Building Landing Pages is EASY Now! These Plugins Will Make You Look PRO

It’s time you made an impression. You might only have a small amount of time to convince visitors that your WordPress page is worth sticking around for, so a fantastic landing page can be absolutely crucial.

This is where landing page plugins come into play, not only can they give you that wow factor on arrival, but, they can also be very versatile offering you many different solutions for all kinds of different stages of your website.

So, with that in mind we have compiled a list of the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins so that you can pick the one that is absolutely perfect for you.

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Your landing pages are important what is The first thing that your customers Going to see when they arrive on your Site or when they're directed to a Specific page that you want them to see Is it something that's engaging is it Something that's attractive is it Something that represents your brand or Is it dull and boring and generic you Got to be really careful about these Things and today I am going to help you Pick the very best plugins the very best Tools for you be able to generate those Really engaging landing pages that can Make all the difference between uh I'm Not that interested I'm going to click Off and oh this looks really great let Me get Involved first up we've got seed prod Now this is a real powerhouse of an Option and absolutely our favorite if You want to just take a favorite this One is it my personal two favorite Things about CPR are going to the speed This is lightning fast loads of pages There's nothing worse than directing Somebody to a page you finally got them There and it's just tick tick tick as They wait for it to load they've clicked Off before it's got there seed prod is Not like that it is lightning fast and Really that's more beneficial than you Might think my other favorite thing is Going to be the page builder it's really

Simple it's intuitive it's just nice and Easy to use it's three three things that Mean the same but it's great the page Builder the drag and drop page builder With no code is really important and it Really sets C prod apart because it's Just so good you've also got really Great Integrations with some of the top Email marketing services and they've Just added a WordPress drag and drop Theme Builder as well so your options go Beyond just that initial landing page It's powerful really powerful if you Want to get the best possible price for C prod then head down into the Description and we'll have a link there With a WP beginner discount code and the Same can be said of all the plugins I'm Going to talk about today head down There and you'll get the best possible Price from WP beginner not only is Seedprod offering a really great and Intuitive drag and drop option it's also Offering loads of templates and it's Offering customization in the form of Blocks so you've got over 90 readymade Blocks including testimonials image Carousels and cont attack forms overall It just makes seedr really stand out Compared to anything else when it comes To page Builders now I've really built up seed Prod you'd think everything else pales In comparison well actually our second

Pick is also a real powerhouse it's Thrive architect Thrive architect we Really specifically like for lead Generations and conversions and you've Got over 350 pre-built templates which which is Just going to make your life a whole Heap easier and again absolutely no code Required Dragon drop fantastic now one Of the things that really sets Thrive Architect above and potentially makes You want to pick it above seedr is if You're going for the full Thrive themed Suite it's a whole Suite of tools that Can be really beneficial for your WordPress page things like Thrive leads Each one has a specific use and they can Be really beneficial to you now of Course this does bump the price slightly But the whole Suite is actually a really Great deal you get a really great Discount on a whole range of very Beneficial tools so if you go go and Look and if there's a few tools there That you're interested in then Thrive Architect could be the choice for you Just from a pure power and money-saving Perspective what are our favorite things About Thrive architect well like I said Before it's the conversion focused Elements things like call to action Buttons countdown timers and Testimonials can all be really powerful At getting conversions on your page so

If that's a focus for you this is Definitely something for you to check Out now have you ever wanted to change Your WordPress theme but you're worried By changing your theme you're going to Lose your landing page and then you have To start all over again and it's a Process well Beaver Builder is a really Great option if you want to avoid that It works with basically any WordPress Theme so whatever theme you apply the Beaver Builder landing pages will just Bounce across they'll come with you and That's one of the things we really love About it Beaver Builder is again nice And user friendly it has a great Builder Which is drag and drop nice and quick And there's loads of templates available To get you started we also like Beaver Builder Integrations with some of the Most popular contact form and membership Plugins so what this means is when you Put it together you can actually turn Your landing page into to a really Powerful lead generation Tool next up we've got a really easy to Use option with a really great intuitive Drag and drop Builder and this is divvy Which is by elegant themes he's got a Really interesting setup where you can Either get it as a plug-in or you can Get it as a theme with an integrated Builder it's kind of a cool double Option to have depending on what your

Requirements are we really like divvy as An option for beginners but it's also Very good for Advanced users and they Really are committed to advancing divvy And constantly making it better so There's always new features being added And it's a really strong platform There's hundreds of templates available To use immediately or you can jump Straight in and start making your own It's not particularly difficult either Overall dvy is a really solid Choice another great userfriendly option With a really fast interface and real Time updates is Elemental again you've Got got a range of readymade templates Or you can use the canvas template and Just build your own Elementor has some Really nice Integrations with other Plugins and it's pretty budget friendly Well worth checking Out our top pick is definitely seed prod And if you want to learn more about that Then click this video right here I've Been James have a good one and I'll see You soon

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