14 Ways to Increase Average Order Value With Your WordPress Website

This episode dives into the world of Average Order Value (AOV) and explores effective strategies to increase it within your online store.
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AOV represents the average amount a customer spends per transaction and significantly impacts your bottom line.

Understanding AOV:

AOV is a metric calculated by dividing your total revenue by the number of orders over a specific period.
It provides valuable insights into your pricing strategy, marketing efforts, and product selection.
A healthy AOV indicates customers are purchasing more or spending more per purchase.
Actionable Tips to Increase AOV:

Track Your AOV: Utilize plugins like Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to monitor your AOV and gain data-driven insights.

Optimize Pricing: Conduct tests to find the ideal pricing sweet spot that covers your costs and remains attractive to customers. Consider perceived product value when adjusting prices.

Offer Product Bundles: Create bundles of complementary products to incentivize purchases and provide additional value to customers.

Provide Payment Plans: Break down expensive products into smaller installments to make them more accessible and encourage larger upfront purchases.

Streamline Checkout: Ensure a smooth and fast checkout process to minimize cart abandonment and potentially increase impulse purchases.

Upsells and Cross-sells: Strategically suggest add-on products or related items during checkout to entice customers to spend more.

Promote High-Margin Products: Highlight your most profitable products to increase revenue without necessarily requiring additional sales.

Strategic Coupons: Offer targeted incentives, like free shipping when exceeding a specific cart total, to nudge customers towards adding more items.

Prioritize User Experience: A user-friendly and intuitive shopping journey fosters trust and satisfaction, potentially leading to increased spending.

Create Urgency with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Implement limited-time offers or flash sales to tap into customers’ desire to avoid missing out and encourage impulsive purchases.

Showcase Social Proof: Display product reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility, potentially influencing customers to add more to their carts.

Loyalty Programs: Reward repeat customers for exceeding a spending threshold to cultivate loyalty and encourage future business.

Recover Abandoned Carts: Entice customers who abandon carts with incentives or reminders to complete their purchases.

Test and Refine: Experiment with different strategies to discover what resonates with your target audience. Continuously adapt and innovate based on your findings.


By thoughtfully implementing these strategies, you can increase your AOV, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue. Remember, this is an ongoing process that requires attention and adjustments. The effort invested will be rewarded with a significant boost to your bottom line.

Additional Resources:

Easy Digital Downloads: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/
WooCommerce: https://woocommerce.com/

Hey there and welcome to WP beginner Podcast today let's have a meaningful Conversation about how to increase your Average order value or aov we know You're deeply invested in the success of Your online store and rightly so in the Realm of e-commerce focusing on aov is a Strategic move that can significantly Impact your bottom line first let's Break it down a bit what exactly is aov It's essentially a metric albeit a fancy Term that represents the average amount Of money each customer spends when they Place an order with your store to Calculate it you take your total revenue Over a certain period and divide it by The number of orders you've received During that same period it's a Straightforward calculation but the Insights it provides are invaluable Understanding your aov is like having a Window into your business's performance It allows you to gauge the effectiveness Of your pricing strategy marketing Efforts and product selection once you Have a clear picture of your aov you can Start implementing tactics to encourage Customers to spend more with each Transaction it's a classic win-win Situation your customers get more value And you see an increase in Revenue now Let's talk about some actionable tips For boosting that all important aov Number one start tracking it I can't

Stress this enough you can't improve What you don't measure you can Implement A plug-in like Easy Digital downloads or Woocommerce to keep an eye on your stats These tools are incredibly userfriendly And will provide you with the data you Need to make informed decisions number Two make sure your prices make sense This is a balancing act you'll want to Run some tests to find The Sweet Spot Between covering your costs and keeping Your customers satisfied consider the Perceived value of your products and Adjust your pricing accordingly number Three offer product bundles everyone Loves feeling like they've snagged a Great deal by bundling related products You're not only providing Extra Value But also encouraging customers to buy More than they initially intended number Four provide payment plans breaking Payments into smaller more manageable Installments can be very appealing makes Higher priced items more accessible and Can lead to customers spending more Upfront number five optimize your Checkout process a seamless quick Checkout experience is key to reducing Cart abandonment it encourages customers To complete their purchase without Second guessing and they might even be Tempted to add a few extra items to Their cart number six use upsells and Cross cells skillfully present add-on

Options during the checkout process this Can significantly increase the cart Value as customers opt for additional Features or related products number Seven promote high margin products make Sure to highlight your most profitable Items by showcasing these products you Can increase your Revenue without Necessarily increasing the number of Sales number eight offer smart coupons Strategic incentives such as free Shipping when a customer's cart total Exceeds a certain amount can encourage Them to add more to their order number Nine improve user experience a smooth Intuitive shopping Journey builds trust And satisfaction which in turn can lead To customer customers feeling Comfortable spending more number 10 Create urgency with fomo or fear of Missing out limited time offers and Flash sales can tap into customers fear Of missing out prompting them to make Quicker and often larger purchases Number 11 display social proof product Reviews and testimonials build Credibility and Trust which can Influence new customers to add more Items to their carts increasing the aov Number 12 start a loyalty program Rewarding return customers for spending Over a certain amount can foster a sense Of belonging and encourage repeat Business number 13 recover abandoned

Carts sometimes customers get distracted Or have second thoughts entice them back With incentives or reminders to complete Their purchase number 14 test different Strategies it's essential to try one Approach at a time to see what resonates With your audience keep what works Discard what doesn't and always be Willing to innovate increasing your aov Is a journey that doesn't have to be Intimidated Begin with a few of these strategies That resonate with your business model And customer base with dedication and a Willingness to adapt you'll soon be Celebrating those larger orders that Significantly boost your Revenue by Implementing these strategies Thoughtfully and consistently you'll not Only see an increase in your aov but Also in customer satisfaction and Loyalty so take these tips apply them With care and watch as your average Order value climb it's a process that Requires attention and fine-tuning but The rewards are well worth the effort And thanks for listening

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