ChatGPT for Videos – Make Engaging YouTube Videos In 5 Minutes [Full Beginner Tutorial]

Are you tired of spending hours creating content for your YouTube channel? ChatGPT is an OpenAI Bot that can help to save you time and money when creating videos on your YouTube channel. In this tutorial, you will see how ChatGPT-3 can easily help you make engaging YouTube videos in just 5 minutes.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, you’ll learn how this revolutionary tool can save you time and boost your creativity. And more YouTube videos you will create, more money you will make.

YouTube is great platform to build an engaging audience and can give you tons of free traffic to your business. More videos therefore means that you will make more money online! And ChatGpt for videos is going to help you create more content for your subscribers.

VIDEO CHAPTERS: ChatGPT for Videos – Make Engaging YouTube Videos In 5 Minutes – Full Beginner Tutorial

00:00 Introduction – How To Use ChatGPT to Create YouTube Videos
00:58 YouTube Video Script TEMPLATE
03:21 ChatGPT Ai Bot Writes YouTube Video Script
08:02 How To Use The ChatGPT Script to Create Video
13:00 Preview of the Video ChatGPT Created the Script For

On this video you will learn how to use ChatGPT to write an engaging video script and create a rough outline for your video following the best video scripting formula. After your script is done (in less than 5 minutes), you will learn how to turn that script to a faceless video using Pictory. If you want to get discount, click the link below:

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By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have all the tools you need to start using ChatGPT-3 to revolutionize your YouTube content creation.

So, if you’re ready to transform your YouTube channel and take your content to the next level, don’t miss this tutorial. Click play now to get started!

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How ChatGPT for Videos – Make Engaging YouTube Videos In 5 Minutes – Full Beginner Tutorial

This video is all about how to use ChatGPT for videos, especially how to write a video script for faceless YouTube video channels. Also you will learn how to turn that video script into cool video even without showing your face on camera.

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Hey guys Brett here with another video And today I want to show you how to use Jet GPT to create YouTube videos for Your YouTube channel and yes you can use This to create channels that are without Showing your face or you can even read The script and create videos where People can see you as well what I like About your GPT is that it is free and You can create unlimited amounts of Content and that means that you will Make more money because more content Means more visitors and more visitors to Any website especially if you are doing Affiliate marketing like I do because You know that with affiliate marketing It is all about traffic right more People you see your offer more people Will buy so now let me show you how easy It is to create YouTube videos with chat GPT let's go Foreign For you to create YouTube videos fast Using jgpt you need to have some kind of Like template right and now I'm gonna Show you the the template that I think It is the best converting template where Traffic can come directly to whatever Offer you want them to send them to your Website your e-commerce store to your Blog whatever you want right so this Template if if you use this template and And enter this template into jgpt you Will always get really cool scripts for

Your video videos and then you can Create them easily which I will show you Later on at this video so the template Is All right so first of all each video Should have hook which make people to Actually go and watch this video or the Whole video right then there's a Content Which is actually what you have inside Your hook that whatever you promise you Need to talk about it and then the third Step or the third part of the template Is CTA which means call to action so the Template is as follows you need to have A hook now this hook actually makes People uh to watch the whole video right You need to somehow engage these people To watch this video then you have Content piece which is what you say in The hook that this video is about right So now you need to develop deliver on The promise and you need to create Content about the people are interested In and most of the time when they start Watching the video because of your hook You just need to Simply continue create Content about it it's easy right and the Third part of the template is call to Action now you need to have call to Action otherwise you just create video That sits on YouTube and is doing Nothing nothing for you and if you are Like me you want to make money with your YouTube videos right that means call to

Action is where you tell the viewer what Is the next step that they need to take If you want to get subscribers maybe Your call to action could be subscribe To my channel so you grow your audience If you want people to comment just make Sure that you say that in the call to Action if you want people visit your Blog or your squeeze page where where You collect leads which you can use Email marketing later on to educate them About your offers and then you know Provide solution for them then you need To have this call to action you cannot Have video without it so now let me show You how to do this really fast with chat GPT so here we are inside chat GPT Program it is basically free uh you just Have to have Google account and then you Can access it so basically what you need To know about this tool is that you feed Him some question or some information And it gives you some content or some Answers to that questions and then you Can start creating the content that you Put your own personality into it right Because sometimes it has limitations and It can generate incorrect information uh Sometimes it can occasionally produce Harmful instructions or biased content That means well he doesn't know what is Good for for the viewer right so you Need to kind of like lead it you need to Still use your own common sense when

You're creating these scripts or content For your YouTube channel but um you know It can give you good ideas and you know It has limited knowledge so whatever is After 2021 it doesn't know about so when You create a Content you need to know Um these things right and then you can Use your own judgment so now let me show You how I would create video using jdpt Using the hook using the the content and Using the call to action right so first Of all I'm gonna tell him that I would Like to make video about certain topic So basically I give him some instruction In this case I say I would like to Create video script about what are the Best ways to make money online for Absolute beginner and I would like to I Would like you to write a script in the Format of hook content and CTA which is The template that I talked about Previously so let's see what your GPT Comes up with All right so as you can see it followed Exact formula and within just one minute I get this script which I can now make Video uh about right so it gives it gave Me the hook are you tired of living Paycheck to paycheck struggling to make Ends meet do you wish you could generate Passive income and Achieve Financial Independence look no further because we Have the solution for you all right you Can you can uh use this or you can maybe

