Anything on your site so you have Filters for categories authors and Keywords so you want to display posts From just one category that's perfectly Fine so let's say if I type in Cat 1 Only Blogspot from cat1 will show but if I want to also include post from cat2 They also show up beautiful right and Then you can also filter based on Authors and also add certain keywords That's so awesome right and of course You have some basic design options well If you want to change the text color and The background color you can do that Right here but the easy or interesting Part is not only can you customize how It appears you have multiple layout and Column grades and Carousel views and all Those options available you can also Customize what content is being Displayed so you can really create Customized uh pages on the site Displaying just the right information That you want to show based on keywords Authors or even categories that's pretty Powerful and if you want to create just A specific page for this blog feed right Now we already are creating page you can

Also explore this option right here and One more best part about this option or This uh method that we're using to Display all the blog posts on a specific Page is that this is still a regular Page in WordPress and it's created with The block editor so after this I can Actually still add more blocks I can Design the page I can add more content Here and have the content or whatever I Want on this block feed so apart from The blog feed I have still complete Control over what content I want to Display and I can add the block feed to The bottom of the post the middle of the Post or page specifically and just do Anything I like with the blog page right Here or all the blog page so this method Gives you the most amount of control Over what you want to display how you Want to display it and even add more Content to the page that you're Designing for your blog feed so Excellent method method number three but Now there's one more thing that we need To cover before we end this video and That is how do you do this if you're Using a page builder right now right now We're using the block header how do we Do this with a page builder so let me Talk about that after this transition All right let's talk about method number Four to create a separate page on your Site just to display the blog post on

Your website and as I mentioned I'll be Using page builders in this example and The reason to use page Builders uh why Would you want to use this because page Builders give you a lot more control Over the design drag and drop intuitive Controls right here no code inquired and A lot more control over the pages and Design on your website now all the page Builders are probably almost all the Page builders on the market will be able To do what I'm going to demonstrate Right now but I'm going to be using a Page builder called seed prod because Seed pod is one of the best page Builders out there according to me and I Already have it installed and activated On my website and as I said the same Methodology that I'm showing in seed Plot can be done with other page Builders as well and Ctrl has a lot of Features let's talk about that so I'll Be using a feature inside seat dot Called theme Builder now theme Builder What it does is lets you design a Complete theme for your website now if You're starting out your website hasn't Been designed yet this is a great Feature to use but you don't have to use This feature to create or customize the Block feed on your site I'll be Demonstrating how to do that but since My website is not completely made as you Saw the design wasn't perfect the theme

Build allows me to also have a great Design on my website right so what I Will be doing is going to the add new Theme template right here or even the Themes right here and this will show me All the themes that are available for me To choose to write directly import on my Website and all of them look beautiful You can pick anyone or I'll just pick This one right now I'll click this and It'll import all the pages on my website That has or that are included with this Specific theme template you create the Home page the index page and all that Page let's wait for a few seconds for This to complete and I'll demonstrate How we can start customizing some of These options or abilities so right now You can see all the pages have been Imported on the website right so the Page that I'm interested in is the blog Feed page and from the just for the name You can say the blog page is the page That will have a feed of the blog post Right so what I'll do is open this up in Seed prods editor so by doing this or Clicking this button right here which Says edit design I'll open this up in a New tab and this will open up the seed Prod Builder or seed plot build the Right here and as you can see if you Scroll down right here this has already Included a feed of all the blog posts on The site now if you are not familiar

With page Builders let me just give you A crash course on how it works on the Right side which I'll highlight on the Screen you have the actual design of Your page and on the left side you have Content in forms of blocks that you can Add on the page so this is a block this Is a block and this is also a block and You can add or tons of blocks right here For example you see template Box Available you have standard blocks you Have advanced blocks you have all those Blocks so whatever content you want to Customize or even add to the page just Drag and drop it right here and the Block will be added in whatever place You like so it's a drag and drop Functionality so if I click this one as You see this is highlighted as a block If I click this the options for that Will open up so what this is is a post Block which lists all the posts on your Website now this part is important to Understand this is very similar to how I Achieve this in method number three Where I included a query block on the Page but I was using the block edit Inside WordPress but right now I'm doing Something Sim similar I'm using a post Block but I'm using it in seed plot and Of course you can do this with any other Page builder you will have similar Functionality in other page Builders as Well now the best part one more thing to

Understand is that you don't have to use This block just because it's added on The page let's say you just design a new Page with seed plot so you can just add The post block on the page and you can Have all the functionality just exactly Like this and you don't need to use the Theme that's been included with seed Plot if you already have a beautiful Looking theme out there right just Clarifying out there I'm just using this Because I didn't have a great designer Website anyway so right now you have all The options again for the Post block Right here so query type is default Custom and manual so default query is Just a regular feed I'll also Demonstrate what other options you have You can change customization you have Include patternation you can enable or Disable featured images so featured Image disabled enable titles enabled Oops where did it go title enabled show Meta title tag what a heading Block Video or what heading would you like it To use for the title block H4 H3 H1 and That's up to you show metadata you can Include it so metadata will start Showing up I don't like it usually so I'll disable this and with the metadata You had options to customize it as well You have bunch of other options and if I Change this to let's say custom you can Actually customize all those options so

Post types do you want to include post Or include posts Media or Pages you have That option right here query by category This is again the same feature if you Enable this you can select only certain Categories that you want to display in This block feed and a query by tags and Authors is the same thing as I Demonstrated but I'll just disable it Right now let's enable this and explore Some other options as well order by also Right here you can have comment counts How many comments to popular posts can Show up first menu order title Everything or resending the sending all These options are now available to you To customize this block feed however you Like and the third option is also very Exciting it's a manual thing and what You can do is just use this query Parameters changes to display only Certain or I say manually selected post On a site so right now if you just Dissect this it's says post type is post That means the post will display post Purge Pages three that means only three Pages and you can also just say Okay Descending order post publisher the idea Here is that even if you let's say you Are familiar with query parameters you Have that control right here built in Inside seed plot that you can utilize But I say most people will be happy with The custom one or the default one and as

I mentioned you don't need to use this Specific blog post you can open up any Page right here let's say you want you Want to create a new post on your site Create a new page or post and then add That post block on the page right there And then customize all these options Once again and you don't even have to Use the theme Builder you can actually Use this or with your existing theme as Well right so all the customization Beautiful options are built right inside This beautiful page builder seed plot And I'll leave a link down in the Description to C plus website if you Want to check it out and of course all The methods that I demonstrated will Work exactly the same way as I Demonstrated so let me in the comments Which of these methods you found the Most helpful and if you have any Questions about this also leave that in The comments if you have feedback for This lesson you can leave that in the Comments as well before you go check out Some of these videos right here and also Subscribe to our Channel if you're Interested in easy to use Easy to follow WordPress tutorials I'll catch you in The next video take care

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