Allowing User Registrations in WordPress – 3 Different Ways

Do you want to give users the ability to register on your website? Did you know that this feature exists in WordPress, but it’s not customizable. So, in this video, I’m going to show you a few different ways on how to enable user registrations on your website, and also how to customize the registration pages.

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00:00 – Why Allow User Registrations
00:55 – Method 1
02:54 – Creating and adding Registration Links
09:30 – Method 2 with additional features
21:05 – Method 3 with complete design control

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One way to classify WordPress websites Is by how the user can consume the Content on the WordPress website on the One hand you have websites where users Can come in consume the content and go Away and on the other hand you have Websites where users need to register to Consume any kind of content on the site Maybe it's a forum maybe a membership Web-based website maybe a course website Where users can consume online courses And there might be other cases as well Where users need to register or the site Administrators might encourage users to Register on your site now if your Website is in the second category then You have come to the right video because In this lesson I'm going to be teaching You how to enable user registrations on Your website and I'm talking about Multiple ways different different ways On how you can enable and each of these Methods will give you a different degree Of control on how and what information You can capture from your users so I Would hardly encourage you to watch the Video till the end because you might Never know that there's some Functionality that you can have in WordPress which might be really useful For your site if you skip the video Alright let's get started alright so Let's start with step number one the Absolute Basics and in this step we're

Going to enable the fun functionality Where users can actually come and Register on your website usually this is Not a default setting in WordPress or The setting is actually disabled by Default but your host might have Configured your WordPress differently But in most cases this functionality is Actually disabled so you need to enable It to utilize any of these powers or Utilize any of the functionality that I Was talking about to have users register On your site to do that go to settings First and inside settings you'll see General settings in WordPress go to General settings And right here you see a bunch of Options but the one we're considered is Considering is this one which is called Membership and you see this togglebox or This checkbox right here anyone can Register so this is unchecked right now That means users cannot register on your Website or at least anyone just a Visitor coming to site cannot register If you want to enable this functionality Just click on this and then the Functionality will be enabled once you Save a settings but the second thing you Should be concerned about is new user Default role as you see right here you Have subscriber contributor author Editor administrator now of course you Can probably understand just from the

Names what these access role roles are Subscribers can consume content Controvers can contribute content Authors can also contribute content then Your editors and administrators now Obviously you would not want to give Anybody Administrator access to your website Anybody who's registering you might have An open website where you might prefer Users actually contributing your site Adding the content but yes administrator Is something that you should completely Stable from because this gives uh the Visitors come into your site all the Rights that you have so they can kick You out they can delete all the content Do all sorts of nasty stuff so for the Safest option the new user default role Should be a subscriber so users can come To your site they can log in and Subscribe or register and they can Consume the content on your website and This is the safest option and once You've made these changes just go to the Bottom of the page just click save and These changes will be saved on your site And now users can start registering on Your website so now you've given your Visitors the ability to register on your Website pretty easy stuff but where do They actually find this option or where Do they just click a link or register on Your site that's still a mystery to be

Solved because let's say if you go on a Page like this let's say this is the Home page of your website and if you Scroll on the page there is no Registration link to be found right you Can just keep scrolling but you won't Find a link so if you can't find the Link how do you expect your visitors to Find these links of course they'll find It difficult as well and if your Business model completely depends on More and more users signing up to your Website then you might want to encourage Them to actually log in and register to Your site now here's the fun part the Registration option is actually present On the screen right now but it's not Obvious for users and it's not obvious For you as well and the registration Link is actually right here now you must Say hey you've Raj this is not the Registration link this is the login link Of course I understand and if you were To open the login page of your website Usually this is what you would see this Is an incognito window because I was Already logged into my account on my Main website and this is what I've Opened before I actually enable the Option to register which I just Demonstrated now what will happen if I Refresh this page play close or pay Close attention to the page refresh And you see right here the registration

