20+ Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Speed

Do you want to speed up your WordPress site?

Fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your pageviews, and help with your WordPress SEO.

In this video, we will share the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to boost WordPress performance and speed up your website.

0:00 Let’s Get Started
0:13 Measuring Your Site’s Speed
1:54 Enabling Cacheing on Your Site
5:29 Update to the Latest Version of WordPress
6:12 Check Background Processes
7:17 Optimize Your Home Page
8:53 Comment Pagination
9:59 Using a CDN
11:23 Optimizing Your Media
12:52 Choosing a Theme
14:33 Use Faster Plugins
16:30 Create Easy to Read Content
18:15 Reduce Calls to External Services
19:33 Take out the Trash!
20:21 Limit Post Revisions
22:49 Disable Hotlinking
26:09 Get a Security Plugin
27:08 Have the Latest Version of PHP

Stuff Mentioned in This Video
►Free Website Speed Test Tool https://www.isitwp.com/free-website-speed-test-tool-for-wordpress/
►WP Super Cache https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/
►Bluehost https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/bluehost/
►JPEGmini http://www.jpegmini.com/
►XnConvert https://www.xnview.com/en/xnconvert/
►EWWW Image Optimizer https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/ewww-image-optimizer/
►BunnyCDN https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/bunny-net/
►Astra https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/astra-wordpress-theme/
►CSS Igniter https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/cssigniter/
►Themify https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/themify/
►SeedProd https://www.seedprod.com/
►WPForms https://wpforms.com/
►MonsterInsights https://www.monsterinsights.com/
►AIOSEO (All in One SEO) https://aioseo.com/
►WPCode https://wpcode.com/
►WP Rocket https://www.wpbeginner.com/refer/wp-rocket/
►WP-Sweep https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sweep/

Top Resources

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No user has said that they enjoy a slow Website everybody loves fast websites so In this video I'm going to show you how To improve the performance of your Website tip by tip and I have more than 20 so let's begin so before you go out And implement the changes on your Website which I'm going to mention you Need to have some Benchmark numbers so You can measure the improvements that You're going to gain while implementing This video so how do you measure the Performance of your website by using This free tool it's called is it wp's Free website speed testing tool for WordPress I'll leave a link down in the Description and also you can Google the Term is itwp speed tool and you'll reach This page now I just enter wagner.com And click analyze and you you can see Here all the data that this free tool Will fetch for you the homepage of the Site the page load time the performance Grade how or the title of the page page Size request these are just the basic Numbers but if you scroll down you'll See all the important technical data as Well which is important and the best Part is that whatever uh metrics are in The green are already optimized to a Very large degree so if your website is Coming up with in green then that means It's already optimized on those Parameters you can see the FCP the LCP

The total blocking time speed index all That technical stuff which is important Is here you can also uh look at Diagnostics opportunities and also all The miscellaneous information here and You can see W beginner is already very Very optimized except for a couple of Things which are well uncontrollable Because we have a lot of elements on the Page otherwise W beginner is very very Optimized and you also see a flowing Chart of uh how the elements are loaded So you can understand and visualize what Pages are taking the most uh say the Bandwidth and how much time they're Taking to load up on the screen and it Will help you optimize and implement the Changes I'm going to mention in later in This video so go check out this tool Analyze your website and once you Implemented the changes I'm going to Tell you then you can come back to this Tool again and refresh the changes and Understand how much of an improvement Your website has gotten and you can Leave those improvements in the comments For every to see all right let's begin With the improvements so the first Absolute thing you should do on your Website to improve its performance is Enabling caching on your website what is Caching let me explain that while also Giving you the recommendation on how to Implement caching on your website to

Implement caching on your website you Should install WP super cache this is a Fantastic plugin that will enable Caching on your website now what is Caching your website pages are made up Of code images all different data which Has to be created in real time by Fetching all the information from the Database so server has to work hard to Individually request those pages for Each of your visitors caching is the Process where a copy of this page is Made even before your visitor actually Visits your website so instead of Working hard on creating these pages in Real time the copy is used to serve Those visitors and caching is the Process where the copy is created and by Installing this plugin the caching Process will be taken over by this Plugin and it'll create a copy of all Your pages and posts and all other data On your website so that your servers Doesn't have to work hard on serving Those visitors that come to your website It's a fantastic process it's a must Have this is a fantastic plugin you can Look at the ratings here now one thing To remember is that your your hosting Provider might already enable caching on Your website for example if you're using Blu host you can go into your account go Into your website section and inside the Website section you can go and check out

