Best Business Phone Services For Small Business’

If you’re looking to provide the very best phone service to your customers as a small business you’re probably going to need a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service.

That’s what we are looking at today, the best VoIP phone services available and also what is VoIP and what can it do for you?

0:00 Intro – Why do you Need Live Chat
0:15 What is VoIP
0:43 Why Should You Use a VoIP?
2:04 Nextiva
3:29 RingCentral
4:43 SendLayer
5:39 Ooma
6:34 ZoomPhone
7:41 Grasshopper
9:35 Our Top Picks
10:13 What is VoIP Simplified?
10:23 Is VoIP Cheaper?
10:35 Can You Switch to a VoIP From Your Landline?
10:45 Does Your Exisitng Phone Work With VoIP?
11:01 Outro.

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If you're a small business and you want To provide the very best phone service To your customers then you're probably Going to need a VoIP phone service today I'm going to show you six of the very Best VoIP phone services available but First what is a vo phone service it's Voice over Internet Protocol or voice Over IP and basically it takes your Existing phone line your existing phone Service and stops that we don't want to Run that through traditional landlines We're going to use the internet instead It's cloud-based and instead of paying For multiple phone lines you're going to Use the internet connection that you're Using already and you're going to run All of your phone calls through that why Would you want to do that well I'm glad You asked first up professionalism now Your own personal phone number might not Look very professional and to make the Best impression on your customers you Might want a business phone number or a Business phone number that is the same For every single person who's going to Be using it more seamless more Professional you're also going to get More features with a business phone Service like a VoIP you're going to get Things like call forwarding caller ID Call waiting and it allows you to Communicate more effectively and more Efficiently with your customers there's

Also call management and analytics that Are going to let you improve your Service you can easily track call Duration hold times wait times and Overall usage you also get the Flexibility of being able to make and Receive calls with various tools you're Going to be able to use obviously desk Phones cordless phones mobile phones Vipes are also inherently scalable so if You have more people coming on board or You're wanting to just add new users It's so much easier than it would be With a traditional landline and of Course there's the inherent benefit that You can take your local or toll-free Number anywhere you like as long as There is an internet connection so if You're running an online store or maybe A small Business website a professional Phone service could could really help You and at the same time there's the Potential to save some money our top Pick is Comfortably next Diva they are The best phone service for small Businesses as far as we're concerned They're so good that we use them next Diva have a really great user friendly Interface that we love and a massively Extensive set of features it's more than Likely going to have what you're looking For n Diva also have some really great Call management features it's going to Streamline the whole process make things

Easier for your customers and also Easier for your support team so you got Things like caller ID call forwarding Call routing custom greetings pretty Much everything you could possibly need But NEX Diva isn't only about providing The void phone service there's a whole Host of complimentary tools you got Things like live chat a CRM online Surveys call analytics and even more all Of these tools together make NEX Diva a Really comprehensive package NEX Diva Support is also amazing and if you are a Small business that's new to VoIP nxa Will do a really good job of supporting You all the way through setting up your System if your business is on the go There's also a NX Diva app that's Compatible with either iPhone or Android So you've got everything covered pricing Starts at $18.95 per user per month and That's for the essentials plan but it Does get more cost effective as you add More users overall next Diva absolutely Our number one pick our next pick is Ring central they're a really big player In the void market and they've got a Really good reputation of providing Really reliable great business phone Service some of the basic features are Things like unlimited calling caller ID Call forwarding call waiting and Transfer so again what you're doing is You're taking all the things that you

Might have to rely on a support team Member to deal with and you're just Streamlining it so they get to the right People quicker ring central also has Advanced features like SMS messaging Visual voicemail and integration with Popular services like Google workspace And Dropbox we really like the Administration setup for ring central as Well it's cloud-based and just very Intuitive which is going to be great if You're new to this ring central is Really good for businesses of all levels From starter all the way up the one Downside we will mention with ring Central is that if you're not able to Pay annually and you want some of the More advanced features then the prices Can creep up very quickly but a basic Entry for one user is just going to cost You $20 a month similarly to NEX Diva There's also an Android and an iPhone App so if you're an onthe go business This will work for you today alongside Our conversation about vo we also want To highlight a really powerful tool Called send layer send layer is an email Delivery service that's designed to get Your emails to the right place every Single time it's also going to give you Loads of great analytics so you can Track the email send bounce right you Can do all of that from your dashboard And you can even create your own maining

