AI Web Design Showdown: Comparing 5 AI Website Creators

In this video, we’re diving deep into the world of AI website builders to bring you a comprehensive comparison of five different tools that you can use to streamline your design process!

Table Of Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Hocoos
05:50 – durable
08:37 – Framer
11:40 – 10Web
15:48 – ZipWP
22:04 – Thoughts and comparisons
25:20 – Prices
26:20 – Outro

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So there's a lot of talk going on about AI what it means for us as creative Professionals and the future of our Industry with AI now specifically what I'm talking about is AI website Builders Now at the time of this video coming out It should be about three weeks to a Month before everybody that has signed Up has access to zip but something in The meantime I thought would be Interesting is to take a look at five Different AI website Builders I'm going To give them all the same prompt and in Real time I'm going to walk through Building these websites my thoughts as We build them and I'm going to compare The final websites that they give to us So that being said let's get into our First AI web Builder so the first one We're going to be using is called hocos Or hokus I'm not entirely sure but it is Your AI website builder it basically Says their Builder will create a Business ready website in minutes with Text designs images all based off of Eight quick questions and then your Website is going to be good to go so I'm Going to log in or I guess create an Account alright so here we are I guess This is our first question uh the Business I'm going to be choosing to do All of these on is a Coffee Roastery Slash coffee shop so we're gonna click Food and drinks all right so it's giving

Me a bunch of different types of food And drinks so Coffee House continue Foreign Okay so this is interesting So based off Of the fact that I chose coffee house It's giving me a bunch of different Types of coffee so that's cool so we'll Do espresso latte cappuccino breakfast Sandwiches cold brew and pastries why Not So now it's saying what do we want to do With our website it already has collect Testimonials which is something I would Want on a restaurant's website we can Also sell our products online so sell Our coffee online and we'll say get new Customers click continue And it's asking where the business is Physically located so I'll just say Lansdale Pennsylvania Now it's asking for our business name so We're going with brood Awakening select To highlight three unique aspects of Your business we will generate more Customized content based on your Selection so let's do customer service Affordable prices And qualified and experienced staff How would you like your website visitors To contact you we'll stick with contact Form alright so here is our website so I Mean off the cuff It's not Great it's not terrible but it's not

Great it just looks really blocky it Looks really boring it doesn't really Nothing about this makes me want to go To this business but you know it gives Us a it looks like it gives us a couple Other styles a couple more color Palettes so maybe if we try a different Color palette and a different style Okay yeah I mean more or less it it Really doesn't it is also not that Impressive and by that I mean like it's Very impressive that it was able to do This with AI don't get me wrong any Platform that can build using AI I do Think is impressive but this website on Its own doesn't really wow me but uh it Looks like we can change the font pair Here so let's just Just for kicks and Giggles let's see what the third style Looks like Thank you Yeah I mean so all in all right like Could this pass as a business's website Sure but given how easy it is to create Much more impressive websites using Tools like starter templates for example It just leaves a lot to be desired for Me see the problem for this with me Right is that it says we will launch a Business ready website in under you know A minute or in a couple of minutes Answer eight questions and you'll have a Business ready website This to me does not look like a business

Ready website this could be a very good Starting point but if you're going to Market something as you know a business Ready to launch website I would want it To deliver that so this unfortunately Doesn't meet the mark that they set for Me but I see where they're coming from I Do like the platform I do like the questionnaire and I like How much went into like making it kind Of personalized I like that experience But I don't really think that I would Choose I don't really think that I would Choose this Builder as my first choice Just to see if anything is different Let's hit create website just to see you Know what kind of changes can be made Alright so here we have I guess this is Like their editing dashboard it seems Pretty straightforward we can hide Things move these I guess these sections Are called widgets for them we can Change their variation we can have ai Redesign it like let's see what happens If we have ai redesign this Thank you Yeah see it just doesn't it doesn't look Like a lot is really changing yeah so It's just it's a very straightforward Kind of user-friendly easy interface so I I appreciate that especially for People that you know don't really have The experience or if you are a business Owner and you really don't want to put

That much thought or effort into it you Kind of want to set it and forget it I Appreciate that I get that but all in All again I mean if you're going to Market a business ready website you Better be delivering a business ready Website and I don't get that from this So decent starting point for a website But I wouldn't call it the best All right Builder number two that we're Going to use is called durable dot Co so Let's sign in and I will sign up because I don't have an account let's get Started uh what type of business am I Building Coffee shop next businesses in Lansdale Pennsylvania let's go Brood Awakening generate website So I don't know if this will actually be 30 seconds but it looks like it's going Pretty fast in the background there Website's ready I'll put the actual time It took on the screen so let's just Do some First Impressions here I mean I'm seeing a lot of the same Issue that I saw with the other one so Upon my first look on this my issue with It is actually the same as the first one Where it's like it's not as much like It's a stretch to call this a website Design it's more like a series of just Like blocks and then pieces of text Again could be a very cool starting Point I like this little r Services