The speed section if caching control is On and blueher is already optimizing Your website for you you might not need That plugin and technically having two Different caching plugins can cause Conflicts similarly we recommend Hostinger to you as well in inside Hostinger you can go into your admin Area and check out if caching is enabled And if caching is enabled you're already Done with the first step let's talk About the next step to improve the Performance of your website the next Thing you need to do to improve your Website's performance is optimize your Images let me give you a practical Example here are two images that I've Uploaded to my WordPress website this is The first one this is the second one They look absolutely identical but There's a big difference this is the First image it is 531 kiloby and this is the second image It's just 175 kiloby that's a 3X Difference on the size of these images Which look identical on the screen and This is what happens you don't optimize Your images and your website bogs down Because so many images that means so Many resources have to be used for every Single visitor that visits your website So what's the solution you need to Optimize your images either before you Upload them or have Solutions on your

Website which optimize your images while They are being uploaded let me give you Examples on how you can achieve both of Those first what you can do is try out Jpg mini this is a desktop application That you need to install on your Computer and then you can optimize your Images with this tool to it offers a 14-day free trial and it's very Affordable if you want to use it for Unlimited images and videos but the Drawback is you need to do that manually Another option is xn convert which is a Bulk image converter and Optimizer it's Free for personal use you need to pay a License fee for commercial usage and the Third option which is my favorite is the Ewww image Optimizer that's a mouthful To say yes install the ewww image Optimizer plugin on your WordPress Website and as soon as you upload your Images it'll compress the image reduce The resolution and optimize all the or Perform all the optimizations needed to Optimize the images on your website now We've done a dedicated video on image SEO and inside that video I've covered How to set this plugin up so I recommend That once you watch this video you can Go watch that video next to understand How to actually install and configure Ewww image Optimizer on your website Don't worry you'll thank me later for Following that tutorial your website

Will see a massive performance Improvement by just optimizing images on To the next step the next thing you Should be doing on your website is Updating to the latest version of WordPress whenever a new update comes Out example here is on the screen this Is an old website which uses WordPress 6.3.1 and at the date of this recording The latest version of WordPress is Actually 6.4.2 if you like this you're missing Out on performance Improvement bug fixes And even new features in WordPress so Whenever a new version of WordPress Comes out make sure your plugins and Themes are compatible and whenever you Have the opportunity just click this Blue button right here and the Installation process will begin make Sure to back up your website just in Case most of the time nothing happens But a backup is always good to have so Make sure to have a backup and whenever You see WordPress updates update to the Latest version and your website Performance will thank you and your Visitors will have a better experience On to the next tip the next thing you Should be doing on your website to Manage and improve performance is check The performance of your background Processes let me explain what that means Now you might be just looking at your

Website from the back end just like this And thinking nothing is happening but Behind the scenes many processes might Be running which might cause a Slowdown Of your website these process can Include backups optimizations heartbeat Related features live updates dashboards All that good stuff now some of these Might be useful but what we need to Ensure is that all these processes are Running at the right frequency for Example if you just post content once a Week your website is getting updated Once a week but if you are backing up Your website once every day you're Wasting resources so what you need to Ensure is that all your plugins that use Any kind of background processes have Their frequencies tuned to how you use Your website so ensure that backups are Running at the frequency you update your Website any kind of dashboards and Things that actually use system Resources in the background are Optimized for your use case and your Website and your visitors will thank you For it because it will have a massive Impact on your website's performance Once configured right on to the next Step the next optimization you should be Performing is on your homepage your Homepage is one of the most visited Pages on your website and what lot of People do or mistakes that they do is

They load the homepage with a lot of Content tons of blog posts images all Sorts of widgets which is good for users But if they can't even load the page in The first place that's going to be a Problem so what you should do is limit The homepage to only the information That is necessary so that the Performance of your website is not Affected let me give you a practical Example this is a website which displays All the latest blog post on the website Which is a good thing but one good thing That this has done is that they have Used excerpts on the pages rather than The full post what lots of website Owners do is make this mistake inside The WordPress reading settings they set The block pages to the maximum number That they can find and also in each blog Post feed settings they include the full Text so if they have 100 block post on The site all of these 100 block post are Being loaded on the site and not only The extra the full block post is being Loaded no wonder their websites become Slow so what you should be doing is Going to this page and making sure that If you're using a latest post page then Limit the number of post to maybe 10 That is more than enough and also show The excerpt a better way or better Approach would be to just use a static Page so that can be cached by your

