Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins Compared

Your business needs leads, that’s just the facts of doing business in 2023.

One of the best ways to generate leads is through your website, customers have already visited you, why not turn that interest into a lead and then potentially a sale.

Of course it is important to convert your leads, otherwise you don’t have any sales, but if you don’t have any leads, then you don’t have anything to convert in the first place!

With almost half of all websites on the internet using WordPress is makes sense that there would be some incredibly powerful tools available for generating leads. It can be tricky to weed out the good from the bad, so we have done it for you with 6 of our absolute favourite lead generation plugins for your WordPress site.

Now it’s important to note that we are not trying to compare a load of plugins that all do the same thing, we are finding lead generation plugins that all do something different, so each selection offers you a different way to generate a lead. Which one is the best? Well you’re more than likely going to want to combine a few of these options for maximum effect.

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You need leads trust me you do you need Leads so that your business can get more Customers and your business can make More sales it makes sense and is there a Better way to generate leads than Directly on your website using a very Simple WordPress plug-in it all just Makes sense you have to trust me you can Get leads in a whole host of ways and While yes converting those leads to What's actually going to bring you the Sales you don't don't have the leads in The first place well you've kind of got Nowhere to go so here are the very best Lead generation plugins for your WordPress page they're each going to Offer something different tailored to a Specific need so we're not necessarily Comparing seven plugins that all do Exactly the same thing we're trying to Tailor each pick to something that might Suit you we're going to start with WP Forms because they are the best contact Form plug in on the market period there Is over 6 million websites using WP Forms that says quite a lot why are 6 Million people using it well it's super Easy to use it's very beginner friendly And it's got a really great drag and Drop Builder loads of templates in there That you can adjust or you can start From scratch the options really are Endless if you can think of a type of Form that you need to create and that

Will help you generate leads WP forms is Going to let you do that you can drop it Onto your website and you're basically Good to go a really important feature is Also that you can integrate WP forms With your favorite email marketing Services and CRM providers and every Time someone submits a form from you you Can receive an email alert and then each Completed form will be stored in your WordPress database the ease of use the Simplicity the power of the tool really Is pretty unmatched for a contact for Don't op forms starts at $49.50 a year now there is a free Version but you do lose access to Obviously some of those more powerful Features such as the calculator and That's going to allow you to make Realtime price estimates for say Shipping and things like that on the Fly It's so beneficial to be able to do Something like that from a contact form So at 4950 for the year if you want a Contact form plugin you really have to Check out WP forms so WP forms is a Great lead generator in the form of a Contact form now we're going to talk About opt-in monster which is going to Generate your leads by using popups Monster is a great tool for turning Abandoned website visitors into Customers which seems like something you Shouldn't be able to do but opted

Monster is absolutely going to be able To help you do that with their pop-ups Things like their exit intent technology Which will show a popup just at the Moment that your customer is looking to Leave the site maybe you can offer a Discount code that's going to allow Somebody to put in maybe an email Address so you're generating a lead and Giving them a discount and converting Your customer it's a really powerful Thing to be able to do we find a great Way to use optin monster is to have Custom popups for different pages on Your website so depending on the page The customer is on that will depend on What popup they're shown and that's Going to allow you to convert because You're offering a more personalized Popup as going to be more relevant to The customer based on the page that they Are viewing again powerful tools to help You make more sales and help you Generate more leads with all of that Optim monster is still really easy to Use with a great drag and drop Builder As well as professionally designed Templates if you want to use those Prices for optin Monster start at just $9 a month which I would consider a Bargain and if you want the more Advanced features then the Pro Plan is $29 Next up is seedr now we've spoken about

Seedr in other videos before because we Say that it is the best page builder for WordPress how is that going to let you Generate leads but let me tell you seedr Will give you the opportunity to Generate all kinds of landing pages and All those landing pages can be turned Into opportunities to generate leads you Think about it a coming soon page a Registration page they can all be used To turn those people visiting into leads For maybe when you launch a product Launch a site you've already collected The data and you're ready to go cpr's Also going to integrate with all your Top email marketing software and it's Going to allow you to send your leads to Where they're needed you can get seed Prod for under $32 for the year if you Drop down into the description and you Click on the wp beginner discount code There is also a free version available If you want to give it a go first so you Got loads of options for a very Affordable page builder that's going to Generate you leads next up we've got Software that's going to allow you to Offer your customers real time chat Support which is also going to allow you To generate leads it's a win-win so live Chat is going to allow you to Incorporate a chat button down in the Bottom corner of your website when Customers or guests click on that chat

