15 Proven Ways to Increase Your WooCommerce Revenue (Fast)

Looking to grow your revenue from your online store? Want to do it fast? In this video, you learn 15 tips to help you grow revenue form your eCommerce store in only 15 days!

0:00 Intro
0:10 Tip #1 Convert visitors without increasing traffic
0:40 Tip #2 Use email marketing strategically
1:45 Tip #3 Optimize your checkout page
2:35 Tip #4 SMS marketing (text messages)
3:17 Tip #5 Use schema markup for products on your site
4:05 Tip #6 Analyze your data
4:48 Tip #7 Add social proof to your online store
5:19 Tip #8 Use order bumps on your site
6:23 Tip #9 One-click upsells
6:52 Tip#10 Use Facebook retargeting ads
7:25 Tip #11 Get Omnisend and use their Facebook Custom Audience Sync
7:47 Tip #12 Offer multiple ways to pay
8:21 Tip #13 Use push notifications
9:03 Tip #14 Automate processes where possible
10:01 Tip #15 Add a phone number to your store

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Today I'll walk you through 15 tips to Help you grow your woocommerce Revenue In 15 days so let's Dive In Number one you want to convert your Website visitors into customers without Increasing traffic you can do this Effectively by using something like Optinmonster optim monster helps you Convert abandoning website visitors into Subscribers and customers plus you can Use it on your woocommerce store to Reduce a carton abandonment you can Increase sales conversions you can grow Your email list you can also use it to Add countdown timers on your site for Scarcity and another popular use for Woocommerce sites is those Spin to Win Pop-up campaigns this just adds a bit of Gamification to your store and then once You get their email it flows right into Tip number two which is use email Marketing strategically email marketing Is one of the most effective ways to Increase your stores Revenue you can Send targeted emails to customers based On their behaviors so this is a very Powerful method to use for say cross Sales or cart abandonment plus you can Take it a step further and do email Automation so you can set it up to Increase conversions and generate more Revenue on every single visit the Easiest way to do all of this is to use Something like on the innocent omnisan

There's a powerful email marketing Automation platform that's designed to Specifically help e-commerce businesses Grow their website it has a whole range Of tools and features to help store Owners build and manage their email list Now if you're not sure how to get Started you can use their pre-built E-commerce workflows to run your first Automation in minutes what's awesome is These workflows already have all the Messages all the subject lines and all The workflow settings that you need now Email marketing isn't the only way to Communicate with your customers and I'll Share another powerful way that you can Do that in just a minute so let's move On to tip number three which is you want To optimize your checkout page having an Optimized checkup page is essential if You're looking to increase sales and Revenue and by default I think you'll Agree with me that woocommerce checkup Page is a little lacking you can't add New or remove Fields you can't change Their order You Can't customize the page And the checkout page looks the same Across all businesses it flat out Ignores mobile Shoppers and 50.3 percent Of traffic comes from mobile so the Native woocommerce checkout isn't Optimized for mobile experience and That's where something like funnel kit Will come in to play funnel kit will let

You completely customize your whole Checkout experience plus they have Several high-performing checkout Templates that you can choose from you Can even make your woocommerce checkout Page to look a lot like the Shopify Checkout page which has a very high Conversion rate but you don't have to Pay all the monthly costs of Shopify now Tip number four you want to use SMS Marketing or text messages this is a Powerful tool in the e-commerce world to Reach your customers SMS messages on Average have an open rate of 98 it with 95 of the text messages being read Within the first three minutes being Sent so that becomes the most effective Way to quickly reach your customers plus 41 percent of people say that they would Prefer to receive updates from their Favorite Brands via text message rather Than email and this is where omnising Comes in again forget the headache and Extra costs of running multiple tools For email in SMS with omnisan you can Integrate SMS right next to the emails You set up in Step number one and as an Alternative you could also use funnel Kit for SMS and email marketing if you'd Like tip number five use schema markup For products on your website this is a Powerful tool for e-commerce store Owners looking to increase sales on your Website schema markup is the specific

Type of code that can be added to an HTML page and help search engines Understand what your product is all About and what that means is when you Search for a product this will show Things like your product star ratings The price the availability and more Right within the search engine results You've seen it all the time and it helps Boost versions I know it sounds really Technical but to make this whole process Painless use all my one SEO to Automatically generate all of this for You all in one SEO integrates seamlessly With woocommerce so you don't have to Worry about the technical aspect of it Simply set up your products on your site And although when SEO will pull that Information over tip number six is to Analyze your data obvious you can't Improve what you don't measure and your Woocommerce store you'll want to track Everything this is where monster Insights comes in you can track every Single bit of what's happening on your Store right inside Google analytics when You connect it with monster insights and Then you can bring all that data back Right within your WordPress dashboard so You don't even have to figure out or Learn Google analytics it just shows Your conversion rate your number of Transactions your Revenue your average Order value and then you can also see