Website and then the performance of your Website will not be affected so if You're using your latest post limit the Number of block post and also use an Except and if you're using a static Homepage just have a static homepage and Enable caching and your website Performance will be amazing all right on To the next step the next thing you Should optimize on your website is how Comment pagination works let me explain If you go into the settings of the Comments that is settings discussion You'll find this settings which is Usually disabled by default now what This means is that if your website is Lucky enough to have hundreds of Comments all of them will be loaded on The same page and similar to how I Explained in the homepage example the Previous example how this can cause Slowdowns on your website the similar Thing here can cause slowdowns of your Website if you have hundreds and even Thousands of comments here's how to fix It just enable this option and make this A reasonable number usually 50 fine but If you have too many comments you can Set this to 20 and what this will do is Take the 20 p uh comments in this case Because I've said the this to 20 and Keep them paginated so on one page users Will see first top 20 comments and then They click to the next button page

Number two page number three to see the Rest of the comments so all the comments On those page will not be loaded because You have set pagination on that means Saving system resources that means Faster performance for pages that means Your website on to the next step the the Next thing you should do that will Improve your website's performance by a Multifold is use a CDN or a Content Delivery Network what the heck is a CDN Let me explain the easiest way I can Explain CDN to you is using an analogy Think of your website as Walmart now Inside all of America if you just had One Walmart which sells everything how Would that go all the users will have to Travel to that place and then make the Purchase and the large amount of traffic On that single store might collapse the Store and that can happen to your Website since your website is located on Just one physical server any unexpected Bump in traffic might cause it to crash So what a CDN does is what Walmart does It opens up multiple locations multiple Locations in sometimes one city in one Town in one state so what users do is Find the Walmart that is closest to them So the entire traffic of Walmart is Distributed amongst all the stores so This is what happens when you use a CDN On your website what a CDN does is take The website's content that you have

Caches it and puts in on different Servers throughout the world so it Distributes all the load that you have On your website gives your users a great Experience and also a very very fast Experience so definitely use a CDN and One of the best CDN that we recommend That you use on your website which is Very affordable is bunny CDN they Support images all sorts of caching and Even video CDN and video streaming so go Check it out we link bunny CDN in the Description of this video go sign up the Next optimization you should be doing on Your website has to do with video as you Already know you can upload images to Your website I already demonstrated that Right you see these images and if you Want to upload an image on your website All you have to do is drag and drop it Here and the image is uploaded in just a Few seconds but what people do many Times when they don't know what to do is They do this they take entire videos and Upload them directly to their websites Look at this video it's 220 mgab now Saying that this video will slow down Your website by a lot is an Understatement because it's a massive Massive video and what whatever hosting Services that you use they're not Optimized to stream videos that's the Bigger problem so if you want to upload Videos to your site which is completely

Natural you have few options you can Either upload them to YouTube and then Embed them on your website which is Absolutely easy or you can use some Other service which you prefer now if You want to keep your videos a secret or They are very private you don't want to Upload them on any public platform bunny CDN which I mentioned in the previous Example or previous tip already they Have a streaming service as well so if You want your videos to be private Upload them sign up for bunny. Net's Streaming service and you can upload all Sorts of videos here and they'll stream The videos for you all you have to do is Connect your website to bunny stream and Then you'll have private videos coming Up to your site so never upload videos Directly to your site always use an External service or use the CDN provided At bunny CDN and you can stream videos Or stream endless videos on your website Without sacrificing performance on to The next step the next thing you should Do on your website to ensure amazing Performance is choose the very very good Theme a theme can make or break your Website's performance so make sure to Choose a theme that has great Performance great features security Regular updates and all that good stuff Here are some recommendations that you Can follow the First theme that we can

