Best Analytics Solutions For WordPress

It’s almost impossible to make good decisions on how to grow your WordPress website without data. You need the analytics so that you’re not guessing, you have reliable information to inform the direction you take your website. What’s working, what’s not working. Analytics are key.

So, today we are going to help you out with exactly that. Here we have the Best Analytics Solutions For WordPress to ensure that you get the very best out of your page, and know what’s happening at all times.

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Analytics a really important bunch of Numbers that you need yeah you have to Have them if you want to be successful But Gathering them and understanding Them can sometimes be tough what are Analytics well they're exactly what I Just said they're a bunch of data it's How many people are visiting your site When they're visiting your site how long They're spending on your site if you're E-commerce are they buying what pages Are they visiting it's really critical Information because it's not just Information there to overwhelm you it's Information that you can then use to Tailor what you do going forward what Are people looking at what are people Searching for where are they coming to Your site from you can use all of that Data to decide oh well people are really Interested in this topic that I talk About maybe I should make more blog Posts more videos more articles about That particular topic because it's what My audience wants now you can dive as Deep into the information as you want But you have to have some understanding Of your analytics and some data to use In order to be successful so what you Actually need is a really great Analytics solution to help you out and That's what we're going to look at some Of the best that are around why they're Good and why you should use them first

Up we've got the best WordPress plugin For Google analytics and that is Monster Insights Google analytics being the most Powerful or the most used tool that You're going to come across and monster Insight is going to allow you to use That with your WordPress page take that Data and integrate everything together Monster insights is going to provide a Comprehensive dashboard in your WordPress admin area and it's going to Display top traffic sources maybe Ranking articles and it goes beyond your Basic analytics it's going to offer Features like enhanced eCommerce Tracking outbound link tracking and it's Even going to give you a site speed Report so what's the Highlight what does Monster insights do best what do we like Best about it well it's that it's really Really great for advanced users people Who really want to dive in to the depths Of their analytics however it's also Really really great if you're brand new To analytics and you just want to get Some basic information and build up your Knowledge no matter where you are on the Spectrum it is really really easy to use It's very very beginner and you user Friendly and it works for everybody That's why it's so great now of course Depending on what level of understanding You have what level of information you Want that's going to affect what tools

You need now monster insights has a free Plan with some introductory tools which Might be great if you're a beginner but If you're more advanced you should Definitely check out the more premium Paid plans which are still not Particularly expensive and if you do Want to get them for the cheapest Possible price then check out the link Down in our top Pinn comment where You're always going to be able to get it For the best price possible whenever You're watching this next up we have What used to be called Google analytics Dashboard it's now called exact metrics And it's favored a lot by agencies and Some online store owners why do these Particular groups quite like exact Metrics well it's its scalability if you Are an online store with multiple sites Or perhaps you're an agency managing Multiple clients you can use exact Metrics with the highest plan on up to 500 sites so scalability is Big it's Great and cost-wise it is also scalable So depending on how much you're going to Use that's going to be directly Reflected in the cost that you pay so It's well worth considering because no Matter what you are doing it could work For you so now let's address the Elephant in the room the thing I have Not mentioned yet but clearly was going To Google analytics of course Google

Analytics is really fantastic the depth Of data that you can get from it is Pretty much unmatched but we're going to Focus on the downside first and that is That you might need some coding Knowledge to be able to use it properly However we spoke earlier the reason it's Our number one pick monster insights Because that's going to use that Google Analytics data and just make it so much Simpler for you and present it on your Admin dashboard but it doesn't mean Google analytics isn't a valid option of Course it is especially if you have the The knowledge why is it so good let's Have a look so firstly Google analytics Is free and it covers everything from Basic visit accounts all the way up to Advanced reports you've got AB testing Realtime traffic insights and it's just Really great your user engagement Traffic sources conversions you've got Data on all of that it really is an Absolute Powerhouse but if you are a Beginner it's pretty intimidating and Like I say you might need some of that Coding knowledge that not everybody has At their fingertips if you are still Looking to dive into really deep data Like we were speaking about there but You do want to avoid code altogether Then Heap could be a really great option For you Heap is going to go beyond those Traditional analytics that you might be

Looking at and it's going to allow you To capture data without code for pretty Much every single interaction on your Website now this might be too much for It might not be what you want at all but If you are looking for that deep dive if You're a real data analytics Enthusiast Heap is well worth checking out on top Of that if you are looking for more than Just some raw data and you want some Customizable reports and Views with Great tracking Heap is also a really Great solution and we would say it's Particularly well suited for big Companies and large teams due to the Nature of Heap and how powerful it can Be it can can get fairly expensive However the pricing is all based on a Custom quote based on your exact needs So you can reach out to Heap and find Out what the prices are and if it works For you let's flip it and go completely The opposite direction with WP Statistics which is free and a really Simple uncomplicated way of getting Yourself some analytics WP statistics is Going to offer you some really Straightforward tracking stats with Simple graphs all in your WordPress Admin Dash board covers data such as Redirects from search engines visitor Locations uh browser versions and other Simple stats that are going to be really Useful to you if you are looking for

Something that's beginner friendly going To give you some essential stats it's Very budget friendly well it's free and It's going to collate everything onto Your WordPress admin dashboard then this Is a really great option now do be Mindful that all of that information is Going to be stored on your admin Dashboard as well which considering the Size of some of the information might be Problematic down the road but if you're Just looking for some simple information And to get started on your route with Analytics this could be a really great Choice for you our go-to for analytics Is absolutely monster insights but if You're looking for other ways of using Analytics maybe to enhance your SEO Check this video out right here that's All from me I've been James have a good One I'll see you soon

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