Building Website Is About To Change In a Big Way – WordPress 6.3 Is Coming!

After 6 years of changing everything in WordPress, we have finally arrived! WordPress 6.3 releases in a few weeks and it made everything better!

Table Of Contents
00:00 – We Have Arrived
00:55 – New Site Editor
01:27 – New Navigation
03:05 – Styles Changer
04:09 – New Revision History
05:13 – New Page Editing
06:45 – New Template Editor
07:35 – HUGE New Patters Interface
08:26 – Bye Reusable Blocks
09:06 – Make Synced Pattern
11:55 – Distraction Free Mode
13:12 – Command Palette
13:51 – Big Reveal
17:54 – 3rd Party Plugins
21:15 – Two New Blocks
21:50 – Big Performance Gains
22:21 – What Didn’t Work

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A brand new update to WordPress is Coming out is right around the corner a Lot of things change a lot of things Become easier and everything just Becomes better I'm going to show you Everything in this video I'm not going To waste any of your time I'm going to Jump from feature to feature so you can Know exactly what is coming everything That's changing so that you can be Prepared I'm also going to show you Something brand new in this video that's Going to shock your mind let's get Started now I've loaded up an early Release version on this site right here Most things work there's just two or Three things that don't work and I'll Talk about that when the time comes in This video here's the about screen where They list out all of the new things and Improvements in there and you can see One of the things here is these images Aren't quite working yet it's not that They're not working they probably Haven't created them and added them yet I'll go through this and use this as our Guide but the very first area we're Going to look at is all the big changes Inside side of the site editor now if You are using a block based theme to get To the site editor you simply go to Appearance and then click on editor and It's going to take you right into the Site editor you're immediately going to

Notice all of this is completely Different there is so much that was Harder to do before that's easier to do Now I guess that's probably the best way To explain it first let's start with the Navigation before it was very difficult To deal with navigation and that's Probably why they added this here before You'd have to click into the sites Layout click into the header click into The site's navigation and you might be In the wrong place but you could go like This and click on the navigation and You'd have to do it all right here they Have found a better way than goodness Let me go back now all you have to do is Click on navigation and you can see all Of your your navigation menus right here You can even manage them so I must have Accidentally created a couple extra ones I can click on this I can click on the Three dots right here and then I can Click on delete and delete menus I can Rename my menus I can click right here We also had these options here I can Rename it I can duplicate it I can Manage the pages now what you saw happen Let me go back and when you click into The navigation it takes you into what They're calling Focus mode what Focus Mode is is everything goes away except What you're editing and right here is is That navigation so I can clearly just Edit that just get to that now here I

Can rename each of these items and I can Rearrange them and I can even remove Them if I wanted to so it's going to Make managing your site's navigation Visual and so much easier so this is the Header navigation I love this it makes It so much easier now the next thing is Styles so block themes have styles and These are added by the person that makes The theme the developer that makes the Theme they create these Styles so I'm Using the free Spectra one theme and Here's the styles that they have and if I want to click right here I can see the Entire site all the colors totally Change and it's a drastic change as you Can see when I'm clicking around so you Could try these different styles right Here you had the Styles before but it Was in a less intuitive location now you Can just find the style you want here And have that now be the style on your Entire website you can also access the Style book from here so I can click on The I and I can see all the different Blocks and exactly what they're going to Look like as I'm using them inside my Website and you can even click into them And modify the style here and it will Apply to the other areas of your website So I like where they put this now Another thing that's cool is there is a Full revision history and you can see Right here last modified a few seconds

