Best WordPress Giveaway & Contest Plugins

One of the best ways to get engagement on your website is through giveaways and contests.

You can use this engagement in many different ways, one of the most popular options is to grow your email list to allow you to do more effective and targeted email marketing.

However that’s not the only benefit of a really great WordPress giveaway or contest plugin. We have compiled the very best, in order to make your life as simple as possible and give you the results that you’re looking for.

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One of the best ways to get eyes onto Your WordPress page is with contests and Giveaways this serves multiple purposes You get more people engaged and involved You've got the opportunity for that to Be shared over multiple different Platforms you can even have a contest or A giveaway go viral and all this leads Directly to traffic back onto your page It's essentially a win-win win lots of Win another win is that this doesn't Actually have to be difficult all you Need is the right plugin for the type of Giveaway or contest you want to run and It can all run nice and seamlessly and a Lot of the work kind of be taken out of Your hands which is wonderful and that's What we're going to do today we're going To break down some of the very best that Are going to make your life very very Easy we're going to start with what we Consider to be the best and that is Raffle press we love raffle press it's Super easy to use and it's really really Great because it's going to integrate With some of the best the top email Marketing platforms that you might Already be using so again we're making Things easier for you here and it also Integrates with your top social media Sites your Instagrams and your Facebooks And things like that so you can take the Massive reach that you're going to get From the billions of logins the billions

Of people using Instagram and Facebook And you can drag that from those Platforms back to your WordPress page You can collect data collect CCT those Emails and then plug them in to your Email marketing software all seamlessly So it's powerful for Generation but it's Also powerful for end result what you Can do with the data after you've got it It's really hard to beat and it doesn't Stop there with the ease of use you've Got a really simple drag and drop Builder to help you build campaigns that Are specific for you really nice and Easily and you don't need to know any Code or get too Technical and then on Top of that there's even more Integrations available it can integrate With WordPress plugins that are going to Suit your particular page and it's also Going to integrate with CRM softwares if You're using one of those that it's Really excellent I can't quite stress How good it can be if you use it to its Full potential now we are going to try And point out a couple of the downsides For each plug-in as we move along and For raffle press there's not many but There is a free version which sounds Like a positive but that free version Isn't always going to give you all the Tools that you need so you might need to Upgrade to the paid plan now the paid Plan isn't overly expensive but to get

The most out of raffle press it is what We recommend now if you do want to get The most out of raffle press by going For a paid plan the cheapest way to do That the best way to do that is to head Down into the description and click on Our WP beginner link that will take you Through and give you the biggest Discount that is available and the same Can be said for all of the plugins that We're going to talk about today check Out the link save yourself some money if The paid plan's available next up we've Got gleam which is a pretty popular Contests and giveaways plugin and one of Our favorite things about gleam is that It operates as software as a service Which essentially means that there's Nothing really going on to your WordPress it doesn't slow down your WordPress page which some intensive Plugins might do and that in turn Affects your SEO your Google search Ranking so in this instance having Software as a service that's hosted Elsewhere and just operates on your site Can be very beneficial it's exactly what Gleim is and we really like that we also Like the setup wizard that they have Which is great for connecting social Profiles emails and qualifying entries However one of the downsides with gleam Is that it can be less user friendly Than something like raffle press for

Example so if you are brand new to this Kind of thing it might take you a little Bit of time just to get used to it the Way glean works is it's going to create A separate landing page on their website Which makes it really easy for you to Promote on social media however that Does mean that all of your contest data Is stored on the glean website and if You want to remove the glean branding You're going to need to go for the Business plan which is the more Expensive at around $149 so glean can be quite powerful but You do have to navigate through the Setup and remember your data is stored Elsewhere and the free plan can can be a Little bit limited next up another Option that can also operate as software As a service and it is rafflecopter Rafflecopter has some great Integrations With email marketing services and Similar to raffle press it also has a Really great refer friend feature which Can be quite powerful when you're trying To push and grow your giveaway Customization and personalization of Your giveaways are reasonably easy with Rafflecopter and we would say definitely Easier than gleam our previous pick However again like gleam if you want to Remove The Branding and get hold of some Of the more powerful features like the Email integration you will need one of

The paid plans because the free plan can Be a little bit limited now we've got an Option that is nice and easy to use and That should be the case considering it's Called Simple giveaways it has a really Simple interface which is nice and easy To customize and it integrates really Nicely with some email marketing Services so do check that your email Marketing service is available there and It also integrates really nicely with Social media such as Instagram Facebook And X Twitter again we see a theme Coming here the free version is a little Bit limited so you are better off with The paid plan and the advantage that You're going to get with simple Giveaways is that it is one of the more Affordable paid plans on this list if You're looking for a premium option then This could be the choice for you now Premium is great it does mean that You're getting a really high quality Product but it also means that the Prices can be quite high in comparison To some of the other plugins that we've Mentioned particularly if you're trying To run it on multiple sites this is King Sumo we really like we really like the Userfriendly interface on this one it's Nice and straightforward simple and easy To use King Sumo has really great social Sharing options but we really like its Userfriendly interface the dashboard the

Builder it's all really simple to use And it's just great to look at very very Pretty premium Now aside from being one Of the more expensive options there is a Downside and the downside is that the Plug-in version is starting to look a Little bit outdated like it's not really Being pushed because kingore are really Pushing their software as a service side Now this isn't a problem you can use the Software as a service option but if you Really want it just as a direct plugin You might want to be a little careful do A bit more research before you get into It going in the other direction we've Got a really great affordable option Here with WP contest Creator it's a Really great option to add giveaway Contest to your WordPress page and it's Going to integrate with a lot of email Marketing Services some of the most Popular ones you've got a fun Leaderboard as an option there which Might encourage people to get involved a Bit more and it's also got some really Great social interactions things you can Use on social media as with most of the Other plugins to try and drive things Into your giveaway just make them bigger More interesting interesting more viral Again that doesn't mean that there are No downsides the back end can be a Little complicated for beginners and Your design options aren't quite as

Straightforward or as expansive as some Of the other options but the price is Really great so it might be worth Looking at if you are on a budget make Sure you're considering all the Different elements available from what You require to your budget before making Your decision our choice is raffle press And if you do want some more information On giveaways and contest plugins then Click this video right here I've been James hope you've enjoyed it I'll see You soon

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