Tweak it a little bit according to Whatever you want for for this video I'm Gonna just use it as Ace just because I Don't wanna waste too much of your time Then it gives me content making money Online is a great way to passive to earn Passive income build your own business Achieve Financial Freedom but where do You start here are the top three ways to Make money online for absolute beginners It gives me start block tells you a Little bit about it self product Services or invest in the stock market Which is okay cool Maybe I can later even change it because I like affiliate marketing so I would Maybe use this as affiliate marketing But you know it it doesn't really matter Because content is content you just need To create a ton of it uh call to action Don't let the fear of the unknown hold You back from achieving your financial Goal I would maybe not even come up with This because Yeah for a lot of people who are just Bigger than us because I told him here Is beginner they maybe they don't want To get started because they have no idea How to get started and and this actually Wow maybe even if I would read or if I Would saw a video that I had this call To action at the end I'll be like oh Okay I know like okay let me see let me Find out more so start making money

Online today and take control of your Financial future maybe I will change it If you want to start making money online Today and take control of your of your Financial financial future check the Link in the description below this video Did you see how easy it is to create a Script for this video so now because I Know that many people or many of you are Afraid to show your face in front of the Camera for some reason I have no idea Why is that but you know there's so many People that they asking for ways to Create videos or scripts for your Faceless YouTube channel and I I think That faceless YouTube channel does not Convert as good as videos where you show Your face but now I'm gonna show you how You can use that script and create Videos and yeah post it on YouTube and Start making basically money just Because more content you publish faster You do this faster you will make money GPT is now Lifesaver and it's free Alright guys so right now what we're Going to do we are going to create Videos and I like picture software which Is probably the easiest and the fastest Way to create content using this AI Technology and we're gonna be using Script to video and if you would like to Try it out it is going to be linked in The description below this video where You can get even 20 off discount and

Yeah then you just need to log in create Account and then you go to script to Video and as you can see right now I'm Gonna do let's say YouTube YouTube Video one right just just for you for For this test and I'm gonna go back to The script and just copy paste and That's it yeah you can make money guys By copying and pasting so first we are Going to do the hook So I just copy the hook Then we're gonna continue with the Content which is to write this Second click starter block cell Series So I'm just gonna make this a little bit Like this so I can see it better and now The last thing the third copy paste is Call to action copy and then paste and Then let me show you how easy it is to Basically edit it so here the this call To action will be If you want to start making money online Today and take control of your financial Future Make sure you click the link In the Description Below this Video maybe and watch The free presentation till the And all right cool so right now we have It it's 1515 characters doesn't really Matter and right now what we can do is

Proceed uh what you can do is scene Settings and right now it's Auto Highlight keywords Auto visual selection Basically what it does it will find the Video clips for you and create new Scenes on both alright so I'm I'm Gonna Leave it you can always edit it I'm Gonna make more videos on picture Because I think it will really help you Out to make money online with video Content so right now we just do proceed Right now what we can do is choose Template I like this yellow and and uh Black and uh and red so yeah let's just Do this one let's select lemon and we're Gonna do this for YouTube which is this 16 to 9 format and hit continue and as You can see it creates everything for You aha this power of AI technology is Insane and that's it it is done and now Because you see that for example the big Test is the picks text is right here so What we can do is we can we can Basically split it I split it wrongly so Let me just fix this a little bit here All right as you can see it's a little Bit better now this could be still a Little bit longer so what we can do we Can go basically with the cursor like This and then split scene and you see it Just it's you know you can see it better Uh if you want to make the text even Smaller you can right so it's right now It's 36 so let's see if we do 28 you see

It's smaller so you can you can play With this and and I I'm not gonna do This now in this video because it would Take so much of that of your time but Basically right now we have these scenes And the scenes is basically like um Created on its own and now if you want To definitely like for example you can Even hide it right so you can go to Setting and you can do height text Boom and it will not be there right so For example this is also big test text So I can also hide it Like this right so now we have this Video with call to action and all you Have to do right now is select audio and Do the video as it is or use voice over Or you can upload your own voice over Again right now I'm not going to do much With it so let me just go to voice over And uh let me see This Is Us English all Right let me maybe apply this one So since we have this video all you have To do is generate and video you see it Basically generates the scenes generates The video after you've done all this Customization for the text and Everything then again the AI puts Everything together and then you can Just upload it to YouTube are you tired Of living paycheck to paycheck Struggling to make ends meet Do you wish you could generate passive Income and Achieve Financial

Independence Look no further because we have the Solution for you making money online is A great way to earn passive income build Your own business and Achieve Financial Freedom but where do you start here are The top three ways to make money online For absolute beginners Start a blog blogging is a great way to Share your thoughts ideas and experts or Have any other marketable Talent by Doing your research and investing in Reputable companies If you want to start making money online Today and take control of your financial Future make sure you click the link in The description below this video and Watch the free presentation till the end That's it guys as you could see the Video was done it was done pretty Quickly and all you have to do is to Tell GPT to create the script for you Using the hook content and call to Action formula which is easy and then The video is just made by Victory so This is really easy way to get started To make money online with with YouTube With videos and using GPT because hey it Can create unlimited content ideas for You and if this video gave you some Value make sure you hit the like button Also comment below what did you like the Most from this content and if you are Completely new to my channel make sure

That you hit the Subscribe button with The Bell notification icon so you'll Miss out any of my upcoming new videos On how to make money online Foreign [Music]

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