Lists and email groups the possibilities With send L are endless and it's really Just going to enhance what you're Getting out of your email list and in Turn that's going to allow you to Generate more leads and create way more Conversion just because you're getting Your emails to where they're supposed to Be going a last thing you want is your Emails being marked as spam then layer Is also super affordable and you can get It for as little as $5 a month which Will give you the ability to send up to 1,000 emails a month if you head down Into the description and click on our WP Beginner discount code a super Affordable option that we like is Uma They're really well known for offering Business phone numbers and 1800 Toll-free numbers at really great rates Uma's office platform covers all the Essentials that you would expect from a Business phone system this includes Virtual receptionists extension dialing Music on holds smart mobile apps call Logs and even more but even with all That power and all that functionality It's really easy to use and set up so if You're new to this you don't need to Worry at all pricing for uma's business Phone service does start at $19.95 a Month per user but that does include a Free toll free number which you Definitely don't get with everything if

You are looking for something more Advanced uma's got you covered there as Well it will cost you a little bit more But you get features like unlimited call Cues Salesforce integration meeting Recording hot desking and even more next Up we've got another really Costeffective solution it's Zoom phone And yes it is that Zoom that you've Probably already used for video Conferencing and the two integrate Seamlessly together so you can go from a Voice call to a video call and back and Forth so if you're already using Zoom This could be a really great way to just Up your game and get those extra Features you're of course going to get All the standard expected features like Call forwarding call recording voicemail Transcription automatic call attendance And SMS messaging as well as Compatibility with both the desktop and Mobile apps that again is going to allow You to connect with zoom absolutely Anywhere if you want to get more Advanced Zoom phones got you covered There as well and you're going to be Able to integrate with things like Microsoft Outlook and CRM systems like Salesforce pricing for Zoom phone is Really affordable and starts at just $10 A month per user however if you want to Upgrade that so that you can use Unlimited outbound calls that's going to

Cost you $15 a month and you're more Than likely going to want to do that if You're a small business or even just a Solo entrepreneur then grasshopper could Be a really great shout for you Grasshopper are going to offer virtual Phone numbers through VoIP and that Means that you're going to be able to Forward calls to any phone number or Mobile device which means you can Enhance your visual presence and your Accessibility to your potential Customers if you are that small business That wants things to be as easy as Possible grasshopper is going to be Great for you as well it's really Intuitive and it's got web and mobile Apps and your whole account management Is going to be really simple grasshopper Also offers phone numbers in the US UK And Canada so you've got a variety of Options there which might help and might Suit your particular business the Grasshopper service gives you all the Standard features that you would expect And we do also recommend as being really Great for remote teams pricing for Grasshopper starts at $29.99 a month and That includes one local number and up to Three extensions if you want to go more Than that of course you can always Upgrade your plan and last but Definitely not least we have is going to be a really great

Choice for you if you're doing business In some European countries or Canada Because includes in their Local call minutes several European Countries and Canada so that's going to Make your international calling even More affordable overall we'd say that is a really efficient small Business phone service with a very Straightforward web and app-based Administration panel so you're not going To get any headaches trying to set the Thing up you're going to get all the Standard features that you would expect Like call forwarding call routing caller ID conference calling and even more There are two different types of plans With you've got pay per minute And also pay per month pay per minute Plans start at $12.99 a month while Unlimited plans start at $22.99 a month So which business viip is best for you Well that depends on your business of Course our top pick is next Diva we just Think it offers something for everybody It's got all your bases covered and it Does it in just the best possible way And their customer support is absolutely Incredible however that doesn't mean the Next diva is necessarily 100% the one That you should go with go through all The pros and cons that are go through And see which one is going to fit your Business model the best and fits your

Budget it's also really important too if You're still a little bit unsure about Kind of what VoIP is or maybe how it Works I'll do a little Q&A with myself I'll do the q's and the A's in simple Terms what is VoIP voice over Internet Protocol is going to allow you to make Calls using the internet instead of a Traditional th line simple is vo phone Service cheaper than a landline phone The answer quite simply is yes Almost all the time it is more Affordable and it's going to give you More advanced features if you have a Landline can you switch to a VoIP Service absolutely and it's what most People do you're going to keep your Existing landline number and switch over To a VoIP service do you need new phones Or can you use your existing phones with Vipe quite simply you can use all of Your existing phones with VoIP you can Use cordless phones desk phones and Mobile devices with almost all VoIP Business Services if you do have any More questions just drop them down in The comments hopefully that has helped You understand VoIP a little bit more And more importantly get you towards Picking the correct viip service for you And your business if you did find that Useful please hit the like button on the Video as well as getting subscribed to WP beginner I've been James and I'll see

You soon

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