Ago I can click on this it's going to Take me into the editor and over here on The right right above me you can see a Detailed list of changes that have Occurred and who did those changes and It's all just visual I gotta say that's One of the things I hate about WordPress Have you ever like wanted to see a Revision or revert to a prior version of Like a page or a blog post it is the Most unintuitive experience ever created Ever known to man and this is what the New experience could be if they bring This to other parts of WordPress so you See it's just a visual now I know like Revisions is not like the sexiest thing But but everyone who has had a WordPress Site has made a mistake and they needed To go back in time this is like time Machine mac Apple easy I like what they Did here so now you also have a list of The pages on your site and you can click Into it and start editing the contents Of that page now think about this right Now you have to go and see a list of Pages click into it then click back and There's all these page refreshes and all Of that you don't have to deal with any Of that anymore you just go in here so Say this contact page I'll just click on It and I have the details of the contact Page right here here is the contact page And if I want to edit anything I can do That right here like throw it in the

Trash I can click right here jump into Edit it I don't want this to say contact Info I can click here and start typing Whatever the heck I want to type in There I can do to full page editing so Here's the contact page I can go to any Of these pages and edit it no page Refreshes it's all very fluid and There's also a way to edit the Structural template if that's what you Want to do so if I go in here back into My contact page I click in there to edit It right here I can click into an area And here's a notice that says edit your Template to edit this block I can click On edit template and now you saw it Switched now I'm editing the page Template it could get a little Complicated if you're new to WordPress What I just described but it's the real Power here of the site editor is being Able to have these templates so that Would bring us to the next section in That list of improvements let's go back And that is I'm still in pages right Here templates this is going to list all The templates that Define the style of Of all the parts of your website your Archives your blog homepage pages single Posts down here you can see when I click On this it will take us into all the Other templates on our site including Your 404 page that's what shows if There's actually not a page when

Someone's visited a certain part of your Site search results it's all right here You can do it all visually and all Logically I love this and you can also Come here and create new templates for Your site right there and now for the Big one is patterns watch this I go in Here and now this is an all new Experience where you can create patterns That you can use on your site these are Sections of your site that you've Designed that you might want to use in Different places on your site over and Over again you can see right now now I'm On my patterns and I've selected a Pattern or I've created a pattern and You can see it right here these are Patterns that the theme provides so the Spectra theme these is providing all of These so for example here are some uh Pricing patterns right there so you can Easily now create and manage your own Patterns now there's a little change of Some terminology here there used to be This concept of reusable blocks that is Going away now it's going to be called a Synced pattern so I think we'll get used To that one pretty quick so there's a Non-synced pattern that's just kind of Like a section or a page template that You want to use over and over again you Make a change it only affects that one a Synced pattern would be just like a Reusable Block it's a section that would

Be there and if you've used it on Multiple parts of your site you change It in one place it changes everywhere So what is not clear is how to make a Synced pattern so I can't go in here and Actually make a synced pattern all these Patterns have three little dots on the Bottom right rename duplicate and delete So if I wanted to say create a new Pattern I can go and say uh let's go Here I will go to the pricing table and This one's fine right here I'll click on The three dots and I'll copy to my Patterns just like that and it's been Copied so now if I click on my patterns You're going to see two patterns I might Want to change the name by going here And clicking on rename if I want to edit The pattern I just simply click into it And then click again and now I'm in that Kind of a focus mode where the content Of the pattern is isolated and I can Just edit it now the only way that I Found to create a synced pattern is you Would go any area of your website I just Happen to be here right now but you can Be on any page or post you can click on A part of that pager post that you want To make a pattern or a reusable pattern You got the three dots that would appear And here it is create a pattern slash Reusable block there's some terminology Confusion there it should say a pattern Or a synced pattern anyways you click on

This You give it a name and here is how you Can create a synced pattern right here's The toggle so let's see I'm gonna make This one synced I'll click on create There it is so now when I go back you Can see I have this icon right here this Means it's a synced pattern So I can see right here this is a synced Pattern this one's not you can easily Delete let's go ahead and delete that so Now we have two patterns a synced Pattern and uh the one that's not synced Essentially what this is going to allow You to do is create a private library of Designs that you can use over and over Again on your website and these are Going to be available to you whenever You're in the editor making a normal Page as a matter of fact let me just Show you here is that contact page and This is just like any page on your site I'll click on the plus here's the option For patterns and here is my patterns and You look at this you're like oh where is That synced pattern there's a new icon Here and this is my synced pattern right Here I can drag and drop it in there so Some of this is it just might take a Little getting used to but once you get Used to it and start using it this is Super awesome that this is just now part Of where WordPress and there's one other Really nice thing inside of the site