Section I like that they have a section For uh testimonials having a gallery Could be cool let's just regenerate this Hero section and see what happens Okay I like this one more this is Probably the best hero section of all of The ones we've seen so far yeah so I Mean again is this a decent starting Point sure but it's like an ultra basic Design if you could even really call it A design and that's really all there is To say about it let me customize let me Let me make an account here It's it's editor almost reminds me of uh Uh Wix or like maybe not the editor X But like the old Wix editing is what This kind of reminds me of but again I Mean there's really not a whole lot About it to say I'm kind of speechless Not because it's so great that I'm Speechless but because you know it's It's just a series of blocks pictures And text which I get it like that's what A website is but um You know like these look like the Projects I would make when I learned how To write HTML and CSS and again the fact That this was done with AI is super cool The fact that it was done with AI in is In and of itself very very impressive There are so many tools that make much More intriguing much more user-friendly And intuitive websites for free and this Just isn't doing it for me there so

Again good starting point but it leaves A little bit to be desired for my taste All right so for number three we are Using framer I just made an account so I Will start with a I so we're going to Start with a I uh this is where I guess It's asking us to write a brief about Section for our business so I have one Of those so I'll just paste it in there And let's hit start see what it does for Us off the bat I like this color palette A lot more than any other one honestly So far from what I'm seeing as it's just Generating this is the best one we've Seen so far I think it's the most on Brand I think it's the most visually Interesting doesn't feel like just a Series of blocks and text I like the Other ones have given us so all right so Here we are I think this is definitely The best one so far it looks like there Is just like a layer of brown over Everything I don't necessarily love that But I get why they did it it really it Feels kind of like silly kind of goofy Which honestly compared to the other Ones like I'll take that I like that There's there's personality behind it if This were the type of branding that a Client came to me and said they wanted Like this would be pretty good Um let's see what other let's see what It looks like with other color palettes Here

Okay Interesting okay and it gives you Different ones for tablet and phone That's something that you know I like to Be able to see right here right now Actually you know what let me go back And check the other ones because I am Curious now if they are responsive Okay All right so they are also responsive Which is nice I would be shocked Honestly to say the least if they Weren't so that's good to know but Anyway so back to framer I wonder if There's any way I can like Regenerate it yeah just because the Other ones had regenerative abilities so I want to know if this one does too Again right off the bat I mean it's not Even done generating it but compared to The other two this one feels the best it Has the most cohesive kind of sense of Modern brand and feel and Vibe like I Hate the phrase Vibe I think it's stupid But this has it and the other ones Didn't and I think that's something that You really need when you're thinking About having an online presence is you Need to have a feeling on your website Like your users need to feel like they Can attach to your website or identify With you your product your mission Whatever it is your user needs to be Able to identify with that and so far

This is the only one that has kind of Given me that is it perfect no but it's A really strong starting point of the Three so far framer you've got my vote This is a really cool tool the color Palettes are really cool so all in all Framer good job very big and this is Super cool and I can't wait to see how This evolves and changes and grows as a Usable piece of technology very excited All right next we have 10 web launch and Grow your business online with AI get a Jump start on website creation build or Recreate any website in minutes with AI That is an interesting claim but let's Generate a website here let's create a New website with AI Uh I want to create a website with an Online store I sell coffee so let's see Coffee producer I do think it's cool That they have different like types of Coffee stores it shows me that they Understand that there are different Types of needs for different types of Businesses even that are kind of within The same umbrella so that's cool but Coffee producer next so here's something Interesting they do have an enhanced With AI feature and I really want to see What that can do so I will copy and Paste my kind of little about statement In but I will enhance it with AI to see What it says our commitment to Sustainability and Fair Trade Practices

Ensures that our coffee not only tastes Good but does good too from Bean to cup We take pride in every step of the Process to bring you the perfect cup of Coffee so I mean that's that's pretty Good I'm gonna put the original one back In because I like it a little bit more It also mentions that you can join us in Our coffee shop I think this fits the You know brand voice a little bit better But impressive AI work for enhancing the Copy add the first three products so We'll do I don't know dark roast light Roast and decaf choose the tone of The Voice of content interesting I like that I'm going to go informal and we'll Finalize so basically it gave me a very Similar thing a couple questions about The products get a better idea of what It is that I will be doing and selling So let's see if this one can stack up to Framer And just like with the rest of them I'm Going to put how long this actually took Um On the screen Congrats your website was successfully Created with AI preview end edit off the Bat we have a shop with the products and Categories I just made let's see what Else I like this a lot this is uh having Something where you can kind of Implement social proof is always good