Button you can of course interact with Them that's going to stop any potential Sales slipping through the cracks this Is also going to be great as a lead Generation tool you can collect Information about your customers there And use it to try and funnel them back Into the particular pages and sales Pages where you want them to be either Yourself or your support team don't Actually have to be logged in to WordPress to use this they can use it on A plethora of other items so you can get It on your desktop you get it on your Mobile so you've got access to 24/7 and You've got access on the go however if You don't want to have that 24/7 access You know it might be a bit intense to be Ready on the go to do live chat all the Time there is automated and integrated Chat Bots then Live Chat is going to be Able to generate a support ticket so That means that your customer doesn't Get lost you're able to get back in Touch with them and what is that from That support ticket it's a lead that's Been generated like chat is super fast Really easy to use and that's for both Your team or yourself and also for your Customers and that ability to both Generate leads and the way that live Chat Works you're going to be able to Convert those leads much faster makes This a really useful tool if it suits

The way that you do business for live Chat you can get a 14-day free trial and Plans start at $20 a month if you want To go all in and use this as well one of Your lead generation software tools so We spoke a little bit with live chat About some automation options well this Pick chatbot is going to take that all The way to the next level with some AI Automated chat features that are going To help you help your customers and also Help you generate leads so what chat Bot's going to offer you is also a lot Of pre-design templates which are going To be tailored for specific purposes and Those purposes are what are really going To help you generate a lot of leads for Example you have a lead generation bot For booking calls you've got a sales bot Template that's going to allow you to Sell products directly through your chat Window chat bot's generally just very Versatile it can work for you on your Website it can work on Facebook Messenger and it's all automated and We've mentioned live chat you can Actually integrate chatbot with live Chat so if you want to double up which When it comes to lead generation isn't The worst thing in the world to be Considering then you can have all the Features of live chat with some of the AI automation some of that power coming From chatbot this also means if you want

To go from that AI generated response Through to getting to a live agent or One of your support team that's also Possible by integrating chatbot with Other features and other programs there Is a 14-day free trial available for Chatbot if you just want to give it a go And then plans start from $52 a month One of the best ways to generate leads And ensure that people feel like they're Getting into something is through Giveaways you can generate make a Giveaway hopefully make it that next big Viral giveaway and all people have to do Is fill in their details in order to Enter thereby generating you a potential Customer therefore a lead to create Giveaways contests drive people to your Website create that big email list that You want we recommend the plugin r Raffle press you're not going to get People to enter a giveaway unless you Have an engaging giveaway campaign and Raffle press has you covered here with a Really great drag and drop giveaway Campaign Builder that doesn't require You to need any code so it's great for Everybody from beginners all the way up To more professional organizations Raffle press also offers loads of Powerful features that are all going to Work behind the scenes to really bring Your giveaway to life and use it in the Best possible way you've got tools like

Fraud protection email verification Social logins giveaway landing pages Success tracking it's all there at your Fingertips and with more and more people Switching to mobile devices as basically Their only way of accessing the internet Or at least their primary way raffle Press has you covered there as well it Works perfectly on mobile devices Letting your giveaways run exactly as You intended raffle press offers a free Version of the plugin if you want to Give it a goal but if you do want all The features prices start from 3160 for The year so to recap while each of these Plugins excels in its own way the best Lead generation plugin for WordPress Ultimately depends on your business Needs it also depends on you choosing The right combination of plugins with Your lead generation strategy and how You convert customers it's likely that The way you're going to have the most Success is by taking a great tool like WP forms and pairing up with another Great lead generation tool like live Chat so that you're maximizing your Opportunities and your capabilities to Generate leads if you have any questions Do let me know down in the comments and While you're down there remember to hit That like button cuz I appreciate it and Get subscribed to WP beginner for even More tips on how to grow your WordPress

Page and how to use it to its absolute Fullest but that's all for me here today Hope you've enjoyed it have a good one And I'll see you soon

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