Editor I actually thought it was kind of Like pointless until I tried it so let's Go ahead and get into the home page Design here it's called destruction free Mode now this was already part of the Page editing experience but now it's in The site editor as well and what it does Is it hides a lot of the UI and just Lets you change some of the the simpler Things such as text and I believe images So the way you get into it is you click The three dots You go here to where it says distraction Free mode and there's also a keyboard Shortcut and it just gets rid of the UI If I want to change anything I just do It visually but nothing is jolting or Moving or anything like that so here's The text I can click on it and I can Change something like that and Everything's just kind of out of the way This is actually a very nice experience And the way you get out of this is you Move your cursor to the very top and Then the top part appears and make sure To get yourself out of distraction free Mode and you'll bring the entire user Interface right back now let's talk Command palette this is something brand New it's coming to everybody it's going To be available to you when you're Editing a page or when you're editing a Post it has the potential to be very Useful because they're going to let

Third parties integrate with it and I'm Going to be able to show you what that Looks like like right now because with One of my product teams I said to the Guys I said hey let's get this going now Let's get ahead of this and we've Already integrated with the command Palette so I'm going to show you what That can look like if your third-party Plugins that you use on your site decide To integrate with it so for this we're Going to zip up a brand new site zipwp I've been mentioning it in a few videos It's an AI WordPress website building Platform you're going to be able to Build a complete multi-page WordPress Website that uses the block editor in Under 60 seconds a launchable website It's going to be free for you you'll be Able to go there pop in some details Make the site in under 60 seconds edit It and then migrate it to your web Hosting company of choice and it is free So this is actually the user dashboard That you'll be able to use we've got Team accounts right here if you have a Team if you have people that work work With you you're going to be able to make A blank WordPress website if you just Want to test some things or use the Complete website builder manage your Sites and Export them out but this is Being worked on right here this is Actually not live yet so we have to use

This ugly interface right here we like To build stuff first and then we do the UI later so I'm going to click on create A site for the site type I'm going to Use AI to make a site or I could do the Blank site let's go ahead and pop in a Business name right here now here it's You just want to put a good description In because these details are going to be Expanded upon and used throughout the Website that's made for you so I've just Put in a description the name of the Business is Matt's Texas barbecue and Here's some details about the business And the history of the business it's Literally just two small short Paragraphs of information for the Category I am going to choose food and Restaurant and then you click on create Your site and what ends up happening is A brand new site is going to be built For you and it's going to be a complete Website that's launchable and it's going To be ready in 60 seconds okay the site Is ready here is the URL here's the Login credentials let's click on the Customize button first now when you do This it's going to take you over to the Website it's going to automatically log You into it and it's going to give you The opportunity to change the logo the Colors and the topography just an easy Way to change it wow I got to say this Is great the images came out great the

Texts let's see it's using a lot of the Text that I provided in those two Paragraphs obviously you'll need to Change some images in it for example Um you'll want to put a picture of Matt Here and uh there might be a couple Random images that you prefer something Different you might want to put some Details on the food maybe spend another 10 or 15 minutes to fully make this Launchable but anyways you could do a Logo here colors topography click on Save and view website now let's go ahead And and take a look at this multi-page Website we've got the home page we've Got an about page right here this is Probably an image we would want to Change the the writing is right on point We even have some made up testimonials Here the images all look great except This looks like there might nope that's Um appropriate food we've got a menu Page right here for this business and You can just edit that through and we've Got a contact page where you probably Want to edit it and put in your edges All of this was done in 60 seconds I Know it might bother some of you when I Talk about something that I'm building This is something I'm pretty excited About and I think you're going to love It I think it's going to change the way People start their WordPress process to Have a website for themselves and we're