Especially if you're selling a product This is a really good picture it's Modern it's nice this section as a whole Feels a little Bland but not that bad Our best sellers this is cool Interesting picture choice on that one But okay so all in all I don't want to Try AI Builder Pro for seven days for Free thank you very much Um but all in all yeah this is another Really good starting point I think I Liked framers a little bit more but this Is well above and beyond the first two This at least has the start of like a Feel of vibe something that people can Latch onto let's see what the sale page Looks like last bags of the month get a Free pastry with any purchase so like Let's click this 60 light roast that's On sale and it gives you a product page I mean this is something that none of The other ones have given me so far like If we're talking about just like what You get at the end of it like the amount Of pages and stuff that you get I'm Going to give that to 10 web so far I Think framer had the better design but This is a little bit more of a robust Actual starting point for a website and Because of that I would probably rather Use this just because when I look at AI As a tool in building websites I don't Fear that it's going to take my job I Just look at it as this can help me do

Kind of lower budget clients that are Quicker websites that are a little bit Easier so you know what is going to get Me to that point of like I can present This to a client and say do you want to Move on with doing this or not so I Think so far 10 web has the most Thorough AI website builder but framer Had the best design for sure I want to Know what the editor looks like here so If we click 10 web okay so it's Elementor basically all right Interesting moving on so the last one we Have is zip and I am very excited for This one there have been a couple Updates to it since I've last used it so I'm excited to see what those are and How those effect the final product so I'm going to go up here to create new Complete website this is going to be Food and restaurant website is going to Be in English so we're going to enter in Brood Awakening this also has a rewrite Using AI tool which I think is really Really good so let's see what that does For us Yeah something I like about this and Maybe I just missed it in the other one But it keeps in the part about our shop Which if you have an online store but You also have a storefront it's very Important that people know that they can Go to a storefront so I really like that That kept that in again it might have in

The other one I might have just missed It and if I did that's on me but we will Hit continue so now it is having a Select relevant images for your website So we have some keywords here coffee Shop Espresso Bar and Specialty coffee And it is giving us a bunch of images That we can choose from now I did talk To Adam about this and right now it says A 0 out of 40. now to my knowledge this Will soon not say 40 but it'll say However many images are actually needed On the website so if you only need 15 Images for the whole website there's no Point in selecting 40 so it'll say 0 out Of 15 or 1 out of 15 or whatever so that Update should be coming soon if it's not Already out by the time this video comes Out so let's just pick a couple images Here so I like that Vibe I like that I Like that and I like that you get to Pick these because some of these AI Website Builders like they pick images That are good but just like not really Like they don't look cohesive so like This has a kind of Darker aesthetic That's kind of you know machiny that's a Little light but that's kind of dark That's kind of dark that's kind of dark So doing it this way really gives you The ability to make sure that everything Is cohesive and and it feels the same And obviously it's not perfect like the The word Brew is very heavily associated

With beer just as it is with coffee so Naturally you're going to get something Like that and so you know what that's Fine we'll go with those ones maybe that One as well and that should be good So how can people contact brood Awakening we will skip this step Through the form business description Start building the website so something That I really like about zip while this Is building the website something that I Really like about zip is that it's not Telling me that it's giving me a you Know business ready finished website I Think semantics are so important and It's easy to put buzzwords into software Like this it's easy to say this will Give you a business ready website in 45 Seconds but what's important is if You're going to promise something you Have to deliver it right Zip does not promise that it's you know Giving you a perfect ready to pass off Website in a minute it tells you that It's giving you a good first draft right This is your website's first draft I Believe is what it says and that's Because it's what it is it gets you to a Starting point where you can adjust Images and you can adjust uh copy and Maybe adjust some colors but that's it It doesn't say that this is ready for Business it says this is your first Draft and so something that I I really

Appreciate about zip is that it delivers Exactly what it promises and I think a Couple other ones that we have used so Far today I have over promised and under Delivered with that monologue out of the Way let's take a look at the zip site Brood Awakening all right so off the bat I like what I am seeing I like that it Has menus uh there was another one that Asked me what I was serving and I think I picked breakfast sandwiches and it Didn't give me that so that's fun I like That there's a book Now button let's see Yep okay so it has that that's all set Up it has our location has the hours has The story Foreign has menus set up which I really Enjoy and again like you'll notice Desserts that is definitely not a Dessert like I said it gets you to the Starting point where you can change your Images and stuff around but as websites Go to me this is the most fleshed out It's got events it's got contact forms It has all of the pictures it has the Copy this is to me the most well-rounded Of all of them do I think framer had a More unique design yes but this has a Home page and about page menus contacts It's got book now you know it has all of The images all ready for you there so if I had to recommend one based off of just These like initial results I would Probably go with zip just because again