Option opens up and if you click this You will see the registration option Opens up right here so technically the Register option does appear but it's Disguised as the login option on your Website now it's not very obvious that The login page will also contain the Registration options but yes the option Does exist and it is very openly Available if your users know how and Where to look for it so how do we ensure That the registration options are easy To find for users right how do we place Them in a location where it is hard for Your users to miss that okay the Registration option is right here well There's a way to do that using widgets On your site let me give you a Demonstration on how that works let's go Back to WordPress and what we'll do is Go to appearance and we'll go to widgets And once the widget page opens let it Load for a second this is the new Interface it can also work with the old Interface but the new interface works as Well and once you've loaded you'll see Uh depending on how your website is Configured you might have different Wages right here let's scroll down and Add a new widget and the interface for Adding widget is way similar to the Block editor you add a block but right Now I'm going to add the meta widget Right here which is kind of a legacy

Widget but it still works in WordPress So type in meta And this is what you will find and The Meta widget will be added right here now Technically it's already added here and You see all these options right here so It's already added so what I'll do is Remove the duplicate right here and I'll Talk about it right here so what the Meta widget does is if I click on this You'll see a description log in RSS and links if I click outside You see it gives you links to the site Admin logging logging out entries Comments and some other options right Here now since it's already added on my Website let me go to the blog page on Your site because the home page doesn't Have any of the sidebar options and of Course widgets can only be added to the Widget enabled areas and sidebar is one Of those areas so this is the side bar Area and you can see the meta options Right here so site admin log out entry Suite and all of our other options now Of course I'm already logged into my Website what I can do is Let me open this page up in the Incognito tab or incognito window let's See what happens And as you can see as soon as I open the Page instead of the links showing up Right here which is site admin log out And entry speed I see the registration

Option right here because this is Incognito window I'm not logged in so This is one easy way for the Registration options to be placed Anywhere on the site at least in the Widget enabled areas on your website so This is how you do it but you might be Still wondering hey you've Raj you know Most of my users are coming in from a Mobile phone view where the sidebar is Not visible and I just want to make the Registration option like a call to Action and I want to promote it heavily Sidebar is something that people don't Look at I hear you and I'll give you Another option where you can utilize a Sneaky way to add registration links on Your website anywhere you like you want To see how it does or how it works go Back to the registration form right here And what I'll do is I'll show the URL of This page right here on the screen and What you can see is it's which is a demo Website slash WP login which is the Login URL and the question mark right Here which significance or which Signifies Rd whatever is following is a URL parameter action is register so what This page is is just the login page with A URL parameter so what you can actually Do is just copy and place this link Anywhere on your site for example what I Do is I go to the URL section I copy

This and if I place this in any of the Blog posts or any blog post like a Button or anything the registration Option can open up so what I'll do is Pause the video for a second I'll create A new blog post or open up a blog post I'll place this as a button and we'll Try and see if this actually works right Give me a second I'll be back all right So I've created a blog post on my Website and I've titled it registration Links just to keep it obvious and I've Created or added a button block right Here and if I click the button block You'll see it points to the exact URL I Was talking about WP login dot PHP question mark action Equals register now I've already opened This post in an incognito window right Here let's go to that and this is the Post right and just to clarify this is Just a regular block so you can have Anything on the page anything on the Post regular and a regular post you can Design it however you like and just add This as a regular link or maybe a call To action button or an image link or Even a button link which I have placed Right now what I'm trying to tell you is Anyway uh just anywhere you can add a Hyperlink you can add the registration Link right here and what happens if I Click this and open in a new tab let's See the registration options opens up

Right here So let me quickly recap whatever we've Learned right now I told you how to Enable user user registrations on your Site then I also told you how the login Page also acts as a registration page Which might not be obvious to offer Users then I also told you about the Meta widget using which you can actually Place the registration links anywhere on The site at least in the widget enabled Areas then I also told you a small hack Using which you can create any kind of Call to action for users to register on Your website if you want to really Promote that now this covers most of the Basics where users can come in enter a Username password or an email address And then start consuming the content Right at least register and start doing Whatever you intend them to do now what If you want to collect additional Information from the user let's say Payment information let's say address Let's say any other details about what Their skills level are for with a Certain set of skills if you're trying To educate them on something what what Do you do if you want to collect all That information on the registration Page itself well it is possible but not With these matters for that we'll use a Third-party plugin so let me demonstrate That right now

