5 Best Google Optimize Alternatives You Need to Try NOW!

Google Optimize is finished! It’s officially been sunset and it’s no longer going to be available. However, there was a wealth of crucial information available from Google Optimize that we are now missing out on. So, how do we replace it?

We have scoured the web looking for the very best Google Optimize alternatives that you need to try. We’ve got A/B testing landing pages, pop ups and even something if you’re specifically all about e-commerce.

0:00 Intro
0:15 What was Google Optimize
0:48 Thrive Optimize
2:29 OptinMonster
3:32 VWO Testing
4:33 Funnel Kit
5:22 Convert.com
5:45 Round Up

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Links to all the optimize tools discussed, with a best price.
►Thrive Optimize – https://thrivethemes.com/
►OptinMonster – https://optinmonster.com/
►VWO Testing – https://vwo.com/
►Funnel Kit – https://funnelkit.com/?ref=syedbalkhi
►Convert.com – https://www.convert.com/pricing/

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Google optimize is finished it is no More by the time you're watching this Google will have officially Sunset its Optimiz tool which means that you need An alternative and I'm here today to Show you five of the very best if you're Not sure what Google optimize was it was A way of AB testing what works better This or that you could try different Colors of buttons you could try Different landing pages which ones Generated the most conversion which Engaged the most with your audience a Really powerful tool for you to be able To work out how to maximize conversions Maybe engagement and a whole host of Other things on your site so now with Google optimize gone how else we're Going to get this really critical Information we will start with in our Opinion the best alternative to Google Optimize because well it's better than Google optimize with talking about Thrive optimize which is part of the Thrive theme Suite which is a whole host Of WordPress plugins which are all Designed to help you increase Conversions generate leads boost Engagements and even more Thrive Optimize will let you do those AB test Landing pages like Google optimize However it's much more beginner friendly Because you don't have to know any code Here's how it works we're going to

Create the landing page using the Builder and then create the variant a b Then we're going to pick our goal what Is it that we're looking to achieve and Then we run the test easy Thrive Optimize will also show you a report in Your WordPress admin dashboard so that You can easily see which page is winning Thrive optimize will also pick the page That's winning and make sure it shows That to your guests or visitors or Customers or whatever you call the People who want to come to your website Now Thrive optimize is a paid plug-in For your WordPress page and it comes in At $299 a year however that's for the Entire Thrive themes Suite so you get All of the plugins for that 299 which Actually makes it a really really good Deal there is an option where you can Just get the optimized bundle and that's Going to come in at $199 but we do recommend going for the Full package and making use of all the Tools that are available with thrive Next we have a tool which is actually Amazing for lead generation it's a Really powerful conversion tool but it Comes with a very handy AB test feature And a great looking cute monster as the Logo it's optin monster similarly to Thrive optimize optin monster is much Easier to use than Google optimize

There's no code required and there's a Drag and drop campaign Builder which is Really easy to use if you're looking to Kind of ab test different popup Campaigns and things like that optin Monster is an absolute win once you've Used the drag and drop campaign Builder And created your test optim monster will Then randomly show your popups to the Various people that are coming to your Site and then it'll give you all the Data in your WordPress admin dashboard And it will even pick a clear winner for You you do need optin monster Plus or Higher in order to use this AB test Feature but that starts at $19 a month And there's all the other in Monster Features that come along with That if you're looking for something That's free to start with then VW Testing could be worth a glance it's Free for the first 50,000 visitors per Month and if you're busy or you go above That then you'll need to upgrade to a More expensive premium paid plan fwo Testing gives you a lot more options Than you got with Google optimize you Can run multiple experiments on your Website products and server you get a Visual Builder to chck change different Elements like maybe text shape Backgrounds and you can even run tests Based on your targeted audience say you Can pick people who spend a certain

Amount of time on your website how deep People scroll through your website what Different pages they click on you can Target those specific people with your Tests as I mentioned before you can get Started with vwo for absolutely nothing Which is great however if you do want to Upgrade your plan you are heading up Into to hundreds of dollars a month Quite Quickly if your primary focus is sales And you're using woo Commerce then Funnel kit could be for you the funnel Kit plugin is designed to create funnels Surprisingly enough generate leads offer Seamless checkouts and much more however It also comes with a very handy AB test Feature so it'll let you AB test product Prices page layouts messages and loads More more other things again much easier To use than Google optimize with no code Required and when funnel kit has enough Information it'll automatically pick a Winner for you there are a few different Pricing options for funnel kit but in Order to be able to use the ab testing Option you are going to need the plus Plan which is $ 179.50 a Year our last pick is convert.com and You can give this one a whirl for 15 Days for free to work out if you Actually like it it does take a little While to get up and running with this

However once you are you've got Unlimited tests and very quick changes Right at your fingertips if you do go For the 15-day free trial and you like It it then goes to $99 a month after That if you want to keep going with Everything considered we really like Thrive optimize when you take it as part Of that thrive theme Suite the value for Money you get from all of the plugins is Pretty much unman matched and the Simplicity of using Thrive optimized the Data it can give you and the way it Integrates with your WordPress admin Dashboard we really really like it as Our number one pick for an alternative To Google optimize if you are looking to Continually optimize your website then Do remember to get subscribed to us here At WP beginner and if you want to check Out how to connect Google search console To your WordPress site then click on our Video just here but that's all from me Here today I've James I hope you've Enjoyed it and I'll see you soon

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