For me AI is a tool that helps me take On more clients and helps me manage my Time a little bit more efficiently I Could send this to a client and say hey This is kind of the vibe I'm looking at What do you think you know do we want to Change any of these pictures do we want To change the colors we want to change The font and then we could take it from There you know what I mean and again we Could compare it to framer I think this Is really cool I think this is really Modern it's definitely like this I am a Sucker for whatever that is that's Really cool but when we're comparing it To like what is going to have the most Streamlined user interface what's going To be the easiest to navigate what is The most well-rounded tool in terms of Actually creating a product to send off To a client it's really really hard to Fight zip on that and also it's Literally completely free like if we go Back to the library here it'll expire in 24 hours but if I wanted to I could go Into the dashboard here get a backup of It download it to my computer or upload It to my Google Drive or whatever and Then just restore it onto any other WordPress site that I ever need to so I Have some final thoughts that I wrote Down over here do some pros and cons of All of the Builders first of all durable I think it did a pretty good job of you

Know regenerating text and images again I think the design itself is just Ultra Basic and not in a like minimalist way It's just a very basic design so would I Recommend this over some of the other Ones no but is it a cool tool yes Cocos Or hookus I'm not entirely sure I don't Love the copy as much but I think it did A really good job of finding cohesive Imagery which again that's very Important everything needs to feel on Brand everything needs to feel cohesive So I think the imagery and finding the Right pictures was the strong point for This one the design overall again Ultra Basic and not in a minimalist way it Just feels basic framer I like the UI And again the website itself is super Cool and I can't deny that but the big Downfall of this for me is that it is Just a single page site that's what I Mean when I say it was the most kind of Well-rounded because that was a Multi-page website complete with contact Forms and locations and and everything Else based off of just the little bit of Information I put into it but as a Design really cool I really like this User interface I'm really excited to see You know the future of this product and As it grows because it's got some really Good stuff going on senweb comes in Right in the middle like third place out Of five I think it's a really good

Starting point there are a lot of design Choices that the AI made that I thought Were really cool but I don't think the Design was as good as framers and while This does have multiple pages I don't Think those are designed as well as Wpzips so it is a step in the right Direction for AI website building and It's useful because this is Seemingly the exact same Builder as Elementor so if you have experience in Elementor it could be pretty easy to Kind of get used to using this but it Falls just a little bit short of framer And zip and last but not least let's Talk about zip again I mean there's a Couple selling points here for me one It's multiple Pages that's not something I got with any other of these AI Builders and if I did get it it wasn't Designed as well now number two it is Marketed as you know your first draft And again semantics are so important if You say you're delivering a business Ready website it better be a website That I would be proud to have on my bus With my business's name on it and uh for A couple of these I wouldn't I would Rather not have a website and and do it Myself than pay somebody to hand me that And I know that's a little uh crass and I know that's a little harsh but it's True whereas this you know it it feels Well-rounded it feels like a really good

Starting point you know I know that I Could go in and I could change these Colors and I could change the text and It's free again get it set up back it up To your computer or to your drive or Your Dropbox or whatever upload it and Just restore it to you know whatever WordPress account it needs to be Restored to and since I'm talking about Free let's just look at prices real Quick so like let's go to hokus so they Do have a free plan with a little bit of Restrictions and then they have 15 Billed monthly or 150 billed yearly and You can cancel or upgrade at any time All right so if you pay monthly you're Looking at 15 or 25 dollars a month for Durable and for framer they have a Couple different plans so they have okay So they got a free plan a five dollar Plan basic for fifteen dollars a pro Which I guess is for like the bigger Sites um 200 000 visitors a month okay So again they do have some different Plans and I actually kind of like how These are stretched out I think it Really does cover one for everybody zero Five fifteen or Thirty so that's not bad And for web 10 we got 10 15 or 23 Dollars a month oh no that's annual okay So if we pay monthly instead of annually We have 20 30 or 45 dollars a month Making them the most expensive on here By a pretty decent margin comparatively

Speaking so there we have it five AI Website builders that are tools that you Can use to either help yourself free up Some time take on more clients or do Whatever you want with them I'm very Excited for the future of all of these I Like this little race that they have Going on to see who's going to be the Best one and I can't wait to see what The results of that are also in zip news I spoke to Adam the morning of recording This like I said earlier and we're Looking at about three weeks until Everybody that has signed up for the Waiting list should be able to have Access to use it freely and do whatever It is that they please with it so I'm Really excited for that really excited To hear what you guys think about all That leave a comment below let me know Which one of these websites you thought Is the best like the video if you Thought it helped subscribe if you Haven't already and I will see you in The next one

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