Best E-mail Marketing Services For Small Business (Compared)

There is a huge return on investment available IF you can maximise your E-Mail marketing. The best way to do that is with a really great e-mail marketing software. There are fantastic options no matter if you’re a small or big business and the returns are proven. Thankfully, we are here to help you with that today.

In order to make this as clear as possible and really help you in choosing the best e-mail marketing software we have assembled our key criteria and equally assessed every piece of software based on those and then highlighted at least one thing that each software excels at. So not only can you find what we think is the best, but also what suits you the best.

0:00 Intro
0:30 What Makes A Good E-Mail Marketing Service?
2:06 Best Overall – Constant Contact
4:53 Brevo – Best For Beginners
7:23 HubSpot – Best All In One
9:30 OptinMonster – Generate Leads Through Pop Ups
10:39 Omnisend – Best Free Features
13:22 Outro

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There is an average 4,400 return on investment when it comes To email marketing now that's a return On investment you just can't get from Any other tool so making sure that you Pick the best email marketing software And the right one for your business is Absolutely critical so that's what I'm Here to help out with how can we get our Share of that huge return on investment We've got to start by setting out some Criteria the key things that our email Marketing software has to have in order To be successful the first thing we want Is a drag and drop email Builder we Don't want to use any code and we want This to be as easy as possible the next Thing we're looking for is can we Track Performance and analytics so are we able To get the data back to improve our next Email marketing campaign we also want to Check for benefit official Integrations What other software are you maybe Already using or do you want to use Maybe a new plugin and how's that going To integrate with your email marketing Software you want to make things easy And seamless obviously email marketing It's about being able to send in bulk But also being able to Target and be Personalized so are we able to do that With this email marketing can we do bulk And personalized emailing at the same Time if you are picking up a lot of cont

Conts is it easy to manage them maybe You've dragged in a lot of leads from Various places you got to be able to get Those contacts into your email marketing System and manage them easily we're also Looking for great customer service Should anything go wrong or maybe you Want some help or maybe you want to kind Of develop yourself learn a little bit More are those things available with Your particular chosen email marketing Software and finally of course the price How much is it going to cost there's no Point in having the greatest email Marketing software in the world if if it Doesn't fall under your budget for your Business so got to consider that as well We're going to start with what we Consider to be the best overall email Marketing software and that is Constant Contact drag and drop email Builder Check you've got a really easy to use Drag and drop email Builder that has Pre-built templates that you can adjust To whatever you need or you can design Your own templates from scratch it's all Pretty easy and importantly everything Is optimized for mobile reporting top Class as well you've got in-depth Realtime reporting that's going to allow You to do things you would expect like Track the number of clicks on your Emails how many emails are being opened But you're also going to be able to

Track in real time how many of those Emails are being shared which is a Really useful tool to see what's really Catching the imagination you've also got The option for things like AB testing You can ab test subject lines and see Which one is being more picked up more Opened more clicked on by your customers Integrations it would be mad if I went Through them all there's about 300 of Them 300 plus in actual fact uh includes Key e-commerce sites like Shopify and Woo Commerce but essentially if you've Got a product you want to integrate it Probably works with constant contact for Personalization your data that you've Gathered about your customers can be Applied to emails and then sent out on Various dates or at specific times that You think would be relevant to your Customers the best way to use it is to Integrate it with Salesforce then it Becomes a really powerful tool managing Your contacts is easy as well so you Already have a database you can import That straight into constant contact via Say Excel sheet but there's many ways That you can do it and again that data That you've got say birthdays from your Customers you can use that to provide Those personalized emails customer Service is a reason that we really like Constant Contact now a lot of places are Going to offer extended seminar maybe

Online courses things like that but Constant contact really do take it a Step further by offering in-person live Seminars if you are in the US which can Be of huge benefit if you're looking to Maximize what you're doing with your Marketing in general you're of course Going to get your 24/7 customer service As well with live chat phone support Email support all the things that you Would normally expect pricing at the Entry level is also going to be super Affordable you got $12 a month it's Going to get you 500 emails that you can Send that a month however if you want to Get some of the more powerful tools like The AB testing I mentioned which can be Very useful you're looking at around $35 A month however the best possible price You can get is if you go down to the Description click on our WP beginner Link and that'll take you through to Give you the best possible price and That applies to all of the email Marketing services that we're going to Be using Today our next pick is brevo which we Think is the absolute best if you're a Complete beginner to email marketing Being a beginner sometimes means you Need a little bit of extra help and Anything that's already done for you is Going to make your life that a little Bit easier and bro's drag and drop email

Builder while being very easy to use Also comes with a wealth of templates Which can be really great for you Beginners to use although we are saying Brao is great for beginners that doesn't Mean you're lacking anything when it Comes to reporting you're going to get All of your analytics and you can even Go as deep as how quickly are people Clicking on your emails to open them Once they've been sent bra also has a Huge number of Integrations available Although not quite as many as Constant Contact so jump on their website have a Look and see if the software you're Using does integrate with bro targeted Personalized emails also really great Here we love the tools that Breo is Going to give you to segment your email List based on preferences and then send Emails based on those preferences to Your customers so it's all about getting A really personal experience for the People who are receiving your emails Contacts with bro can be managed with Lists and folders and importing your Existing email list is also possible now It's maybe not quite as powerful as Using Constant Contact in partnership With Salesforce but that's two powerful Tools working together if we're just Using brao it's going to absolutely get The job done you also get all of the Expected customer service channels and