All right we're back and let's talk About adding custom functionality to Your user registration pages and as I Mentioned we'll be using a third-party Plugin to do that and the plugin we'll Be using is called WP forms now WP form Is a fantastic drag and drop WordPress Form Builder you can create any kind of Contact forms all the forms in the world That you can imagine and think of with This plugin and one of the cool features Is that that it also features some Advanced add-ons and one of those Add-ons is a user registration add-on so Once you enable that add-on you'll be Able to create user registration forms And using the power of drag and drop you Can add additional functionality or Additional fields which users have to Fill in to start using this on your site I'll be linking some of the videos right Here where you can check out more about WP forms but right now I'm going to give You an introduction you can go to the Pricing option the user registration Add-on is not available in the free Version so I believe the pro version and Above so go to the pricing options make Your purchase and once you've completed The purchase you will find the download Files for the plugin and also a license Key inside your account I already have That so I'll skip over that part but now Instantly first install WP forms on my

Website activate the license and then I'll be teaching you how to create a Registration form on your website let's Go so first inside the Edinburgh I'll go To plugins I'll go to add new And I'll upload the plugin I'll add the Zip file here Install a plugin Let's activate the plugin as well So now as you can see WP forms has been Installed on my website and since I was Testing it out already on this website My license key is already added but when You start out you'll need to activate The plugin to use all these features so For that you need to go to WP forms go Into settings right here And in the first option right here You'll add your license key and verify Your key and once it's verified you'll Automatically get updates as well and Then you'll be able to utilize all the Functionality right here now to utilize The power of WP forms to have or replace The registration links you'll need to Install or add a couple of add-ons to WP Forms now add-ons are just plugins for WP forms as WordPress has plugins wpform Also has a Plugin or as a set of add-ons And it keeps the plugin light so what You'll do is go to the add-on section Right here right here And as you can see I have a bunch of Add-ons to connect with lights of aweber

Activecampaign all email marketing tools That you can send data once you've Collected email addresses and all that This is all easy scroll to the bottom of The page where you'll find a user Registration add-on this is what you Need to install on your site so that you Can actually replace your user Registration forms inside WordPress or The WordPress is user registrations with WP forms so click the install add-on Button and it'll just take a few minutes Or maybe a few seconds to install or Download the add-on and activate it on Your site so let's wait for it to Complete and add-on has installed and Activated and now you can deactivate and Enable it or activate and deactivate it Whenever you like this is the power or Beauty of WP forms anything you add or Any kind of functionality can be Activated and deactivated especially With the add-ons so now let's go to the Form section right here let's add a new Form and I'll teach you how to add or Create a new form where you can add user Functionalities or user registration Functionality on the site and once you Click the add new button you'll trigger The form creation workflow right here so What you can do is first in type of name Of your form so I'll type in register And you have a bunch of predefined form Templates that you can use you have a

Contact form all the different forms you Can utilize on your site and you can Customize them to make them work with The registration flow of your website But the easiest way to do this is either Start from blank which you can also do Technically but the easiest way to do This is by you searching for a user Registration form which is predefined so If I search for this you'll see user Register I didn't even type the whole Thing and you see the user registration Form come up and you can see it's from The add-on that we just added right here So I click the use template which will Open up a predefined or pre-created user Registration form right here and this is An important notice to pay attention to Additional user registration options are Available in the settings panel of Course I'm gonna demonstrate them as Well so right now this is a basic Registration form created with WP forms So you have the name option right here First name last name username email Password and short bio these are the Basic options that you would anyways Require but what about the additional Options I was talking about giving users The opportunity to collect or users not YouTube collect payment information or Any kind of other things well that's the Beauty of WP forms because you see all These fields right here all of these

