Article Forge 4.0 Review – Don’t Buy Article Forge AI Content Writer

Many so called “internet marketing gurus” are promoting Article Forge to write high-quality articles and they even compare this ai writer to human writers and even claim it produces better content than human writers do.

So I decided to buy Article Forge 4.0 and test it with some sample articles that I asked to write. On this video you will learn why you should not buy Article Forge 4.0 and save your money for something else.

I use Jasper Ai content assistant and on this video you will see why it is 100% better than ArticleForge. If you want to get 10000 FREE credits to try Jasper, here is my affiliate link:


Overall I wanted the Article Forge to work, the price seems reasonable, but after my testing done I decided that it is one of the worst ai article writers on the market today and if you buy article forge you will waste your money and time.

If you have asked question: Is article forge 4.0 worth it?

Then based on my tests I would say that Article Forge is not worth the money.

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Hey guys today I want to talk to you About article Forge 4.0 review [Music] It is a website that promises to get you High quality content in one click and They're doing it because they are using Advanced artificial intelligence and Deep learning and because there are a Lot of people promoting this I want to Do a review on my own and see if this AI Article writer will be able to produce Good content like they promise because Through my testing they really failed And I want to just show you because I Don't want you to buy article Forge for At least how much this pricing for Around 27 a month or it can go even Higher for something that doesn't really Work because on their home page they say That article Forge uses AI the right Entire articles with the same quality as Human so I wanted to test it because I Don't want you to spend money on Something that basically claims what is Not right so they say it's first feel Automatic AI article writer fully Optimized for SEO right I mean they try To tell you good things so here is a for Example an article that they produce so Let me just okay let me hit more Let me just copy it And now I'm gonna go to this AI text Detector Now it's predicting

And watch this it is almost 100 percent Fake so right now article created by Article Forge doesn't even pass a test For AI artificial intelligence output Detectors so do you think that Google Will be able to rank your articles they Will not so it doesn't make sense that They saying here that their SE optimized Content if hundred almost hundred Percent of the article is fake Right so I wanted to test it out on my own right So I basically logged in and I created Before some articles let me go to them So let me just go to this one the first One I just copy this article And then I go to again let me just Delete This one from the output detector okay 99.98 fake oh my God so is it really Worth it spending money on articles that They are fake Let me go maybe to protein supplements So I wanted to test maybe something else Copy Again Let me see if this one will be Better And again 99.98 article is fake So This is definitely not high quality Content in one click and stuff like this Doesn't exist actually guys if you

Always trying to get One click type of thing or deals that You think that it will save your time You're simply doing huge disservice to Your business and you will never make Money online right so if you want to Create quality articles I would Definitely recommend either writing your Own article or Outsourcing that article To someone else or using something like I am using uh Jasper AI technology and Now Let me actually see what I wrote with The help of Jasper And let me put this to this Uh AI detector And let's see All right it's fake only 0.05 and real 99.95 that means that I can produce Better quality articles with Jasper AI Than with article Forge which claimed To get high quality content in one click So definitely I think it's worth Investing a little bit more and try Jasper because it produces great content You have to still use a little bit of Your own human brain into it but it does Better job than article Forge and you Can definitely rank these articles Because They are not that easily detectable and Especially if you put your own spin on It so if you want to try Jasper out I'm Gonna put Link in the pinned comment

Section under this video and that one Will give you ten thousand free credits So you can try it out and see how it Will work for your business but again if You want to make money online you need To create content right because without Content you don't have traffic and Without traffic nobody will ever see Your offers or your business so by Creating more content online you will Get more eyeballs to your business Online which will make you money right And guys if you find this article for 4.0 review helpful please give me like And don't forget to subscribe and hit That Bell notification icon so you don't Miss out any core content on making Money online Foreign [Music]

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