Best Free Website Hosting Compared 2024

FREE website hosting, is this a thing? If it is, then it could be a saviour for all of us looking to get our websites started with minimal cost.

Well, we have the answer, it just might not be the answer you’re looking for, however, we’ve still got the answer to the question, how to start a website basically for free.

If free website hosing is a thing, then why don’t we recommend it? Well we will go through that today because there are some pretty huge drawbacks to free website hosting, so we will run through the free options to see if they suit you and if you are okay with the drawbacks, however we will also provide you with what we consider to be the best solution, almost free website hosting.

We’ve got the best free and almost free providers together and we are going to compare them all.

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0:34 What Does Free Website Hosting Cost?
1:21 Should You Use Free Website Hosting?
1:42 Almost Free Website Hosting.
1:54 Hostinger
2:37 Bluehost
2:54 Siteground
3:22 Dreamhost
3:43 HostGator
4:10 OptinMonster
6:47 Weebly
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You're starting a website a WordPress Website or any website that requires Hosting and what you really want is to Keep the costs as low as humanly Possible you ideally don't want to spend Anything and a great way of doing that Is if you can find free website hosting But is there such a thing there is I'll Tell you about it in a minute but what Is it really going to cost you is free Worth it because not all things are Created equal even when they're free so Before we jump straight into the options Let's be perfectly honest absolutely Transparent about what free actually Means you see these companies that are Running the website hosting service have To make money somehow so free is still Going to cost you potentially in other Ways those ways might end up being ads On your website Limited traffic you Might get downtime on your website you Might end up being locked into their Platform the ads might not align with Your website it might end up looking Wrong or it might worse kind of damage Your brand because they might be ads From a competitor who knows you're not In control because free isn't always Free we would say for most businesses Maybe nearly all businesses using free Website hosting is a bad idea how However if you are on a tight budget Don't worry we have solutions for you

And we are going to run through some Free options so that you can see whether They will suit you despite everything I've just said before we get to the free Ones our solution for free website Hosting that isn't great is what we like To call almost free website hosting it's So cheap it barely matters our first Pick is hosting it and the reason is Because they have plans as low as one .99 a month because they can use shared Hosting you can also get going with Features like a free business email Address a free domain name oneclick WordPress install and we have a discount Code for you that can get you up to 85% off if you head down into the Description click on the wp beginner Coupon code link that is going to get You a huge huge discount and if you look Down there there are discount codes for Pretty much anything I'm going to Mention today that has any kind of cost And that's why we're going to be able to Bring these prices all the way down to Almost free pick number one host stier Next on our list is blue host one of the Largest hosting companies globally and Officially recommended by WordPress Plans start just 275 a month and you'll Get a free domain name unlimited dis Space and a free SSL number three is also an officially Recommended WordPress hosting provider

That is site ground we use site ground To host our site so yeah it's pretty Damn good and you're going to be able to Get that at a really low price cuz plans Start at $2.99 a month and they offer Features like a website builder SSD Storage and really really good customer Service it's Best in Class should you Need any support our fourth pick is Dream host one of the oldest hosting Companies with plans starting at just $2 59 a month the Start Plan includes a Free domain name free SSL and even more And again down in the description there Is a discount code for a huge huge Discount of over 70% and last on our almost free we've Got HostGator plans are going to start At 256 a month but like some of the Others they're going to give you a free Domain name domain names cost you Between $10 and $15 a year which isn't Expensive but if you're looking for free Then a free domain name name with your Hosting really isn't something to be Sniffed at HostGator have a really Easyto ouse control panel which is great For beginners and they also going to be Really good for small businesses before We jump into the completely free website Hosting options I also want to highlight A really great tool that's going to be Able to help you generate more leads Make more conversions make more sales

Really maximize the potential of your New found website we're talking about Opin moner here and optim monster is a Really powerful tool for generating Things like popups maybe light box Popups or scroll boxes maybe full page Welcome mats and the whole idea is that It's going to allow you to generate more Leads from your customers or potentially Use things like their exit intent Technology to entice customers back in Order to make a sale the upsize to this Can be absolutely huge and if you are a New website looking to kind of get a leg Up then optim monster really should be One of your first ports of call it's Super affordable at just $9 a month and Comes highly recommended as one of the First things you should look at once You've got your hosting sorted so I Promised you we would do free genuinely Free not almost free not $2 a month free Free and that's what we're going to do Now so first up to be Clear not don't confuse The two they're very very different is free to set up you're Going to get your hosting covered They'll give you a free domain name There is genuinely nothing to pay for But obviously you're going to kind of Pay in other ways they are definitely Going to run ads on your site and you Can't get rid of them unless you upgrade

To a paid plan you're also going to get More limited storage than any of the Other hosting providers I've mentioned Earlier and your options for kind of Like templates and design and things Like that are going to going to be much More limited cuz you are limited to what will provide you it's not An open-source platform like for example so there's plenty of Downsides but it is genuinely free Another one that's going to run ads and Put branding on your page but will be Completely free is again you're Going to get limited storage and much More limited options in the way of Templates and themes but you do still Get them and again completely free just With a few limitations and the ads are The thing that are probably going to put Most people off and The Branding but Again get rid of it if you pay more but If you pay you probably might as well go And pay for the hosting Weebly is Another fully hosted free website Builder that's going to provide you with A subdomain so that you have nothing to Pay for there is a limited amount of Storage and of course the page is going To show Weebly ads you kind of see a Theme coming along now but to be fair Weebly Wix they are still Really great platforms but using the Free versions of them just comes with a

Few drawbacks and when you start do the Maths it still might be better going to Get one of these almost free hosting Providers in order to get the most out Of your website by using a builder like but The options are here so there you have It you have almost free and free and you Get to decide which one you want to go For now I think it's fairly obvious Which one that we think is the better Route however if something suits you Suits your business your personality What you want to spend absolutely go for That there are loads of resources even Here on WP beginner to help you make the Most of those so please get subscribed To us and if you did find this video Useful pop a like on it I'd really Appreciate if you have any questions About free or almost free hosting then Please drop them down in the comments But that's all for me here today hope You've enjoyed it have a good one and I'll see you soon

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