Gonna it's gonna be free everything that You just saw it's going to be free the AI costs nothing like it literally costs Nothing now so we're gonna be just Offering this for free in about two Weeks for the command palette we added Commands to Sure cart which is the Fastest growing woocommerce alternative So all you would need to do is go to Plugins click on add new do a search for Sure cart then you would click install And activate I have it right here and When you do that it's like 60 seconds And you're selling products you're in Business you just go here you click on Create a new store pop in your brand Color I'm not going to do that pop in Your currency click on continue do some Demo content or start from scratch so Let's do pet supplies I love dogs let's Click on continue pop my email in click On continue it's going to set up the Store boom it's done uh I didn't cut any Of this out I can click on view my store And here is my store the images are Popping right in there let me show you Once your cart's in there we've Integrated with this command palette so What you would do is you would go to Edit a page so I'll edit the shop page Right here this is our product list and You would enter command K so command K And this right here is the command Palette so you can type the name of a

Page so remember I had that contact page There it is I typed it in we got contact So I can click on this and it should Take me straight to that contact page It's taking me over there site editor And it's loading up my contact page There it is that's one thing we can do But what we added 2 shirt cart and what Third parties are going to be able to do Let me pull it up so we've made it so You can create a new product so if you Type product I can add a new product Right here if I wanted to go to a Product I think we must have had some Like dog food as one of the sample Products there we go dog snack there we Go No Blows so I can click on it and It's going to take me right into edit The product right here And we also made it so that you can edit Forms so when sure card gets added to Your website there is a a checkout form That you can customize but you can Create more forms so if I go con command K and type form right here it's going to Allow me to add a new checkout form I Can do create a new page let's see a Page what happens when I do that add a New page that's cool the command palette It will allow you to get to anywhere on Your website that a third party wants to Make available to you and also settings So some of the products that I make were Experimenting with adding settings like

Quick Settings that you might want to Toggle or have access to to add those Here to the command palette as well it's All about making it easier to use your WordPress website so what's really cool Is when third parties get behind this And start adding commands into the Command palette it's just going to be a Lot easier to do things on your website So we've already covered most of what's Coming when you scroll down here you're Going to see there's two new blocks one Is for adding footnotes to documents I Don't use footnotes so I would not be Doing that so but you you might be if You're writing a blog post then you want To add a footnote there's a new footnote Building capabilities in there as well As what they're calling a details block But it's just an accordion so it's nice To have an accordion though it has Styling it's collapsible if you've seen An accordion that's exactly what this Details block is now what is very Impressive though is with every WordPress update the performance gets Better and better this time around it's About 20 percent faster regardless of The type of theme you use whether it's a Classic theme or a block theme 20 boost In Improvement and that's going to be The perceived load time for someone when They're visiting your website and that's The most important load time you want to

Have be faster I said there was Something that is new that I couldn't Get to work let me show you what that is It's this right here preview block Themes so this is the theme I'm using And say another block theme right here The 20 23 theme I should be able to Click on live preview like this and kind Of see it Um on my site go into the site editor And play around with it I'll get to see The patterns I'll get all that kind of Stuff but unfortunately there has been a Critical error on this website and There's not a whole lot I can do about It to show you so I'll show you that the Next time around WordPress is making big Changes I had a video out a week ago or So with the brand new interface that They're exploring to add to WordPress I'll put a link to that in the video Down below in the video description down Below if you want to see that video of What the future WordPress is most likely Going to look like exciting times ahead For sure what do you think about this Update the new enhancements to the site Editor of course zipwp that thing's Going to be the bomb that's going to be Out in two weeks or so let me know what You think in the comments section down Below I'd love to hear from you thanks For watching and I'll see you in the Next video

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