Recommend is the Astra theme it's Fantastic it's one of the most popular Themes on WordPress repository and it's Free to get started with the second Theme you can recommend is by CSS Igniter they have a collection of themes And they make some amazing themes when It comes to Performance the third Recommendations we can give you is from Themify they also have some amazing Themes and plugins you can go and check It out and whatever themes you can Purchase or get get from them will be High performing and the fourth Recommendation I have is a little Different if you have any sort of design Skills or you want complete control over How you want your website to look like Then what you can do is just go ahead And purchase seat plot now seat plot is Not a theme it's actually a theme Builder and what will will allow you to Do is import a blank theme and customize Everything on your website now you'll Need some design skills but seed plot Also has templates so you get a template Kit that will include all the the pages And then you can just set and customize Your colors your themes or some of the Things on your website while you'll have Amazing performance so seed plot gives You the best of both worlds not only do You get amazing performance but you can Customize your website to your heart's

Desire you can customize woocommerce Pages your pages post differents and Create different pages for individual Categories it's amazing how much this Plugin can do and we've done many Tutorials on our Channel regarding seat PL and how it can change the way you Actually build websites so go check them Out after this video but seat is amazing But you can also use other themes if You're not adventurous and don't want to Customize your theme to a large degree On to the next tip the next thing you Should ensure on your website for Amazing super fast performance is use Faster plugins now on WB beginner we Have over 70 plugins installed so it's Not the quantity of plugins that matter It's the quality of plugins that matter We did a dedicated video about this and We'll place this somewhere on the screen So if you ensure that you have high Quality plugins you can install multiple Plugins even 50 plugins and your website Will not take hit when it comes to Performance so if you're deciding to Building forms on your website use a Plugin like WP forms it's highly Optimized and if you want to have Analytics on your site use monster Insights if you want to have a great SEO Features on your site use all-in-one SEO And if you want to create landing pages Use seat Pro all of these plugins are

Free to get started with and they are Optimized for performance and one of the Best things you can do on your website Is install WP code and it'll give you Tens of different features without Installing SE plugins because it Provides Cod Snippets that can do most Of the heavy lifting few and not take Any hit on your website's performance When you do that and if you want to Check out sometimes that hey how do I Ensure what plugin is actually good go Check out the developer who makes the Plugin usually highly reputated de Developers optimize their plugins for Speed and you can also go here and look At the ratings how frequently the plugin Is updated when was last updated and see Also here and see the Forum if the Queries regarding the plugin are being Answered and it's up to date regarding The WordPress versions and when it's Compatible with there's several other Factors so this not a complete let's say A rulebook to judging a plug-in but Based on this information you can make a Reasonable call that hey this plug-in is Made by a good developer they're Regularly updated so it will be good you Can definitely check out the before and After performance it after installing a Plug-in but that's up to you if you use High quality plugins made by reputed Developers most of the time you are good

To go and already gave you some of my Best recommendations that you can Install and if you have any other Questions about hey what plugin should I Use for this just leave comment and I'll Listen that quickly On To The Next Step The next way you might be negatively Affecting your website performance is by Creating good content let me explain so Let's say for example you want to give Your users the best information possible So you wrote this blog post which is Amazing right but if you scroll through Block post it goes on and on and on and Doesn't finish now since the block post Is this big that means more time Required to load the blog post and also It can be overwhelming to users to Consume this much information in one go So how do we fix that we fix that by Using something called page breaks Inside WordPress so go back to the post Where you think uh appropriate amount of Content has been put on the website or On the page just go here add a new block On the page I use the keyboard to add it So I'll type in forward slash p a g page Break just do it and click update and Once you do this uh page will be divided Into multiple Parts it's called also Called pagination on the website so if You go here if you click uh refresh the Page we can scroll up and you'll see It's a very short blog post and then you

Can click the next button to Lo load the Rest of the blog post now since this is A massive massive blog post you might Need to do it few different times so Scroll to somewhere that you think is Hey reasonable amount of content is Already on the screen then you can go Here and what you can do is do this Again so I'll just do this page break Once again I'll update the post and once The post is updated I'll go here and Refresh the page and now this is page Number two and now it's a small and Manageable blog post that means faster Performance and then users can also have A good experience on your website so That's one way to reduce the performance Or reduce the time it takes for pages to Load and also give users a better Experience imagination very simple do On To The Next Step the next step in Improving your website's performance is To reduce the number of HTTP calls and Database calls now whenever your website Loads a lot of external Services have to Be connected Google analytics Facebook Pixel Facebook like counter and tons of calls Have to be made to your database to Fetch the right information which can Slow down your website your job is to Reduce the number of calls it takes for Your page to be constructed fully now Doing this technically or doing this

