Should you use AI Generated Content on Your Site?

Everyone seems to be talking about AI these days It would be so easy to just type “write my blog post for me” and have all the work done by a computer. But reality is a little different…

AI can help, but you have to use it the right way. If you’re looking for ideas for how you can turn AI into the ultimate productivity tool, watch this video as we go over the right way to use AI for content creation.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Using AI to do Research
1:25 Create an Outline in ChatGPT
2:12 Optimize SEO
2:52 Generate Headlines

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Let's address the artificial elephant in The room should you be using AI based Content on your WordPress website AI Based content is very easy to produce it Can be produced at scale so you can Produce hundreds of Articles if you like And it's almost free to use we also talk About some ways you can actually Incorporate AI into your workflow to Make your life easier while not having Any of the disadvantages that completely AI generated content has for your Website the first one being doing actual Research now when you writing a piece of Content you have to do some research it Whether it's be finding essential points To cover what kind of questions people Ask or there's some uh say human Elements that you need to understand Before you write the actual content for That piece for doing all these research You can actually ask AI or chat GPT to Do this research for you so example if You're writing a piece of content on uh Moving to Thailand for as a digital Nomad you can ask AI to generate content Or do some research about what are the Kind of questions people are asking what Are some YouTube videos that are Addressing similar questions and find Out what are the topics people are Covering in a similar uh article or a Video and with all that research done For you you'll be able to understand the

Perspective of the human who's going to Make that search so you'll be able to Write a piece of content that covers all The essential questions and make a Content piece that is much better than Just using AI based content so Definitely start utilizing AI for Research purposes that's one of the best Upsides with no downside following up on The previous point you can also use AI To start generating outlines for your Content one of the most essential things That any content writer will do is first Understand what all topics they have to Cover and just start writing outlines or Bullet points for all the points that Need to cover in a specific piece now Instead of doing this manually going out There finding out blocks what points do They cover essential uh things that you Should be covering a specific blog post You can start using AI to help you write These outlines and get all the essential Data points that you need to include in A Content piece in a single place and Also by saving your time this is an Essential advantage of using AI you can Ask AI to do research for you and also Write bullet points or as say outlines For your content which then you can take And then create a beautiful piece of Content on your website another Important use case you can start Utilizing AI for is to optimize your

Content for SEO let's say you've written A brilliant piece of content but you Haven't optimized it for SEO if you uh Understand SEO you can give directions To chat GPT or any other AI tool to Optimize the content for SEO for example If you use a product like all in an SEO Which is a WordPress plugin which gives You details about how you can optimize Your content for SEO based on the Keywords that you provide you can take Those recommendations instead of Manually updating the content you can Take that that content feed it to chat GPT and then give the same instructions That AI SEO gives you and then chat GPT In combination with those Recommendations can rewrite or i' say Update the content and make it more SEO I say friendly and will help you rank Higher in the search results another uh Use case on top of that is also Generating headline ideas let's say You're writing a piece of content but Can you write a beautiful headline to go With it because that's also very Important now you can go to chat GPD and Say hey give me some headlines for this Topic or you can use AI SEO as I just Mentioned aisu has an integration with Open AI recently and you can use the Integration and just generate headline Ideas right inside allio or right inside WordPress or you can take the topic feed

It to chat GPT and say hey give me five Alternate headlines for this topic and This way you'll understand what kind of Headlines actually work and ab test Those headlines to understand what Headlines are users the most interested In and that way you'll be able to Maximize the traffic coming to website While maintaining the originality of Your content another use case where you Can use AI to help you grow your Business get more traffic make your life Easier is generating topic ideas around Your Niche if you have a travel website An electronics website e-commerce Website parenting nich mental health or Whatever topic you have it's very hard To have all the questions or understand All the questions people will be asking For a certain Niche so you can use your Ai's help to understand and uncover une All the doubts all the questions all the Concerns people will have when before They make a buying decision or before They actually interact with the content On your website so you can instruct chat GPT or any other AI tool that you like And tell it to hey I'm my website is in This Nish this is my target audience Give me all the questions or all the Blog topics that people actually read And all the topics all questions they Would be interested in and AI or chat GPT will give you all the different

Questions and then based on that you can Understand what sort of customers uh you Can serve what kind of questions are They asking and then write topics or I'd Say write content around those topics And this will help you get more traffic To your website and also cover the most Important questions that users or people Are asking in your Niche and that's it Folks for this video I hope you Understood how to utilize AI to make Your life easier without having any of The downsides let me know in the Comments if you are planning to use AI Content and if you have any questions About this let's say you want to Understand what prompts are best for Utilizing any of the upsides or any of The use cases I mentioned just let me Know in the comments and we might just Do a follow-up video on that and if you Like this kind of videos just hit the Like button subscribe to the channel I'm Yra you're watching wner and I hope to Catch you in the next video take Care

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