5 Best Monthly Web Hosting Plans 2023

Looking for the best monthly web hosting plans?
►Hostinger – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/hostinger-coupon/
►Dreamhost – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/dreamhost-coupon/
If you have a website or are looking to set up a website for your business, blog, or any anything else you can think of, the chances are you’re going to need somewhere to host your site.

There are huge numbers of web hosting plans available, but which one should you put your trust and money into.

Well that’s the question we are answering today as we showcase 5 of the very best web hosting plans available in 2023.

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Links to coupon codes for all the hosting providers.
►Hostinger – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/hostinger-coupon/
►Dreamhost – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/dreamhost-coupon/
►Bluehost – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/bluehost-coupon/
►Siteground – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/siteground-coupon/
►WP Engine – https://www.wpbeginner.com/deals/wpengine-coupon/

Links to full reviews of all the hosting providers.
►Hostinger – https://www.wpbeginner.com/hosting/hostinger/
►Dreamhost – https://www.wpbeginner.com/hosting/dreamhost/
►Bluehost – https://www.wpbeginner.com/hosting/bluehost/
►Siteground – https://www.wpbeginner.com/hosting/siteground/
►WP Engine – https://www.wpbeginner.com/hosting/wpengine/

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You have an amazing idea for a brand new Website maybe it's a new business an old Business that needs a new page maybe You've got a new blog an old blog it Doesn't matter you've got the idea but You need somewhere that's going to be Able to host your page you need Somewhere that's going to be trustworthy Reliable and isn't going to break the Bank there are loads of options out There but which one is the best well Today we're going to Showcase five of The very best web hosting plans that are Available and hopefully guide you Towards the one that's going to be best For you and we're also going to have a Look at whether you should be paying Monthly or dipping in committing and Paying that annual fee Our first pick is hostinger now they're A really big name in web hosting Services they've got your WordPress Services covered got your cloud-based Hosting covered and if you're really Looking to keep those costs as low as Possible they also do shared hosting if You're not sure what shared hosting is Think of it like renting a house if you Rent the house you rent the whole house It's probably going to cost you quite a Lot however if lots of other people rent Lots of other rooms in that house even Though you don't see them and you don't Really have anything to do with them

That's going to bring the cost of Renting that whole house or in this case The server all the way down and if You're a small business you're running a Blog or you're new to website building The chances are that this shared server Is going to be all you need speaking of Everything you need hosting also comes With a free domain name comes with an SSL certificate we'll get into that Later and it also comes with unlimited Email addresses so if you're a new Business you'll look extra slick with Your own personalized email addresses This could be a really good shout now The monthly cost is 11.99 a month and That's not bad at all for a monthly paid Plan however If you're looking to get into something A little bit more long-term you can Start to bring that price all the way Down a 12-month plan will bring that Cost down to just 299 a month now be Aware any plans that are for a year are Paid up front and in advance still You're under 35 for the year and we can Even make it a little bit cheaper go Down into the description click the Hosting a link and get access to the Wpbeginner discount code which works Either the monthly or the annual plans And you can get like a whole year for About 33 well worth checking out next to That as well we've got a link for our

Full review of Hosting it if you want to Double check that you think that's Exactly the right web hosting service For you and that's going to apply to all The web hosting Services we're Discussing today we'll put the full Review down in the description for you [Music] You'll have noticed with hosting ad that The annual fee was Far Far cheaper than Paying monthly but if monthly is really What you want then you want to check out Dreamhost they have the cheapest monthly Charges of anybody across the web so if You happen to want to try it out maybe Change provider after a while this is Definitely a good one to start with at Dreamhost WordPress starter or shared Plan is only 4.95 a month and you're Still going to get your SSL certificate And on top of that you get daily Automated backups so you don't have to Worry about losing anything from your Website should anything go wrong it's Kind of stress-free website building one Less thing to worry about unlike Hostinger that we just spoke about and Some others that we'll get on to you do Not get a free domain name with Dreamhost but what you're saving in a Monthly fee should be more than enough For you to go out and pick up that dream Domain name that you've always wanted You do still have the option to bring