Yourself managing everything fine-tuning Yourself might be tricky and not Recommended for beginners but it's Absolutely essential to do so so the Solution is to actually use a plug-in Designed for this and the plugin that we Recommend for this and which is called Optimization of your website is WP Rocket now W rocket is also a caching Plugin so if you're already using a Caching plugin then you can replace it With WP rocket and what WP rocket does It does all the SES of optimizations for Your website it reduce the number of htd Calls it minimize the code on your Website reduce the number of database Calls and ensure that optimize or Website is completely optimized for Funds and wpr Rocket has a stellar Reputation when it comes to optimization So you can close your eyes and have Blind Faith on WB Rocket's performance Gains and how they work so check out WB Rocket it's not free but it's a great Investment in the performance of your Website which means happier customers so Definitely check it out and we'll move On to the next tip the next thing you Should do to improve your website's Performance is take out the trash let me Explain when you're using your website Your website will essentially or over Time generate a lot of trash now what is That trash that means post revisions

Unused tags random comments a lot of Spam and all that trash needs to be Taken out regularly to ensure that the Website performance is great and the Plug-in that we recommend to do that is Called WP sweep it's a highly rated Plugin and it'll clean up all of this Data for you so revisions Auto drafts Deleted comments unapproved comments Spam comments deleted comments often Meta and tons of other stuff all of this Will just have a negative performance on Website so once you use WP sweep clean Out all the junk your website will start Fresh and have better performance so Definitely check out WP sweep I'll link It in the description of this video and On To The Next Step the next thing you Should be doing on a website to improve Performance is limit post revisions let Me explain so on this blog post that I Demonstrated earlier if I make one Change what's going to happen I'll just Make one change one letter and update The post you might think that hey I just Made one change so nothing has changed At least from a performance perspective Nothing has changed but here's what Happens WordPress saves an entire copy Of this blog post so that you can revert To it later doesn't matter how many Changes you made to the blog post an Entire copy of that is actually saved on Your website now imagine this you take

This blog post and you make 100 changes To it over a period of let's say a month So 100 copies of this block post will be Saved on your server and think about Hundreds of different block posts and Hundreds of copies that means hundreds Of thousands of copies of content that Is not even present on your website That's why you need to limit the number Of revisions WordPress saves for your Blog post and here's how to do it first You need to install a plugin called WP Code it's free so you go to the plugin Section go to install plugins or add new Plugin find WP code it's already Installed on my site here T we'll add a New code snippet on our site which will Liit uh limit the number of post Revisions we'll go to add snippet and Once the menu opens we'll say hey create New custom snippet and then you'll go to This URL I'll place the URL in the on The screen as well this is a code that You can add to your site don't worry It's completely safe it's from WP CO's Website that you can copy and paste to Your site which will limit the number of Post revisions so all you have to do is Copy this go back to the site and just Paste this here make sure it's done or Set to PHP just P paste it once again Just to be sure and once this is done We'll activate this Plugin or activate This code snippet and then we can save

The snippet once the snippet is saved You'll see this confirmation you can Even name the snippet so I'll just say Limit post Revisions and update the post and this Way we are limiting the number of post Revisions to actually 20 but what you Can do is just say hey five so whatever Number you want to keep the revisions For is this number you can confirm here And then click update and WordPress will Ensure that only that number of Revisions are actually saved 20 is a Healthy number five is even better so Decide for yourself what is an Appropriate number for your website but Ensure that you do this on your website Otherwise you'll have big performance Problems especially when you increase The amount of content that you have on Your site on to the next tip the next Thing you should do on your website to Ensure amazing performance is disable Hot linking which is like stealing from Your website let me explain so let me Just demonstrate what hot Ling is first You can understand the implications of Not doing this step so this is a simple Blog post and if you want to add images To your site you already know how to do It just add the image block but in say Image block you have one option that is Very unused i' say insert from URL so What I did was I went to unsplash.com

