Change Your WordPress Login URL for Better Security and User Experience

Do you want to add a custom login URL in WordPress?

Adding a custom login URL in WordPress can help improve your WordPress security and offer your visitors a better experience.

In this video, we’ll show you how to add a custom login URL in WordPress.

0:00 Intro
0:37 Downloading and installing WPS Hide Login
1:07 Customizing settings
3:09 Trying it all out

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This is a common problem in WordPress This is a website I have made and you Can see I'm logged in but if we go into An incognito window anybody can guess The login URL of my website by just Going here and type in forward login and Access the login page of my website now They won't be able to log in without a Username and password but this is the First step in hackers and malicious user Steps to figure out how they can guess My password or brute force it and gain Access to the backend of my website and In this video I'm going to show you Exactly how to solve this problem by Changing the login URL of your WordPress Website let's begin so to change the Login URL of our website we'll first go Into the admin area since I'm already Logged into this website I can go to the Adminator directly I already have it Open in a new tab we'll install new Plugin which helps us change the login URL so we'll go to plugins Add new And inside the search box I'm going to Search for a plugin called WPS hide Login And this is the plugin we're going to Use I'm going to install the plugin And the plugin is now installed let's Also activate the plugin Now since the plugin is installed we can Access these settings by going here but

It'll also be a hyperlink to access Settings by going to the WordPress Settings which is right here and going To WPS height login so I'll click this Button and it will take me to settings Directly now we're going into the General settings because the settings For WPS hide login are actually inside The general settings so you can see These settings right here these are Settings for WPS height login you have Two fields to customize the first one is The login URL which you can change to Anything you like this will be the Secret login URL which you will create So that only you remember it and the Second one is a redirection URL so let's Say you change the url to something else But somebody else tries to log in using The old URL then they'll be redirected To this particular Page by default it's The 404 page that's the setting I would Recommend but if you create a dedicated Page just to have some little fun with Somebody who's trying to login you can Create a different page and have the URL Set up here I'm going to just change the Login URL to Secret login just to keep It simple you should have a little more Let's say unique idea when you're Changing the URL so just type in secret And a hyphen and now the URL is Secret Login I'll click save changes And I should get a success message which

Is right here you should also see it Success message your login page is now Here bookmark this page now it's very Important to either remember this save This or bookmark this page so that you Don't forget this because if you forget Your blogging URL you can't have a Little inconvenient time you'll have to Contact your hosting provider get FTP Details disable this plugin and if you Disable this plugin using FTP then you Will be able to log in your website Using the old URL but it's a little bit Of an inconvenience to actually forget This and do all this and I say beginners Will find a hard time to understand the Process and follow along so it's much Easier and much safer to remember or Access save the URL so if you have a Very unique let's say a combination of Weird words and characters it's very Important to either bookmark the page or Save it somewhere so you don't forget it All right now since this is very simple That I've not made a huge complicated URL I I'm not going to save it but just To remind you you should be doing this So let's start now opening up the Website in an incognitive window and try And log in with the old URL and also With the new URL so I'll open up an Incognito window and let me just excited For a second so let me open the website Up once again first I'll go to the home

Page And this is the same place same thing I Showed up home page and I'll just try to Log in with the old URL which is forward Slash login And now it brought me to the 404 page Which is the expected Behavior I can Also try to do Admin And once again I'm on this page so Whenever anybody tries to log into your Website with any kind of URL WP admin Login daily brought to the 404 page only The URL that we decided to change to Will be working here so Secret Login This is the URL reset let's press enter And now we have the backend area of the Website and this is how easy it is to Change the login URL of your WordPress Website but this also has one thing Missing which you don't have any design Changes or design control over this page And if you want to learn how to make This URL change and also have a unique Design to your page you can watch this Video right here and if you like this WordPress videos then you should Subscribe and follow our Channel and Also if you have any questions you can Leave a comment you're watching vivraj From double beginner I'll catch you next One

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