Fields can be added to your user Registration options right here so text Fields paragraph these are you can what You can add on the screen so let's say You want users to have like a check box Hey I agree to the terms and conditions Or whatever or what are my skills level Do I know this know this or know this You can have this option right here or Let's say you have you want to add a Slider what is my current skill level With a particular skill set add a slider Right here so that users can actually Drag this information right here and you Also can add address Fields phone number Fields date times for example let's say You want to collect user address just Drag and drop right here you also will Connect their phone numbers all right Add that information right here now you Can start collecting phone numbers and Addresses and of course you can make Them or make these fields mandated will Be filled in right so you can see this Red asterisk right here next to the Password of course users cannot have an Account without a password but you can Make sure that users have to fill in an Address to actually sign up to your site Right now I'm just going to delete them Just to keep it simple even the phone Number just to keep it simple but as you Can see you have a bunch of options Right here phone number address date

Field website URL file uploads you can Ask users or give the options use as the Option to actually add or upload a file Uh password section divider hidden Fields entry preview HTML files and you Also have the payment options right here And you have PayPal Commerce stripe Commerce square and Currently uh supported once you add Those you'll of course need to configure Some of the payment information that you Can start collecting that information You can start collecting payments but The opportunity is right here and what I'm trying to tell you is the options With this or the possibilities with all These fields is completely up to you Whatever use case you have for creating This kind of a resistance flow where You're connecting with the user and Asking them to fill out any kind of Information on your website that Possibility can be fulfilled right here Completely and once you've done that You'll need to go into settings and Verify a couple of things before you Start publishing this page and have this Registration done so go to the settings Right here And you have a bunch of settings you Have notifications confirmations you can Go and check them out you have some Interesting settings right here but the One most important one is in the user

Registration option so what this does is It Maps existing fields from the form Which is right here to actually database Inside WordPress where the user Registration information is actually Saved so what it's saying is hey field Mapping so username for the user comes From the username field right here on The form itself which is this one so This will be saved as a username for Users the name is the name the password Is the password the website is you can Map it to certain things or you can Leave it blank and the bio is the bio Now if you have have more Fields you Don't need to map them because inside WordPress all this information is not Saved the rest of the information that You capture will be saved by WP forms But these are the basic fields that you Want to uh capture so let's say you Customize this and you move things Around you change Fields delete Fields Then all you have to do is come right Here and make sure that the username Name password and just the biography Information this is not mandatory but These fields are mapped to the right Field so that WP forms can capture that Information and provide or like add it To the database right here you also have Some other options right here which I Think are important to cover enable user Activation this is kind of a double

Opt-in method so let's say you don't Want to have users just adding any kind Of spam email you want them to verify Their email then you can enable this Option which will send them a test Activation email and once they click the Link inside the email only then will Their account be activated this is a User or I think a pretty good feature And you also can do this the second Option enable auto login so once the User is registered they can Automatically log in of course this Doesn't doesn't work the first option so As soon as you enable the first option The second option is actually disabled Then you can also hide user form if it's Logged in so if users already logged in Instead of the form they see this HTML Tag right here this is something that You can utilize but the first option is I think pretty important if you want to Let's say prevent spam users or spam Registrations happening with Bots or Even just Spam users uh creating Accounts on a site and what you can also Do here's a capture option as well if You want to prevent spammers from like Trying to create accounts and just Bombarding your website with random Requests you can enter the captcha Option right here as well and once You've created this page right now Everything is done you save this page

And now what we'll do is we'll create a Page on our website completely and we'll Go and add this form right there and Once we have the page then we can Utilize the same methodology like Copying the link of the page and Providing it everywhere when you want Users to actually register on your site All right so let me create a page first And then I'll show you how to add this Particular form on that page very Quickly All right so I've created a brand new Page on the site and I just title it Register on the site completely blank Page and here's how you add that Registration form right here what you do Is you use the wp forms block so type in The forward slash and type in WP forms And you'll see this WP forms block Appear right here and once this is added To the page the wp forms block will give You the option to select what form you Want to embed so click right here and You'll see all the forms that you have Created right now we just created the Registration form so click the register Option And I'll load the form right here and This is the exact form that we looked at And what you do just publish the page And once this is published you can copy This page right this page particular the URL of this page and utilize it