Which is a source for free images I Found this image and instead of Downloading the image I actually opened Up the image in a new tab which means The URL is coming from unsplash.com Still in instead of copying the image I'll copy the URL and then go back to my Website insert this image from URL and Enter now the image will be visible here And most people would assume that hey WordPress will just download the image And update it right well that's not what Happens so let me update the post and I'll up I open the post in a new tab and I'll show you what happens if I open the Source of this image you'll clearly see That this image is actually coming from Unsplash.com that means this image is Visible here but the image is being Hosted still by unsplash.com now the Implications of this hot linking on your Website can be huge if you have lot of Images on your site and somebody just Say copies the URLs and post them on Their website you are the ones hosting The bill or paying the bill for all These image hosting and your server is Busy serving those images while your Visitors don't get the resources they Deserve to be served by your server so This is why hot linking has to be Disabled and it's one of the first basic Things you should do on a website now Technically disabling hot listing is a

Technical process it requires you to Edit your htx file and also edit a piece Of code or add a piece of code to your Htx file but I'll make it absolutely Simple for you just two steps required So first go to your website and ensure That you have all-in-one SEO the plug-in Install so go here and inside the Plugins menu just add allinone SEO I Already have it installed you can type In aiio SEO and you'll find the plugin I Already mentioned this plugin a few Times it's a fantastic SEO plugin then Go to this blog post there a link down Down in the description and this is a Piece of code you have to copy and paste It in the HD access editor inside all in SEO so just copy this piece of code I'll Press contrl C on my keyboard go here go To aiio SEO and go to the tools section So inside tools just click let's open it Inside the tools you have multiple Options we are interested in the HT Access editor so I click on it and you See this is the HD access file so all I Have to do is just paste the code after Making a gap so I'll just press under a Couple of times paste the piece of code Here and this is done once this is done It looks fantastic I'll just click save Changes and once that is done hot Linking will be disabled so anytime Somebody tries to copy the URL on your Website or copy the URL off your images

And upload them directly to your other Site they will not be served the images Because this code will ensure that other Websites cannot actually leech on your Content so it's an absolutely important Step do this as soon as possible and I've just made it absolutely easy for You using all n SEO and the code snippet I already shared with you on to the next Tip the next thing you should do on your Website to ensure excellent performance Is get a security plugin now why a Security plugin because it's obvious if Your website is hacked the performance Of your website is going to go down if Your website exists in the first place And a lot of hackers bad boss and all The malicious things on the internet try To take all the resources they try to Access your website frequently take all The resources and all the resources that Are meant for your Visitors by using a Great security plugin you can limit and Kick off all those Bots back behaviors And all that malicious users want to Take advantage of your website so one of The best security plugins that we Personally use on W beginner is Suri so Once you install sukuri and configure The basic settings of sukur anytime There's any kind of suspicious behavior On your side let's say a user is trying To access too many pages at once which a Human can't but a bot can it'll

Automatically kicked off and if somebody Started to break into your website all The security things are already hardened So not only get you do you get peace of Mind your website will be free of malare Attacks virus attacks and and all the Other security threats that you have but All the resource on your website will be Dedicated to serving your visitors it's A fantastic investment into security and Also the performance of your website on To the next step the next thing you Should do on your website which is Absolutely critical for good performance Is have the latest version of PHP that WordPress supports PHP is the language In which WordPress is written in and More language updates that means faster Performance bug fixes and more features That WordPress can perform at the Highest level possible now every Technical support team of every hosting Provider has a different process of Updating WordPress and updating PHP but Let me demonstrate how you would do it On blue host so inside my blue host Admin area I'll go to the website Section and this is the website we'll Working with I'll just go to settings Option and inside settings there are Many many tabs here now technically you Can already see the PHP version here 8.2 It is already at the latest version Which is great but let's say if it was 7

Something which is a old version how Would you update that first you can go Click here but it'll take you the Settings anyway so just me just click The change button and take to settings And just scroll it yourself or scroll The website down to this option which is The PHP version if you want to change The PHP version Click Change and you'll Be presented with all the PHP versions Available now there are many size that Might be on 5.6 and 7 they're missing Out on tons of performance improvements Security benefits and all that good Features so make sure that you are at The latest version 8.2 at the date of This recording 8.2 is completely Supported by WordPress so ensure that You're are on the latest version once You do that you can just click the Change button and the implementation Process will begin and it just takes a Few minutes of time and the PHP version Of your website will be upgraded and You'll enjoy better performance all Right that's all the tips I have for you Today to improve your website's Performance do you think do you like This video then make sure to like it Subscribe to this channel for more Amazing WordPress content my name is YJ You're watching W beginner and I'll Catch you in the next video take Care

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