What your top products are which Countries are bringing in the most sales How many people are adding items to Their cart or removing items from their Cart tons of useful data to allow you to Improve your eCommerce store and Continue to grow sales tip number seven Is you want to add social proof to your ECommerce store this is a great way to Increase revenue and conversions social Proof is powerful tool because it shows What others are buying that they've also Bought from your store and it shows this Sense of people coming to your website You can use something like trust posts And that will easily create this social Proof on your site with trustposts you Can show a little bit of a notification Of recent purchases you can do new sign Ups you can do reviews in real time People like it when they see other People making choices before they make Up their own mind number eight is you Want to use order bumps on your site so An order bump is just an additional Offer that you show on your checkout Page the easy way to let customers add An extra product or an extra service and Order with just one click this Encourages customers to take advantage Of additional items that they might not Have originally considered and this will Result in higher sales and higher Average order value this is also where

Funnel kit comes in with funnel kit you Can easily create order bumps for your Store they have several pre-made order Bump templates so you can customize for Any store and start from scratch if you Want they have a great drag and drop Builder that you can use with these Tools you can create a unique and Effective order bump designs that match Your storage branding making them even More likely to be clicked on by Customers during the checkout now order Bumps increase your average order value A little bit because they're typically Lower dollar their impulse buys or out You're at the checkout page this is very Similar when you go to a local grocery Store and you see this the candy in the Aisle before you check out these are Considered ordered bumps if you want to Increase your average order value even More then let's discuss tip number nine Which are one click upsells these are Offers that your users see after they Click on the place order on the checkout Page and before they see the thank you Page now again you can use funnel kit to Add a one-click upsell quickly to your Website you can do something like what They call tokenizing the credit card so That when the customer makes the payment With that one click after securing the Original order then this will simply add On to their order without them having to

Go back in and go through the whole Payment process again and number 10 is You want to use Facebook ads for Retargeting to your audience retargeting Is a marketing strategy that will show a Targeted ad to people who've already Interacted with your brand or visited Your website or made a purchase Facebook Ads for retargeting is super powerful That helps you increase sales by Re-engaging potential customers who've Already shown an interest in your Products And usually this can be a painful Process to set up because you have to Get it on your website but if you use Something like WP codes conversion Pixels add-on then you can get it set up In less than five minutes then for tip Number 11 you can use omnisense Facebook Custom audience sync to retarget them on Facebook and Instagram plus you can Retarget specific groups of your Customers depending on their engagement And actions so really you can reach Customers who haven't bought anything in A while you can show them new items or You can cross though based on items that Somebody has already purchased in the Past tip number 12 offer multiple ways To pay when you offer multiple options On an e-commerce store then it's a great Way to increase sales and customer Satisfaction you can easily offer

Multiple ways to pay on woocommerce Store by adding funnel kits free stripe Payment Gateway for woocommerce it's a Really long term but it's a free add-on That you can find in the WordPress Plugin repository in addition to being Able to pay with credit or debit I also Have the option to pay with Apple pay or Google pay which really opens the door For a lot of customers tip number 13 so We've already talked about email Marketing and SMS marketing where you Get your visitors permission to Communicate with them and with this step We're going to use push notifications to Keep in touch with them as well in a Popular push notification service is Something called push engage push Notifications are done right from within The visitors browser so you can notify Them of several things like new product Alert you do price drop notification Card abandonment reminders and so many Other ways to engage with your audience And with email marketing and SMS Marketing and push notifications you let Your customers choose how they want to Communicate with you you give them Multiple options to do that and a great Alternative to pushing gauge is to use Omniscine with omniscient you can have All three items set up all together tip Number 14 goes more to a little bit of Time management if there's a process on

The back end of your store that you do The same thing two or more times you Should consider finding a way to Automate that there's powerful Automation plugin for WordPress called Uncanny automator that can help the way To think about it is it's like zapier For WordPress it makes your WordPress Site talk to other plugins and other Services store owners spend a lot of Time performing repetitive tasks so for Example maybe you use a Commerce trigger Like a user add the product to the cart And immediately sends them an email if You have the email address then you can Send it to them or if an order is Received you can notify yourself in Slack or you can transfer that data from That order from your WordPress database To Google Sheets or you can notify Members when an order is made so that They can fulfill it think about how you Run your business right now there are Probably at least two or three things That you can automate immediately the Number 15 is you want to add a phone Number to your store having a number on Your online store can boost trust and Credibility now if you're a small Business owner you don't want to put Your cell phone number up there right so That's where our next Eva comes in Nextiv is the best business phone Service that works seamlessly with

Woocommerce essentially it's a virtual Business phone app so you get a unique Number that your business can use but The cool thing is you can also receive Calls on your mobile phone on your iPad On your desktop on your laptop and What's really cool is you can even share The same number with multiple team Members so different calls can get Routed to different people based on Their hours or their time zones plus There's also automated greeting or an Auto attendant that really helps your Business look like a big business and if You want to get started with woocommerce Then watch this video next as we walk You through step by step on how to start Your own woocommerce store with WordPress and I'll see you over there Foreign yeah

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