That price down e even further and Commit to dreamhost for the year if you Want to and again we can make that even Cheaper by just going down into the Description and clicking on the link and Grabbing our coupon code Foreign Host that we just spoke about is an Official WordPress recommended hosting Provider and that's exactly the same With this pick Bluehost as with each of These there's ups and downs and we are Back to getting a free domain name from Bluehost but there is no monthly option Here so if monthly is really something You're pushing towards this one might Not be for you but their annual fee it's Actually very good 33 dollars for the Whole year gets you that aforementioned Free domain name it also gets you the SSL certificate so it's all looking Pretty Rosy however it is worth noting Here that after that first 12 months You're gonna have to pay full price for The domain name and also for your web Hosting service that's gonna go up but You know hopefully by then your business Your blog will be big enough you'll be Able to pay for it or alternatively you Can just migrate switch over to a Different provider after that 12 month 33 bargain expires Foreign We've mentioned SSL certificates quite a

Few times already in this video and it Would probably be helpful if I explained What they are an SSL certificate is Simply a certificate that helps protect Your website data but it's actually Quite important if you want to take Payments on your website it's absolutely Essential if you're a business or a blog Or you've just got a general site it's Really important that anybody comes to Your site feels safe secure and like you Can be trusted and the way they're going To do that is they're going to go and Look in the top left hand corner of Their browser and look for that little Lock icon that lock icon being there Shows that you have an SSL certificate So it's protecting your data and making Your customers feel safe We are raising the monthly cost just a Little bit for number four but it is Siteground who are one of the absolute Best web hosting service providers that Are out there they're so good that we Use them to host our WP beginner webpage The monthly cost with siteground is 19.99 but they do have a 99.9 Uptime guarantee meaning that your Website is basically never ever going to Go down you're also going to get that Aforementioned all-important SSL Certificate you're going to get Automatic WordPress updates which are Just going to make your life a whole

Heap easier and you get a pretty Unmatched 24 7 customer support the same As all the other monthly providers if You are willing to commit to 12 months You can save yourself a whole heap of Money grab the wp beginner coupon code And you can get a year with siteground Down to under 36 and if you don't like It well they have a 30-day money-back Guarantee which is always nice Foreign Ly let's go big with WP engine a fully Managed hosting service the most popular One on the market a fully managed Hosting service means that all the Technical aspects of running your WordPress site are handled by a team of Experts just nothing for you to worry About we're talking speed security Updates and backups all handled by Somebody else that means you can focus On what matters to you whether that's Building your brand or if you're a Business really focusing on what you do Well and your customers all the hosting Providers on this list do offer managed Hosting services so you have to decide If something like the cheaper shared Hosting we spoke about earlier will work For you or if you want managed hosting And all of the benefits that come with That or if you want managed hosting from WP engine who we've described as having An army of WordPress experts now of

Course if you fancy having an army of Word press experts working for you Behind the scenes it's going to cost a Little bit extra if you want to dive in And go straight for the annual plan you Will not be surprised to hear at this Point that if you go down to the Description there is a WP beginner Coupon code and that will get you four Months for free if you just want to try It out and go for the monthly option You're looking at thirty dollars a month So which one's the best well you might Have figured out it depends on what you Want and what's best for you if you're Just starting out siteground dreamhost And hostinger are going to offer you Pretty much everything that you need if You really are committed to wanting to Do a monthly plan then you probably Can't beat dreamhost it's just a lot Cheaper than anybody else but Realistically are you likely to be Swapping your hosting provider round on A monthly basis the answer for nearly Everybody including us is no so it Probably wouldn't hurt to find one that Really suits you work out what you like And just commit to that 12-month plan With a really really good discount That's our top five let us know down in The comments which one you're going to Be using and of course if you have any Questions at all put them down there as

Well remember to subscribe to wpbeginner And if you don't mind hit a little like On this video I've been James hope You've enjoyed it and I'll see you soon

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