Everywhere on your site right example The same way I told you about the button Option you can use this and create call To action buttons added in any Hyperlinks and users when they when they Fill this form up they'll be registered On your website and as I mentioned you Can actually do this for or you can add Any kind of information or capture any Kind of information right here as well Just not limited to the name and Username and email password and all that Information will be captured by wform so You can see all that information in WP Forms directly now as you can tell this Is a powerful powerful feature inside WP Forms to create registration forms on Your website and they match the theme And style of your website as well but This also brings up a challenge because Now you've created a beautiful looking Page inside WP forms which doubles up or Backs up your registration page but your Login page still looks like this right It's it doesn't match correctly so how Can you change this this page or how can You create a login page that looks Completely or I say very similar to this Page well there's also an option inside WP forms and for that what you can do is Go right here back to add new Option and Let me quickly demonstrate how you would Do that I'll just typed in or create the Login and I'll go here and type login

And similar to the registration page you Can also create a login form for your Website directly inside WP forms and the Best part is the styling will match Completely so right now on the login Page of course you don't need to have Any more information but that's up to You whatever you want to do username and Password is the most important thing That you'll need to add so once you've Done this save the page create a new Page called login and then just have That page and once it's done it will Look very similar to this page right Here on this so your login page and Registration page will match the exact Styling and you can utilize the power WP Forms to capture any information you Like but there's one more thing that I Need to clarify how you would do right Now what you are limited to is using the Block editor inside WordPress to Customize and style the page what if you Wanted some additional level of control Where you want to like get deep dive and Design a beautiful looking page right From scratch using a page builder how do You create a registration page on your Website using those features or those Functionality well there's an option to Do that as well so let me demonstrate How you do that inside WordPress all Right back inside WordPress and let's Talk about how to design customized

Looking login pages and registration Pages on your website and of course We'll be using a page builder because That's the easiest way to customize the Design of any page on a website and the Page builder I'm going to be using to Demonstrate this option is called seed Prod seed plot is one of the best Drag And Drop WordPress website builders that Does a ton of functionality and it has All the features that you would expect In any page builder so before you start Uh following this tutorial make sure to Check it out and if you like it purchase It make the purchase get the plugin Install it on your site the zip file as I demonstrated with W forms once that is Done you will see seed plot right here Make sure to activate the plugin as well And then once you're here then we can Start utilizing the power of C plot to Not only just create log in pages but of Course you will have all the Functionality of a up-to-date up to Speed page builder as well so let's Start by going into Ctrl right here and I'll demonstrate what all the Functionalities you have of course you Can start creating landing pages and of Course depending on the plan you have Chosen you'll have different Functionality but what you see right Here is the login page customization and One of the best features inside seed

Plot is you can override your custom or Override your existing login page and What this means is that not only will This login page be created but the Existing login page the vanilla one Right here which looks very similar to This once users try to actually access This page they'll be automatically Redirected to the fancy version of or The beautiful version that you create on Your site so that's how it's going to Look like so now now if you're following Along this tutorial you will see set up A login page instead of the edit page Right here because of course I was Testing this out so what the flow will You see once you see this button set up A login page you click right here and You'll start seeing some templates so Let me quickly jump to that step and We'll start or I'll demonstrate how you Can utilize pre-built templates or even A customize the page from scratch so Click the setup a maintenance mode send Set up a login page button right here And this is what you will see on the Screen So as soon as you click the button you Will see this page come up which which Allows you to choose a new template for Your login page as you can see you have A bunch of options you can start from a Blank template a very simple login page And you can see all these beautiful

Designs right here and if you want to See a zoomed in version just click the Magnification icon right here and this Will open up a full page preview of how The login page will look like a cool Looking design right here you also have The option of choosing desktop view and Mobile preview right here so you can Understand how it will look like on a Mobile phone for you as well so if if You want to check out other plugins or Other templates just click the cross Icon go to this minimal login page and You can again switch between a full Screen view desktop view and a mobile View so let's say we go right here and We like this one the grocery login page Or let's say let's let's choose this one I think this is a more colorful option Let's click this option and you have This sign in option right here let's Also see the desktop here because I'm Working on desktop right now and this is How the login page will look like let's Say this this is the one that we like so All you have to do is click choose this Template and once you have this you'll Create a new page of course we're Creating a new page so we'll name this Page so I'll place the keep the name Login Oops login new let's say that's the page Name I'm going with and no hyphen needed Here hyphen will be added to the URL