There's also a free online Academy Called the Bro Academy designed to help You maximize what you're getting from Your email marketing one of the reasons That brevo is really great for beginners Is simply down to their pricing system You're going to pay based on the number Of emails you send not on the number of Contacts you've got most email marketing Services they partner the two together You're going to pay based on the number Of contacts you have the size of your List and the number of emails you're Able to send it's kind of a partnership And it can get confusing whereas brevo Nice and easy for beginners is 100% About how many emails he has sent in and Great for beginners or small businesses Is that bro is also free uh well it can Be free you can send up to 300 emails a Day but they will contain brao branding On the free plan if you want to remove The Branding and get some more advanced Features you're going up to around $25 a Month and then if you want to add things Like AB testing for some really powerful Tools you're going up in price again Next up we've got HubSpot which is in Itself an all-in-one marketing tool and They have email marketing within that so They are by no surprise our favorite Allinone Choice the email Builder is it Dragon drop of course it is you got Another easy to use intuitive Dragon

Drop system with plenty of templates to Choose from when it comes to reporting Because HubSpot is an all-in-one it's Going to use hubspot's CRM to give you The data that you need this can be Really powerful and give you great Insight on what's working all the way From content of emails to style of Emails which which ones are people Opening which ones are people reading And which ones are people clicking Through too that leads really nicely Onto how well targeted your emails can Be with HubSpot they offer you a huge Amount of flexibility within your email List to create segments and make your Emails really personalized when you send Them out making them more effective of Course to segment your email list most Effectively you need to be able to Manage your contacts really effectively And HubSpot does make that particularly Easy pretty much all of the positive We're talking about here is because your HubSpot email marketing is able to Integrate with HubSpot and you use the HubSpot CRM so as I said at the Beginning all in one is fantastic but That doesn't mean the Integrations stop There you've got Integrations with Hundreds of other websites and apps Depending on what you might be using Customer service is again great here Giving you everything that you would

Normally expect plus access to free Online courses ebooks and even Qualifications to help you level up your Marketing skills for pricing there is a Free version which is going to allow you Up to 2,000 email sends a month however Those emails will contain HubSpot Branding and one of the huge advantages Of HubSpot as we keep mentioning is that It's all in one which means that even With the free plan you're going to get Access to loads of great tools like for Example live chat you could put live Chat on your website for free using the HubSpot free plan now of course if you Want the more advanced features and you Want to use up to 1,000 contacts you are Going to need one of the paid plans and They start at around $20 a month so here We are talking about email marketing and The only way that email marketing works Is if you have emails you need leads you Need to generate leads before you can Even consider starting email marketing And we think one of the most powerful Tools for generating leads is opin Monster opin Monster's strength lies in Its ability to generate custom timely Popups on your website to entice your Customers either to stay on your website To make sales or to input their data in Order for you to be able to generate Leads you can have personalized popups Depending on what page of your website

That customers are viewing and you can Even have popups come up when customers Look like they're about to leave your Website potentially enticing them to Stay with maybe a discount code if they Were to enter their email generating you A lead so not only is optim Monster Really great for increasing your Conversions on your site it's also Fantastic for generating leads where you Can then use in future with your brand New email marketing Services if you do Want to check out optin monster do hit The link down in the description and That will take you through to where you Can get it for the best possible Price next up we've got omnisend which Is our pick for best free features so You get the most out of the free plan Compared to any of the others with Omnisend as always starting with the Email Builder the email Builder here is Fantastic it's drag and drop there's no Code and they've got some really great Templates the that you're going to be Able to send out to try and maximize Your Revenue you've got things like car Abandonment emails and cross sell emails Which are really easily built into your Workflow which as I say are going to Help you maximize Revenue the reporting Is great here too and we love the way That omnisend breaks everything down Into individual marketing campaigns and

Also how it uses click Maps so you can See exactly what your customers are Getting into when they open your emails For Integrations there's very little Downside here you can more than likely Find the integration that you're looking For if you're using a software the Chances are omnisend will integrate with It transferring your contacts into Omnisend is really easy using say an Excel sheet or even some existing Software like for example MailChimp then You go ahead and you can split Everything into segments and on send is Even smart enough to not multi-end the Same email to people if they fall into Different segments which happens quite Frequently omnisend pretty smart though Customer service again you've got all The regular tools and you've also got Access to podcasts ebooks and what they Call the omnisend academy all to help Level up your marketing skills and it's All absolutely for free as we said at The start of our omnisend review one of The biggest wins for omnisend is just How much you get for absolutely nothing Omnisend are going to offer you pretty Much everything every single tool they Have available is going to be available To you on their free plan things like AB Testing AB testing is never available For free it's always on a higher paid Plan not the case with on send it is

Absolutely free now of course there is a Little bit of a drawback somewhere along The line you get 250 contacts and 500 Emails that's the drawback to the free Plan and then if you go above that Number of contacts you obviously need to Pay for a paid plan but it's a really Great way to start and it's a really Great way to get a huge number of tools For quite literally nothing a final Little omnisend bonus is that omnisend Is an omni Channel platform meaning is Going to give you access to both SMS and Email marketing all within the one Software which is definitely not always The case a lot of the time and with some Of the other softwares I've already Mentioned here you have to pay for an Additional software to run your SMS Marketing not the case with omnisend You're going to get everything bundled Together there's a breakdown of our Favorite email marketing software you've Got what we think they're best at and a Comparison of all of their key elements If you have any questions do let know Down in the comments and if you need to Pick up some extra leads for your email Marketing then be sure to click the Video just up here before or after you Get subscribed and hit the like button Either way works for me thanks so much For watching I hope you've had a good One I'll see you soon

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