CHATGPT WARNING! Stop Buying Chat GPT Courses, Apps or Software ⚠️ ⛔️ ⚠️

CHATGPT WARNING! Stop Buying Chat GPT Courses, Apps or Software – Chat GPT by Open Ai was a huge success! This is a free (soon to be paid) tool that helps you with content generation for all your internet marketing needs (seo, copywriting, emails etc…) And with this success there is a downside!

There are hundreds of marketers and product launchers that produce these ChatGPT courses or Apps that are designed to make you look stupid (like you don’t know how to ask Chat GPT the right prompts or commands…) and these fake gurus don’t even care you lose that money.

The best part is they cleverly design their ChatGPT course sales pages in a way that you feel like you need them to show you how to ask prompts to this ai content tool…

But did you know you can simple ask ChatGpt to tell you what are the best prompts for… email headlines, article writing, keyword generation…and much more? And it will tell you… for FREE!

No need to pay for chat gpt courses or apps that promise you one click content while charging you $100-500 bucks for this… and if you bought it already… well, you just lost money on what you can get for free with a simple question and 10 seconds of your time… lol!

But at least you know there are people online happily creating these chat gpt courses or apps so they can buy a nice home or car meanwhile you wonder why you cant make money online… and you guessed it… having a Chat GPT software or prompts book is not going to help you to make money online… taking action will! Just remember that… and don’t let those chatgpt courses you already bought sit on your computer doing nothing…

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CHATGPT WARNING! Stop Buying Chat GPT Courses, Apps or Software
This is a fair warning about money hungry online gurus that are quickly putting together crappy courses and apps to teach you how to use chatgpt to make money online… don’t fall for this!


Is a warning if you ever wanted to buy GPT courses because they are just Popping up like mushrooms after the rain Then please don't do it because these Chechi PT courses are designed to steal Your money and it will simply waste lots Of cash and lots of time remember jgpt Right now is free but it will be paid Soon and all these courses that you're Buying right now for jgpt Ah damn You just threw it away so guys please Save your money there is way better Things that you can do with your money Than buying GPT courses peace

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