Automatically save and start editing the Page so this will open up the page Builder interface on the site and this Is where the all the magic happens Because in in this interface you can Actually do anything to your page so you Have a pre-built design you can change It you have a background color you can Change it you can have certain styling On the forms you can change it you have Some links right here you can change it Everything is completely under your Control we have our uh Ctrl has given You a predefined page so that you can Start uh with a not start with a blank Slate but complete you have complete Control over whatever you want and you Have bunch of options right here adding Headlines text lists buttons images Videos dividers spaces columns and in Advanced options you have contact forms This is already a contact form Technically countdown social profiles Animated headlines let's see how this Works if I add it right here I can add This kind of a option or cool looking Headline right here so I have complete Control over how I want to design my Login page right here and once let's say You're happy let's say you don't make Any changes let's you delete this Element as well once you've done that to Start using this page you need to go to The page settings right here and you

Have a bunch of options right here right So you have the page title and Everything which you see right here and You also have the page status right now So paid status is draft but you can Publish it by going into save option and Publishing it that's completely up to You where you want to do this you also Have the opportunity to make a little Bit of money if you are into affiliate Marketing and then you can enable this Link option right here and this will add A made by state plot link to your page And whenever you just click on that and Make a purchase you'll get a certain Commission which you can see right here You also have isolation mode which will Disable any kind of header or photo Scripts from being launching but the Most important option is right here Redirect the default login page this is The option I was talking about in the Beginning what you can do is enable this Option and anytime users try to log in Like the vanilla version right here Similar to this they'll be taken to the Designer version of your page and this Is a completely cool looking feature so Let's say if you enable this option Right here and then you can save your Changes and the login page will be Overridden with the new login page that You have created let's save this and Lastly before I actually save and

Demonstrate let me also give you an Example if you want to change the Template in the future come right here And choose a new template then it will Override the old template completely and You can start from scratch as well so Let's save this page right here save it Now before I demonstrate the login Option or login page a new design Version login page let me also tell you How you can customize the registration Page on your site as well so all you Have to do is go to the page actually Where you created that page fixed right Here and using this page right here you Can see all these options this is the Registration page just click this button Right here this will open up the seat Dot editor once again and you can Customize the page completely complete Customization options and then once you Save that page the registration page Will also be styled completely on your Website so it doesn't work just with the Login page it also works with the Registration page as well so now let's Check out the new login page on our Website so it's time to check out a new Customized login page and I just wanted To remind you first that if you're not Seeing login page uh changing on your Site by following me just make sure that Login page here is active inside the Landing page section because it's not

Active then seed plot will not override Or even display the new login page to You and you might be stuck with the old Design right here so going to the Incognito window once again this is the I'll also place the URL of this page Right here on the screen I haven't Refreshed this that's why you can still See the old View and since this is the Old vanilla view that you're working With and what I'm going to do is just Duplicate this page right here which Will also refresh the page and let's see What happens I'll just duplicate this Right here and beautifully right here You can see the login page automatically Is redirected to this new beautiful Looking login page on the website Perfectly designed looking fantastic and Your users might not even know you're Using WordPress because your website Looks so cool right and with this done We can finally conclude this video it Was a very fun video for me to do I Showed you how to enable registrations On your site how to add registration Links using WordPress native features And also some interesting stuff you can Do with WP forms and also design a Completely customized version of your Login Pages using Ctrl the world is your Oyster now go do whatever you want with Your registration links and login pages And of course if you have any comments

Or any appreciation for this video it's Really really long video make sure that Leave in the comments if you have Questions about any of these features I Talked about also leave that in the Comments on the video and before you go I would recommend checking out some of These videos right here which about seed Plot and also WP form so that you can Increase your knowledge on what is Possible with WordPress and of course if You're interested in more easy to follow WordPress tutorials just like this one Don't forget to subscribe I'll catch you In the next video

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